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#Repost rplusmphoto with repostapp・・・Title: More To Me - More Series Book ThreeAuthor: Author S Van HornePhotographer: Reggie Deanching of RplusMphoto and TheStable & Models of RplusMphotoModel: Michael "Nodonutshere" CounihanDesigner: SK DesignsRelease: Spring/Summer 2017Add to your TBR: twenty-six, Ashley Sanders had a great life. Wonderful parents, friends, and “adopted” nieces and nephews to love; she couldn’t imagine her life any different than the one she was born into—until she found out the truth . . .At twenty-eight, James Hart was still trying to piece together his life and what it meant to be living. After witnessing tragedy time and time again, he never thought he would find peace and happiness—until she smiled at him . . .Now, with Ashley fighting to find out everything she can about her past and James doing everything to prevent history from repeating itself . . . they may lose sight of what really matters—loving someone more than themselves. Will these two finally figure out that the past can’t change what you truly mean to someone who is supposed to be your future? #CoverReveal #MoreSeries #MTM #ComingSoon #GoReggie #NoDonutsHere #BookThree #DocAndAshley #RplusMPhoto #TheStable nodonutshere svanhorne rplusmphoto #photooftheday #AhPanda #photoshoot #indiebooks

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