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Tempura soft shell crab tops off ironwoodcoffee grilled seafood platter, soft as a pillow inside & crunchy on the outside. Fresh grilled prawns, tender calamari, scallops on their shells, mussels & perfectly seasoned Barramundi. This share plate for two will fill your seafood cravings without the gorged feeling. Perfectly paired with a glass of their Sauvignon Blanc. Ironwood is a beautifully rustic style cafe in Woolwich, the perfect spot to enjoy a lazy afternoon, after stroll around the neighborhood.

56 1 Nov 25, 2017

After a walk ,breakfast time Greek yogurt,chia seeds ,granola,black coffee #bringontheweekend #healthyfood #healthybreakfast

6 1 Nov 25, 2017

This last week has been a difficult one and I have made a few mistakes. It's often the people we are closest to that have to put up with so much. I love you jamesdix93 thank you for standing by me ❤️ #notagoodweek #bringontheweekend #lovethisguy #soppypost #❤️

3 0 Nov 25, 2017

When she says “It’s not you, it’s me.” 😒😒

29 1 Nov 25, 2017

They see me nappin’, they hatin’ 😴

26 4 Nov 25, 2017

Is this thing on? 📸📸

20 2 Nov 25, 2017

Friday night. Everyone else at the club and I’m just home like... 🙄

23 2 Nov 25, 2017

Love me, human. LOVE ME.

20 1 Nov 25, 2017

Happy weekend everyone ✨🥂

28 1 Nov 25, 2017

Evening snuggles with my mommy before heading to bed. I think she enjoyed them more than me...night night! 😴🐶🐾 #sweetdreams #tomorrowsabigday #notanightowl #bringontheweekend

5 0 Nov 25, 2017

Just what I needed to start shaking off my blues: a glass of wine, a good talk with a wonderful friend, and Mr. Disney's first masterpiece. #SnowWhite #TheOriginalPrincess #1937 #BringOnTheWeekend

7 0 Nov 25, 2017

We don’t do Black Friday but we will do Beer Flights Friday. #bulldog #beer #bringontheweekend

5 2 Nov 25, 2017
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