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☑️SET OF (4) ONLY $29.99 ☑️BOOTY BANDS SEASON ☑️LINK IN BIO ☑️BUY WITH TRUST . . . . journeyofcarma warming up those legs for yet another killer session! Checkout her page for more! . . . . . . #gymgirl #fitgirlcode #shelifts #chickswholift #girlgains #fitmotivation #gymgirls #fitnessgoals #squatbooty #hardcoreladies #gymbunny #girlswithmuscles #fitgirls_inspire #workoutvideos #gymvideos #gymgirlvids #homeworkouts #booty #bootybuilding #squats #aesthetics #fitspo #gym #fitnessmodel #trainhard #fitfam

1 0 Jun 28, 2017

Decided to give you another #moveoftheday These are progressive moves. 1st video you do one rep then a jump, 2 reps and a jump and so on until you hit 10 reps at once. I messed up with doing extra jumps... lol oh well! Same with 2nd video 1 fly then stand and thrust hips ' squeeze the booth. 2 reps of the fly and then stand & squeeze.. etc until you hit 20 consecutive reps. You need to use a lighter weight due to the fast pace of these workouts and the number of reps you are doing in totality. You need to be able to keep good form so you don't get hurt! Want more? Message me to learn how you can get the total program! Or go her to sign up for a years membership: #bodypostive #healthyliving #healthcoach #fitnesschallenge #fitnesscoach #momofboys #momboss #momwholifts #fitover46 #musclesaresexy #strongnotskinny #bootybuilding #booty

0 0 Jun 28, 2017

I can't stress TIME TIME TIME EAT EAT EAT PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE and Lift lift lift enough #gains

0 1 Jun 28, 2017

Such a great workout today! Got PRs on all my heavy lifts, aiding in the #bootypump Squat 185lbx1 Sumo deadlift 215x1 Barbell Glute thrusts 215x6 And to top it all off, a guy who looked like he'd been bodybuilding for many years came up to me during my squats and said that my squats were UNREAL and my form was fantastic! So I'm pretty high on life right now 😆 #legday #bööty #fitness #gym #worldgym #kelowna #figure #figurecompetitor #10weeksout #preplife #gains #gainz #powerlift #powerlifting #squats #liftheavy #weightlifting #growthatbooty #bootybuilding #fitlife #progress #pr #personalbest #gymbunny #stronggirls

7 0 Jun 28, 2017

When your bf is the photographer you gotta be cute and smiiiile 📸😎 #summer #itsgoingtobeagoodone #sun #vibes

30 1 Jun 28, 2017

DESLICEN A LA DERECHA PARA VER MÁS➡️ y LEAN TODO👇🏼 ok aquí tienen dos fotos de transformación. Primero tienen una que dicen WOW clase cambio. Pude haber puesto solo esta y dejarlos asombrados con mi transformación de un año y casi 3 meses. Sin embargo no es justo por que en la foto del “antes” estoy “relajada”, y mis piernas están rectas. O sea, estoy sin flexionar la panza y sin hacer ningún tipo de pose. En la segunda, estoy con una pierna atrás, lo cual supone hacer las 🍑mas grandes y flexionando abdomen. Cabe recalcar que la LUZ es diferente en las dos, una es blanca la otra amarilla. -------- En la siguiente foto ven una transformación mas JUSTA. La foto del “antes” fue tomada el MISMO día que la otra, pero se me ven mas firmes las🍑 y sin celulitis ya que estoy posando y flexionando el abdomen. Estas fotos tienen casi la misma pose así que me parece mas justo comparar. Como ven he hecho cambios, aunque muchos no sean notables, me siento millllll veces mejor que hace un año, pero tampoco es TAN extremo como lo pude haber hecho parecer. ------------ Mi punto es que el cambio toma TIEMPO, y aunque si podes hacer cambio extremos en un año (como bajar 100lbs si sos obeso), a veces MUCHISIMOS de los #transformationtuesdays que vemos ponen un antes que no es comparable con un después y nos hacen pensar que en un año bajaron 100 libras, subieron 60 de músculo, sacaron six packs, y les crecio el culo. CUANDO LA REALIDAD ES QUE TODO TOMA TIEMPO, sobre todo porque somos humanos y vamos cometiendo errores y aprendiendo de ellos. ------- 💪🏼 En el "antes" hacia pesas, cardio, tomaba guaro casi diarina y comía porla 🙈hoy hago pesas, cardio, a veces tomo guaro, y llevo una dieta balanceada.

12 1 Jun 28, 2017

One day or day one? To be honest, when I made my lifestyle change, I didn't think it was going to stick. I LOVE eating out, indulging in adventures, drinking beer 😇 & having a good time. But I was also unhappy where I was physically regardless of all those good things. So I decided that I was going to give it a try... even if it didn't stick. What's the worst that could happen? I go back to where I started? Ok. - It hasn't been easy by any means. There are days & even weeks that I am just tired and unmotivated. But I do it anyway. Because even though I don't see it in that moment, I'm building discipline and consistency. - And ultimately I've become so happy and comfortable in my own skin. I've grown so much mentally in all aspects of life because of fitness. It's been an incredible and life changing process for me and I encourage anyone on their own journey to keep going. - Now, I'm here to support those on their own journeys. One day or day one? You decide. - #gains #musclehustle #transformationtuesday #fatloss #curves #me #fitspo #fitfam #girlswholift #motivation #fitchick #girlsthatlift #getfit #fitsporation #exercise #bodybuilding #workout #strong #photooftheday #fitnessfreak #sexy #fitnthick #bootybuilding #fitstagram #girlswithmuscle #fitnessjourney #personaltrainer #balance #iam1stphorm

18 0 Jun 28, 2017

#transformationtuesday alert! This is inspired by MULTIPLE conversations this week with clients in regards to eating MORE to reach their goals. Many (most) women that come to me have a history of following super low calorie diets for an extended amount of time and when I mention the idea of upping their intake, they completely freak out. Understandably so! I remember being in college (the left photo) and reading in magazines that a 1200 calorie diet was the best way to lose weight. I remember filling my pantry with frozen lean cuisines and special K cereals rather than real meals to try and stay below that coveted number. I remember feeling frustrated as to why I could never see any real changes- I was following the rules! I was keeping my calories low and running on the treadmill! I didn't get it, and the frustration usually would lead to a few days of "oh fuck it" eating and drinking in excess. Extreme followed by extreme. The never-ending dieting hamster wheel. What did I do to get to the middle ground I'm at now? I learned how to not only get the most out of my workouts, but I also stopped trying to exist on an insane caloric deficit. I tossed my special K and started fueling my body properly. I worked myself up to 2200 calories and got my metabolism to a happy place that allowed me to be where I am today- eating at an average of 1900-2000 cals/ day, sometimes more, sometimes less, and maintaining my weight. I don't know where the 1200 calorie diet idea came from, but please note that it is not rooted in ANY fact. If you are reading this and you are young, healthy, active- yet trying to get through the day on ridiculously low calories- please recognize that it is not enough. If your body is constantly fighting you, it is not enough. If you're constantly hungry, convincing yourself not to eat, feeling weak or tired, it is not enough. Invest the time in your health to research, seek *professional* counsel and advice, figure out what you SHOULD be eating for adequate fuel, and work on your metabolism. It is worth it. You are worth it- And clearly ^^less and less does not equal MORE in terms of results.

63 6 Jun 28, 2017

Just reaaaaallly excited for humpday tomorrow 🍑💙

22 3 Jun 28, 2017

Guten Abend 💞 Ich hoffe bei euch ist alles gut und ihr hattet einen schoenen Tag.?! Meiner war ganz gut eigentlich, bis auf einen kleinen zwichenfall. Sport laeuft momentan auch gut 💪. Darf jetzt gerne alles in Form kommen😌🌷 Hatte gestern meine Anschlussfeier von meiner Therapie Gruppe. Auch wenn ich nicht lange dabei war ( bin mitten im vorletzten modul/Thema dazugestoßen), war der Abschied schwer. Ich freu mich aufjedenfall auf das "Booster" treffen in 2 Monaten 🙌👯. · (ACHTUNG TRIGGER WARNUNG⚠) Ich konnte nach 12 Tagen den Druck nicht mehr stand halten. Hab mich geschnitten, aber nicht viel. Konnte es zumglueck noch unter Kontrolle halten. Trotzdem ist es ein scheiß Gefuehl wieder versagt zu haben. Hab geskillt wie eine verrueckte und es hat trotzdem nichts gebracht 🌷 Hab kein Bock mehr auf dieses schwarz-weiß denken. 😥 Bleibt stark meine krieger💞. Wir schaffen es 💪👊🙌 #heutelebeich #positivevibes #liebedeinleben #bodybuidling #bootybuilding #fitx #fitness #lifestyle #gym #gymselfie #workout #justdoit #sport #motivation #foodbaby #borderline #ritzen #selfharrm #depressed #anxiety #selfhate

8 1 Jun 28, 2017

Can I be back in Bali please 😭... tried to upload some workout videos but my Instagram keeps crashing, I haven't in the past because I hate the way the quality downgrades and my training faces are not to be desired 😂 but hopefully it works soon so I can start posting good content not just selfies 😖🙃 #reupload #beacusewhynot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------For personal training 🏋🏽 and online coaching 📝 enquiries contact me at info -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #bodybuilding #personaltrainer #gains #bootybuilding #instafit #flexibledieting #fit #fitnessaddict #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #motivation #inspiration #gym #healthy #flexfriday #fitgirl #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #competitionprep #fitnessmodel #squat #iifym #wbff #fitnessblogger #humpday

109 1 Jun 28, 2017
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