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wow i love my spirit animal - - i love evan so much you have no idea ☺ - cc: heroes_universe

93 5 Sep 25, 2017

Singing in a tunnel full of strangers but I'm only serenading youuuu booberryumyum #booboodaddy #singingwithstrangers #part2 #iloveus #bizmarkie

18 0 Sep 25, 2017

Is It Hate? Part 99 1/2 Y/N Point Of View - Me and Dave put our stuff down in the apartment, I was still very nervous just in case we seen the boys. I just wanted a easy visit here and then leave, I didn’t want to be stuck in the whole time I was here. “Let’s go to the lake Dav!” Speaking to him, I must of scared him because he jumped “Don’t randomly speak to a man when he’s concentrating,” he held his hand on his heart. “Stop being dramatic and let’s go!” I was slightly excited to go to the lake, the lake was the best place to go when I had so much on my mind. “Sure but who’s driving?” He sarcastically spoke. “Woah where did this sarcasm come from, obviously I’m driving,” I giggled, but I tried to seem upset. I didn’t let him continue so I grabbed the keys and ran outside, and jumped into the car. I must of been waiting 5 minutes for Dave to come *BEEP* I pushed down on the car horn to get him to hurry up. Finally he arrived outside of the door and locked up. He slowly walked to the car and I gave him a look and he laughed but hurried up. “Why did you take so long!” He hushed me up “Doesn’t matter, just get us to the lake before it’s dark” I started the engine and took off. “You’ll love it there!” Excitement flows through me, I couldn’t wipe this happy smile off my face. “I know I will!” He smiled at me, I turned my head towards him for a second and he was staring at me smiling. “Okay enough of the loving looks!” He pushed me “Shut up” I laughed “Don’t push a women while she’s driving!” I joked with him. - - #ahsfandom #ahsfans #likeforlike #like4like #evanpeters #jimmydarling #kylespencer #tatelangdon #kitwalker #ahshotel #ahscoven #ahsroanoke #ahsmurderhouse #ahsasylum #ahsfreakshow #americanhorrorstory #textsevanpeters #jamesmarch #booboodaddy #freakshow #murderhouse #asylum #coven

35 0 Sep 24, 2017
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