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17 2 Feb 21, 2018

Malcolm X was assassinated on this day, 53 years ago, in 1965. #RAW will forever remember his revolutionary work and wisdom he shared with the world. His death was viewed by many as the result of his feud with the Nation of Islam after he publicly left the NOI in March 1964. It was thought to be an open and shut case after members of the Nation of Islam were tried and found guilty. It was later found after tens of thousands of declassified pages documenting government surveillance, infiltration and disruption of black leaders and organizations — including Malcom X and the Nation of Islam — suggested the conclusions drawn by law enforcement of “what happened” were self serving. Malcom X was fighter for the poor and working class people in black America. Fighting for self determination and self defense for his people. I point this out because in today’s fight I so often see many getting distracted and losing focus on what the fight for social justice is about. If we do anything during Black History month it should be to learn from the mistakes of our elders. They made them so we shouldn’t have to repeat those same mistakes. We must do better. I’ll be damned if my future children are out here fighting like me at my age. #ChangeTheCycle #MakeOurOwnHistory #CreateOurOwnFutures #WeCanAndWeWill #BlackHistoryMonth #ReneeAroundtheWay

2 1 Feb 21, 2018

Very sweet night vending at a black consciousness and spirituality talk with Spring Washam and Faith Adiele. If you haven’t checked out the work of these beautiful black writers, meditators and teachers, you should!!

12 3 Feb 21, 2018

When you’re ahead of your time and patiently waiting. King of Mali “Rise Of Mansa Musa” available now! On and at the blackandnobel store urbantoons michaelbjordan #mansamusa #kingofmali #maliempire

939 27 Feb 21, 2018

My Dad: ooo I like this your hair. *sees the pink ombré bits* Dad: Ah. 😒 Why did you have to add this punk colour to it. Do your friends like it like this? Me: well I posted it on my Instagram story and people- Dad: Instant who? Me: Nvm. Go sit down. Your poundo is nearly ready. 😭😂😭💀💀💀💀😂😂😭😂 hair by braidsganghair hairstylist: lessandrasbeauty_studio

230 35 Feb 21, 2018

💫 Beth Brown(1969-2008), the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan's Department of Astronomy. NASA astrophysicist 💫 #blackhistorymattetseveryday #blackwomenmatter #blackscientists #wocinscience #astronomy #hero #bethbrown #shediditfirst #nasa #supportwoc #legacyofwoc

4 0 Feb 21, 2018

Loved the black sisters in this movie. Especially the Dora Milaje. Seeing them in the comics is one thing, but seeing them on the screen was totally different. All of these sisters were on point and didn't hold anything back. From an entertainment perspective, I wish I could have seen more, but what was given was enough for the film itself. - - - White boys and orientals of the anime and comic book community always seem to somehow accidentally create multiple memes of ALL WHITE marvel and DC characters and actors. Somehow always accidentally including black characters in memes that don't represent power and supremacy Ultimately they are propagating the same systemic covert racism of both Marvel and DC Comics. Well, how about we switch it up: tmenkheperre style #blackmenincomics #racismincomics #marvelcomics #dccomics #hollywoodsoracist #racistmememakers #fightracismwithracism #wakeupblackpeople #blackunity #blacknationalism #blackeconomics #createourownshit #supportblackcomics #repost unconditionedroots #blackpanther #doramilaje #blackisbeautiful #beautifulblackwomen #naturalblackwomen #blackwomanisgod #blackwomenmatter danaigurira marija_abney sydellio jenel_stunts pilatesbyzola marie.mouroum hollywoodladyj mshippolyte shauneywood #blackexcellence #blackrepresentation #blackrepresentationmatters

15 0 Feb 21, 2018


4 0 Feb 21, 2018

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329 127 Feb 21, 2018

This year I’m gonna be the biggest Marketing & PR firm in #SierraLeone but first gotta send out some brochures. #Issahustle

252 16 Feb 21, 2018

Generally don’t post black suits, but this picture dope

273 6 Feb 21, 2018
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