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#Book36of50 #ReadingChallenge2017 Before reading this book I had watched the TV adaptation and so was surprised at how only minor things had been changed the TV series had actually improved the story in parts. For that reason I don’t feel I can make an unbiased judgement on the book as I can’t decide if it’s good as a standalone, or because it has been supplemented by the TV series. For example the characters seemed so life like to me but there is a lack of description in the narrative so I doubt it is because of the effectiveness of the book I kept seeing flashbacks of the TV series. I was also far more disturbed by the TV series as it was less ambiguous, particularly surrounding the second rape. That said the plot itself is impressive due to the intricacies of how things connect together and how it shows the transitory nature of our relationships with others. The story highlights how our behaviour causes ripples that upset the sea surrounding the boats of others, that we are often unaware of. It allows one to stop and think about how we may be having detrimental effects on others without ever meaning to. A lot of the time we get inside our own head and think about others in reflection of ourselves so that we miss out on how they might be feeling we miss how our words affect them. The book provides a gentle reminder to always be kind to people as it is not always possible to know what is going on with someone and how your behaviour could either really help them or make things much worse. Hannah’s character illustrates how a person can think themselves into loneliness even though they are surrounded by people who care for them. It showed that feelings of connectedness come from sharing parts of yourself with another and if you don’t allow yourself to do that, from fear of being hurt again, you’ll always feel lonely. #bookstagram #review #13ReasonsWhy 📖 📚 🗣

6 0 Sep 10, 2017

Finally found this book, been reading it all day.. had a couple of orgasms 😍😍😭😭 #RobertSobukwe # #HowCanAManDieBetter #50Books2017Challenge #Book36Of50

10 0 Jul 13, 2017

This was #Book36of50 that got me out of my reading rut! Expect no less from kevinkwanbooks #RichPeopleProblems #KevinKwan

6 0 Jun 30, 2017

The entirety of my Saturday. The marriage of great emotion and great peace. #amreading #amcoloring #harrypotter #harrypotterandthecursedchild #octopus #underthesea #hufflepuffpride #booksofinstagram #book36of50

24 0 Aug 14, 2016
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