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We need prayers for Emily as she just entered to her surgery, this is to try to remove her tumor or at least part of it. All good vibes needed for everything to go out well and good 🙏💪❤️ IG: prayersforemilyjanelle #childhoodcancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #morethan4 #pnet #braincancer

1 0 Mar 20, 2018

Today is my three year craniversary! On March 5, 2015, after a day of massive head pain and a seizure, the ER doc found the brain tumor. Today, March 20th, is three years since my left side craniotomy. . After radiation, chemo (for one year), ER, surgeries to add and then remove a port, and having my wisdom teeth removed, I'm glad to say that is over! . I'm very grateful for the incredibly talented OU neurosurgeon (Dr. Sughrue), neuro-oncologists (Dr. Battiste), neurologist, oncology nurses, and ER teams that have been doing their job above and beyond. And also so thankful for my family and many prayer warriors. . I'm still often asked how I feel, and to be honest, every day and minute can be different. I'm thankful to still be here and fully at peace and trusting our God. ✝️ . Thank you for your ongoing prayers, kindness and thoughts. Means a lot to me! . #Craniversary #AA3 #BrainTumorSurvivor #BrainCancer #Godhasaplan #enjoylife

11 0 Mar 20, 2018

Outstanding to meet Dr Charlie Teo again at this great event

29 3 Mar 20, 2018

It’s not always an easy journey but you can get through it! If you’re a small business owner and a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver, come join our community at!

14 1 Mar 20, 2018

Ameliah's treatment started about a month later. She had 3 rounds of chemo, each lasting 7-10 days. After those 3, she started 3 rounds of stem cell rescue, each lasting 30 days. She was discharged on 9/28/17 and her scan showed no signs of disease. Praise God again. She handled treatment like the strongest person I know. She was always smiling, laughing, just wanted to play, like a normal 2 year old. She won the hearts of all the nurses.⠀ ⠀ The rest of our life will be an obstacle I think. I will always be on edge that her scans won’t be clear and I’m always making sure (extra sure) that she doesn’t get hurt. Seeing her in so much pain and surgeries, ports, central lines, going under for MRIs, and watching them inject poison (chemo) into her body – they were all the hardest things I’ve ever done.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Hope session by photos_by_keshia ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #thegoldhopeproject #childhoodcancerawareness #curechildhoodcancer #gogold #gogoldforchildhoodcancer #kidsgetcancertoo#morethan4 #fightlikeakid #leukemiaawareness #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer #dosomethinggood #bethechange #nonprofitlife #hope #neverevergiveup #cancersucks #beatcancer #noonefightsalone #kickcancersbutt #cancerwarrior #cancersupport #nonprofitorganzation #braincancer #baldisbeautiful

46 2 Mar 20, 2018

NEW EP! Listen to me talk about finding your people while feeling like an outsider, losing my sh*t in front of strangers, and most importantly, getting fat shamed for my food baby! iTunes: SoundCloud: For more information on the organizations mentioned on this episode go to: (Barbara Zobian Amy Gallet)

18 1 Mar 20, 2018

My usual blog update. Those passing thoughts, without an edit. Lifeiskitsch dot wordpress dot com #btsm #braincancer #braintumor #cancer #fcancer #pancreaticcancer #lovealways #foreveronward #blog #blogger

25 1 Mar 20, 2018

A very touching moment yesterday at Give Kids the World ⭐️Ella signed her star and now it will be placed up in the Castles of Miracles ✨ very humbling to walk around the castle and see the thousands of stars shining in the castle 🌟 I can’t put into words what this place does for families and their special kids 💕 #castleofmiracles #givekidstheworld #ellastrong #ellagrace #ottostrong #juvenilepilocyticastrocytoma #brainsurgerywarrior #braincancer

46 0 Mar 20, 2018

Abang Andra penyemangat kami...foto ini saat abang Andra 4 jam di RS menunggu antrian...apapun kondisinya dia selalu tersenyum...gak pernah mengeluh ataupun rewel sama sekali...abang Andra anak kuat,anak hebat,walaupun usianya msh 7 thn lebih dan diberikan ujian dari Allah SWT selama hampir 5 tahun harus menjalani proses pengobatan,tapi semangat abang Andra melebihi semangat kami orangtuanya.... Perjuangan masih panjang,Insha Allah abang Andra bisa sembuh sempurna dan motorik abang Andra bisa kembali normal...abang Andra bisa berdiri dan berjalan sendiri lagi seperti dulu...dan keinginan abang Andra utk bisa melanjutkan sekolah SD seperti teman2 lain bisa terwujud ya bang Aamiinnn... #semangat #braincancer #medulloblastoma #hydrocephalus #survivor #5yearsaftersurgery #goawaycancer

18 0 Mar 20, 2018

Joseph Campbell is famous for saying, We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. Our dearest friends are now coming to terms with accepting the life which is ahead of them. The road ahead is long and at times dark, but, the Sweeney family will never walk alone. There will be times when you'll only see one set of footprints on the road, this will be when family and friends will carry the Sweeney's through a rough patch. At times it will be the Heal family so please join us along with our loving community in supporting the Sweeney family. Together we stand with the Sweeney family. #paradisepoint #braincancer #friends #support #gofundme #runawaybay #battle

15 3 Mar 20, 2018

The Irish Cancer Society holds a special place in almost everyone's heart... that's why we've pledged to play our part this Daffodil Day! 🌼 For every test drive taken next Friday & Saturday, we'll donate €10 to cancer research! 💸 All that you have to do is book a test drive on 045-525 255 and show up on the day 📞 Donations can also be made at . . . . . #cancer #irishcancer #irishcancersociety #daffodilday #fundraiser #charity #charityday #testdrive #csr #breastcancer #bonecancer #lungcancer #leukemia #braincancer #cancerawareness

5 0 Mar 20, 2018

Money Money Money 💰

17 1 Mar 20, 2018

Some of our Sydney team out last week raising awareness for Brain Cancer and raising funds for the Mark Hughes foundation. Studies show that Brain cancer causes more deaths in people under the age of 40 than any other cancer, & more deaths in Australian children than any other disease. Brain cancer survival rates are low & have barely changed in 30 years. Around 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia annually & approximately 1200 die from the disease every year! #letsgetridofcancer #braincancer #awareness #healthcareaustralia

12 0 Mar 20, 2018
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