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Last Day of BOGO week!!! Digest Zen for all things digestive. We don't leave home without this roller. 4 kids + 2 adults =6 tummies with one always hurting 💁🏻‍♀️. And this is the oil that made everyone a believer at Thanksgiving. Slim n Sassy is the metabolic blend and great for curbing food cravings, great detox blend, and much more. (The gum is actually my fav!) Who's snagging this one? 🙋🏻‍♀️

1 1 Feb 24, 2018

🌺B l o a t i n g T r u t h🌺 . . This is something that happens a lot to me, I am very sensitive to certain foods, in particular, dairy and anything overly processed. I wanted to share this because like most of us, instagram is a highlight reel of all our best bits, but the truth is, we all have bloated days and days where we don’t feel our best. I was even considering not wearing this dress due to how bloated I was, even trying to squeeze my tummy in was extremely uncomfortable, and I still looked like I could have been in the beginning stages of pregnancy 😂🙈 (I’m NOT btw) 😂 but I thought, do you know what? It doesn’t detract from the fact that I’m a strong, positive, caring woman, and it doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else. Confidence is key my sweets, any body shape, any size, any bloating, you go out there and get your sass on! 💃💖 . . #bodypositive #bodypositivity #loveyourself #getyoursasson #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #proteinprincess #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #progressnotperfection #progress #bloating #bloatingtruth #fitness #fitchick #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessblogger #fitnessblog #fitfam #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #femalebodybuilding #bikinicompetitor #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #transformation

48 2 Feb 24, 2018

#ElementalDiet day 6&7 - can't believe this original 📈 was done back in May of last year...add me to the list of people complaining they get *worse* after they begin treatment 😕 If I'm totally honest with you guys, yesterday was a bad day 😖 I was okay for most of the day, but completely deflated in the afternoon - no energy, feeling really sad and down and nutrient-deprived, and when I took a big swig of water to try and feel better my bloating absolutely EXPLODED 😖😖 My husband and I have some theories and hopefully a way forward, tho: up until now I've been "chugging" the diet 4-6 times a day (splitting a 'meal' in half and just downing it), but that may have been the wrong approach for me... as you can see from my initial lactulose breath test graph (pic), my numbers spike lower in my small intestine. I think drinking such a big amount of water at once (500-750ml) was too much, and pushed the diet down into my small intestine to where the bacteria like to hang out, which gave them a TONNE of food (the dextrose in the high-fat, low carb homemade diet provides 27g of sugar per meal alone 😲) The good news: I woke up with a flat belly again today (I think that's 5 days in a row now with a flat stomach in the morning!😍) and my new approach is this: drink 2-3tbsp of the diet every hour, on the hour, with about 250ml of water to stay hydrated, and see what my bloating looks like. #bestplanigot #sibo #thisissibo #sibosucks #sibowarrior #stomach #flatstomach #flatbelly #bloating #bloatbegone #bloatingbegone #digestiveproblems #digestion #guthealing #guthealth #gutissues #guts #naturpathicmedicine #naturopathy #sibodiet #ibsdiet #ibs #ibslife #happyfridaylol

3 3 Feb 24, 2018

Repost ugly_by_nature Potassium is a mineral essential for the proper functioning of your overall body. This means that low levels of potassium can have a serious influence on your bodily functions and affect your overall health. This mineral is very important for the proper functions of the muscles, including the heart. 98% of the potassium resides in the cell, meaning that any small changes in its level will have serious effects on the nerves, muscles, and #heart. Potassium deficiency can have an influence on many bodily functions including the #digestion process. This can result in abdominal bloating and cramping. When your body is deficient in potassium, it struggles to regulate the levels of sodium, which leads to salt-induced #bloating. As we said before, potassium deficiency can affect the health of your heart. It can cause heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat rhythm. It can also disrupt the rhythmic and coordinated heart contractions controlled by electrical impulses. Potassium is known for its ability to minimize the effects of sodium. This means that it is extremely important to consume foods rich in potassium so you will be able to control your #bloodpressure level. The general feeling of #fatigue is another sign of potassium deficiency. This will make you feel tired not as a result of overworking or overexertion, but of no explainable reason. #Potassium is an important mineral that can promote the health of the nerves. So, if you are deficient in this mineral, you may experience annoying needles and pins sensation. Source: . . . . .

5 0 Feb 24, 2018

What a handsome young man! This is my friend

69 2 Feb 24, 2018

#bloating coz i ate too much last night. #bimbos #craziness #sisters #overnightwalk #qualitytime Tq for #birthdaytreat my dear #beautiful #fabulous #fun #fantastic aishahrohani 😘

75 7 Feb 24, 2018

join me on my 30 day teamiblends detox challenge.....lets get rid of bloating and toxins the natural way.....get 10% off #teamblends tea by using coupon code: 👉🏽ASHBEONIT👈🏽 #teamitea #teami teamiloyalty #thankyouteami #teamiblends #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #naturaldetox #bloating #toxin #detox #detoxtea #summerbody

13 3 Feb 24, 2018

🍲✨🌿HEALING BONE BROTH & LEFTOVERS SOUP. it’s been superrrr chilly in SoCal this week which I’m LOVING so I was craving a warm healing soup. And let’s face it my gut is ALWAYS craving some healing - enter all the ingredients of this soup. All it is, is leftovers & pre-packaged bone broth. Literally could it be any easier? This was ready in 5 mins. I used the AIP beef bone broth by osso_good_bones because they’re free of garlic, onion & peppercorns which are all pretty iffy on my gut and honestly they taste heavenly. I’m not just saying that, I LOVE their broths - again #notsponsored but a girl can dream 💁🏻‍♀️! This recipe is 100% customizable - use literally ANY VEG/ANY PROTEIN/ANY BROTH/ANY SPICES. Is this even a recipe!? Enjoy!! Ingredients: 1-2 cups bone broth (depending on how much liquid you like!) 1/4-1/2 cup leftover roasted zucchini 1/4 cup kale (massaged in my hands a little to break it down, or you could pre-steam or sauté it) about 1/4 lb. leftover chicken sea salt to taste Method: Literally throw everything in a saucepan and heat to a simmer till warmed through to your liking.🧡

39 3 Feb 24, 2018

Ever feel like your body is crashing- serious food Coma? 🙁 Man I tell ya after a couple pieces of pizza & Ice Cream I couldn’t stop yawning & felt sluggish- I sure enjoyed it but the aftermath gave me all the reasons why........I always carry “On The Go” Isotonix Digestive Enzymes 😉 ➖➖➖➖ Brought me Back to life. 🙌🏽 And don’t feel guilty anymore ❤️ ➖➖➖➖ #food #pizza #veggiepizza #icecream #foodcoma #foodlover #foodography #probiotics #isotonix #digestion #digestiveenzymes #health #bloating #cheatday #nutrition #nutritioncoach #relief #energy #onthego #tgif #fit #fitness #health #healthy #trainer #personaltrainer

12 0 Feb 24, 2018

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is for digestive support! Especially for times when I’m bloated. This is an amazing diy that I use on my belly for all things gut related. . . . Peppermint: helps with upset stomach, nausea, appetite suppression, sugar cravings, and boosting metabolism! . . . Fennel: one of my favorite oils ever! It helps move out the junk! It supports healthy peristalsis, cleanses our the colon, supports healthy blood sugars, and so much. I Use this oil almost everyday. . . . Digize: it’s a blend of lots of oils for digestive support. It contains fenugreek, anise, peppermint, fennel, ginger and more oils that are so good for gut health. It helps when you can’t go, need to go, bloating and everything in between. . . . Put 5 drops of each in a roller with carrier oil and rub on belly whenever you need some tummy support! It works really quickly too. . . . #wellness #digestivesupport #digestion #healthydigestion #fennel #peppermint #anise #fenugreek #ginger #guthealth #naturalremedies #easyremedies #digize #roller #mamalife #happybelly #happybody #bloating #plantbased #plantsarepower

10 0 Feb 24, 2018

🍋🍍🍋HELP NEEDED🍋🍍🍋 I'm looking for 8 people to trial my amazing fat loss & energy booster for AROUND £5 per week!!!!! (I'm sure some of you spend that per day! !) I need just 2 people in each age range... ⭐️Under 20's ⭐️20's-30's ⭐️30's- 40's ⭐️40+ If you're looking to ✨Gain more energy ✨Lose Weight ✨Stop snacking ✨Boost your metabolism Then you may be able to help me! The trial is for 90 days so you will have plenty of time for amazing results👙 All I ask for in return is YOUR feedback on our fab product!! Xx 🍋🍍🍋🍍🍋🍍🍋🍍 #booster #reducecalorieintake #fatburning #curbcravings #bloating #reducesnacking

16 1 Feb 24, 2018

PREGNANCY INDIGESTION While you may be enjoying your food now, you could be paying the price with indigestion. . The pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles in the whole digestive tract. . This slows digestion and the sphincter, or ring of muscles, at each end of the stomach become less effective. . This can cause heartburn and indigestion as acid juices from the stomach leak back into the oesphagus. . Our team of Naturopaths and Dieticians have created a special digestive support blend for this very reason. . PURITEA is a soothing and refreshing blend, perfect to be taken with or just after meals to help keep the digestive system moving and reducing uncomfortable side effects like bloating, heartburn and wind. . It also tastes amazing chilled for a fresh alternative. . 100% Organic and caffeine free and conveniently available in Pyramid Tea Bags. . Order PURITEA online

13 1 Feb 24, 2018
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