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Shauno from tsueleven demo-ing our "FAT yam" 154cm powder board on whistlerblackcombHe said it was "extremely intuitive to ride and carves like a ginsu knife" After a dicey situation "i was so happy to be on this board, I would have been done on my powder board". Thanks Shauno, stoked you liked the board! #snowboard #snowboarding #whistler #whistlerblackcomb #snowsurf #powder #splinesnow


TeamLeader is now taking applications for it’s inaugural LEADER Board and Jr. LEADER Board.A LEADER Board member will be a young, well-respected CheerLEADER that will help influence the ongoing development of TeamLeader’s distinctive athletic style and fashionable trends. For more info go to


I found this at Home Goods yesterday,a linen board--- perfect for my new ViSION BOARD!!!!! Who also has a vision board? The bible says write the vision and make it plain. If you need ideas on how to make a vision board you can contact me at lisialynchtheauthor and I will give you a free guide on how to make one of your own. #visionboard #visionboards #writethevision #visionary #toolsforlife #lisialynchtheauthor


Sincei began my journey on top baker board on bottom creature right now im riding my mike mo girl board but am waiting on my ethnik board #dreamchasin #skateforever #skatesubmit #sk8ordie #SK8LFE #ethniklimited ethniklimited #reppinmysquad #journeyforpro #iliveforthisshit


HAHAH... we had a fish jump into my board during the event. I think James noticed it first. Well, we forgot to take him out before slipping my board into a board bag and leaving it in the garage for 5 days.Sorry fish buddy, we made history together and now you are history.


Had 2 hours in the shop tonight I was able to get a fair bit done. Zebra wood serving board, zebra wood and wenge cutting board, and walnut Birdseye maple and purple heart board that will be an end grain board all glued up , plus a solid walnut serving board completed. #canadianmade #bcmade #handcraftedincanada #handcrafted #buylocal #buylocalbc #vancouverbc #abbotsfordbc #missionbc #mapleridgebc #fraservalley #woodwork #woodworker #woodshop #woodworkingskills #zebrawood #wenge #walnut #birdseyemaple #purpleheartwood #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #entrepreneur #dadsofinstagram #cuttıngboard #servingboard #kitchen #backwoodscraftsmen


Need to store or hang your board? We have wall racks, board hangers, and other storage solutions for your paddleboard or surfboard. We have the know how to help you with all your board storage concerns. #zekessurfandpaddle #stuart #florida #surfboard #paddleboarding #paddleboardstorage #surfboardstorage #suprack #beatnikwallracks


THE STRAIGHT AIREverything must have a beginning and the beginning of strapless freestyle tricks starts with the straight air, as this trick is the start to all other tricks. Having the ability and being able to recognize when the board is secure to your feet without straps is essential to progressing your strapless abilities. 1) Like any jump, whether it’s strapped or strapless, to leave the water you must load up the kite and board by setting a rail and edging against the kite. This creates added tension in the lines that you will use to lift you off the water.2) As you load up your board, turn the nose of the board slightly into the wind, just enough so as you leave the water the bottom of the board is faced into the wind. You may point the toes of your feet to help you do this if you feel necessary. 3) Though out the air, make sure to keep the bottom of the board facing into the wind; if the upwind rail goes low enough for the wind to hit the top of the board, the board will fly off your feet.4) Spot your landing and land like you would a normal strapped jump.TIPS 1) Take you back hand off the bar, it is easier to rotate your body to a position that allows you to get the bottom of the board up and facing the wind.2) Use the chicken loop to speed up or slow down to stay connected with your board in the air.3) If possible, time your take off with a ‘kicker’ such as a small wave or chop to help you initiate your jump. Learn more at


Vuoi provarle gratuitamente prima di comprare?Questo weekend puoi. Ancora posti disponibili su 24-26 Marzo: Madonna di Campiglio SpringBreak Party -Test board Capita7-9 Aprile: Madonna di Campiglio Burton Mountain Festival + Supergrosteè -Test board Burton22-25 Aprile: Livigno Funky Guardian of the Ring -Test board Funky28-30 Aprile: Cervinia Riding with nitrousa Pro- Test board Nitro


Little drill I use during my warm-ups. Switching is a very important skill to work on maximizing board glide. If you spend 10 to 15 strokes to get your board a certain speed, why let the board slow down because of a slow switch? We take thousands of strokes which means we switch sides hundred of times, even a split second lost on a switch can result in a sizeable distance gap.


r_space executive board getting pumped for the next few weeks of the semester! #leadership #exec board


Did I mention I am a international champion of the board skate. Just check my board and wheels! #bestskateboard


I ruind my board this weekend and im going to set up a New board! (sorry that i havent been posting for a while) #sorry #newboard #comeingsoon


#PresidentRickGallot, Louisiana Board of Regents and #ULS Board of Supervisors discuss the need for library improvements. #hbcuexcellence


Thank you dclive79 for sharing about your board Glad you came out today and was able to do your very 1st vision board with us. We are going to crush some health goals together.


artsfairfax organized Local Arts Advocacy Day to coincide with the FY2017 Fairfax County Board of Supervisors budget hearing so community leaders could directly thank the board for their continued financial support of the arts. A diverse group of advocates shared stories and statistics with the board about how art betters the people, schools, and businesses of fairfaxcounty. #ArtsFairfax #MissMountainLaurel #MissAmericaServes


E daqui a pouco Board HIIT!!! O Bixo pega em 30 minutos!!!! #board #boardhiit #boardfitness #funcional


Connecting board prospects to #nonprofit organizations this evening at our annual board connector. #MakingConnections #GiveBack #BoardService


My new board is done finally #gromlife #KKrows #surf #newboard thanks Matt kechle for this new board that you made so quickly , I had a blast on it today


When you throw 12 darts at the board and only 4 actually hit the board #dartschampion #queenofdarts


Newly appointed by the Mayor to the City of Richmond Recolving Loan Fund Board as a Board Commissioner! Glad to be of service... #cityofrichmond

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