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In celebration of Black History Month, I have decided to read and review Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I read this modern classic in my early 20s. This novel made a deep and everlasting impression on me. I have been meaning to re-read it over the years. Well, I'm 46 now and nearly 25 years later it's time to read it again. Invisible Man is not my favorite novel of all time. However, it is one of the two most important novels in my life. Invisible Man's importance to me as a black man and someone who believes in the power of story to express truth and imagination. Looking forward to re-reading this one. #invisibleman #ralphellison #blackhistorymonth #blackliterature #africanamerican #africanamericanliterature #importantbook #greatnovel #reading #readinglife #bookgeek #booklover #bookish #booknerd #booksonig #booksoninstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #ilovetoread #literaryfiction

30 6 Feb 10, 2018

Buona domenica lettori! Che fate di bello oggi? Io ho in programma, ta oggi e domani, di finire #1984 e fare unpo' di foto nuove 💕 . . #sunday #goodmorning #got #gameofthronesfan #book #series #bookstagram #bookishph #bookporn #book #booktag #bookstagrammer #bookworm #fantasybooks #fangirl #fandom #booksonig #bookish

54 2 Jan 28, 2018

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor Genre: Science Fiction Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Nnedi Okorafor has been an author on my radar for quite some time. I had seen her books mentioned on the internet and in used bookstores over the past year. I will admit I was reluctant to read one of her novels…until now. Actually, Binti is a novella chronicling a young woman’s journey to Oozma University, the finest institution of higher learning in the galaxy. She is the first of her people, the Himba, to receive such an honor. Being a teenager, Binti is conflicted by her desire to go to Oozma University and the connection to her family and people. The journey is fraught with peril in terms of an alien race, The Meduse, who have longed warred with human beings. Binti becomes an unexpected peacemaker during the voyage and offers a possible bridge between the long standing human-alien conflict. I read Binti in two hours and connected with the protagonist. Binti is the first book of a trilogy and the novella ends in a normal fashion for the opening book of a series. If you are looking for a quick read featuring an engaging protagonist and space intrigue, Binti fits the bill. Recommended.

24 1 Jan 13, 2018

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25 3 Jan 6, 2018

Does beauty dictate evolution? . As much as we’d like to believe in the nobility of our nature, it would seem that our nature is anything but noble. . As stated by the author, our conceptional views of beauty are often at war between our physical and spiritual selves. So, what is beautiful and how is it shaping our evolution? . As it turns out, our ideas on beauty are not based in our society, rather they are programmed into our genes at birth with little to no room for change. . Facial features are intensely studied by our eyes without our conscious knowledge and as a result our mind is made up about a person’s sexual market value within milliseconds of first seeing them with little to no chance of change regardless of society’s ideology towards what constitutes beautiful. . As a writer, I would love to present a metaphysical argument pertaining to the involvement of the heart in matters of love and attraction. Yet I am aware of the dark reality of our nature therefore I am convinced it would not move beyond the metaphysical origin, no matter what verbal response is generated. . Our genes are programmed to optimize our reproductive prowess which can sometimes lead to child abuse. . Yes, it’s true. Based on a survey conducted on abused or abandoned children, it was concluded that most where considered to be less beautiful than children who had not been victims of abuse. . The reason for this is controversial at best, yet we cannot hide from the truth. . We are programmed, in many cases, to seek and protect beauty as to hold the entity of it’s being above the banal. . As I’m sure many will be willing to challenge this idea, I invite you to do so openly in the comment section below. . If one be brave, than many may also be.

8 1 Dec 28, 2017

We write things down so we don't forget. Verba volant, scripta manent. PAB's book is out. 💛 Launch date TBA but they're already accepting orders. Check out pinoyakoblog for more info #NilibroAngResibo #Resibo #PinoyAkoBlog

34 5 Dec 20, 2017

I've been told that I must read a Brandon Sanderson novel since fantasy is my favorite genre of fiction. I tried Warbreaker and could not finish it. But, I'm 35% into Elantris and enjoying this one a lot. Also, I'm glad this is a standalone book. (I know there is a novella set in the same world). #brandonsanderson #brandonsandersonbooks #elantris #fantasy #fantasynovel #reading #readinglife #bookish #bookgeek #booklover #standalonebook #booknerd #ilovetoread #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksonig

21 0 Dec 15, 2017
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