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We live in a world today where men and women compare themselves to social media models, bottle girls, bodybuilders, runway models etc... - In most cases this causes the people who compare themselves to the highlight real of these IG influencers life to become insecure with themselves and as a result their confidence drops. - I feel as though people view these models and others and downplay their own life. Most people scroll a few times down their timeline and within seconds start day dreaming about looking like this person or having the life that person has . Their feeling of uniqueness is suddenly gone. - The sad part is that most people don't realize that the outside is what attracts you but the inside is what keeps you attracted. Looks will only go so far and last so long. - Attraction is much deeper than just looks. Relationships don't last off of looks. You need to have some confidence in yourself. - Having ultimate confidence in yourself because you may be working out and trying to become the best version of yourself is what makes the outside standout. - Take a minute to not compare yourself but to love who you are and what you look like. Embrace your shape and look but understand that you can always grow and be a better version of yourself. It's when you settle that the issues start setting in. Nobody can be better at being you than you! Why would you want to compare yourself when you're already unique ? - Photo : latenightlifter 📸💥

1 0 Jul 22, 2017

Oh Solange.

40 1 Jul 22, 2017

You can't live the life you have and the life you want at the same time. You have to choose one .. I've been sacrificing for the life I'm going to live a few years from now. ( P.S I don't play ball but I'll dust you 😉😂🐞💕

45 2 Jul 22, 2017

Actual photo of the mood I want to be in everyday this summer✨✨✨ #glowdigga #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #blackgirls #darkgirls #love #happiness #energy #hair #skin #body #model #blackmodel #blackgirlappreciation #disco

46 1 Jul 22, 2017

Life is all about gaining knowledge and sharing it! ☝🏾Selfish has its place but everyone deserves to have the wealth you can't spend, especially if it means looking like a five course meal all day! 😋 --- 🐶 UCONN Students DM me about Semester training 📫DM me about starting your Summer Transformation Plan! 🌞 🔵Use my code TWPFIT for 20% off all BPI products 👻 tnjoku64 --------------- #transformation #bpisports #blackfitness #TWP #uconn

70 1 Jul 22, 2017

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown Los Angeles. #crave_images Model:

31 3 Jul 22, 2017

Soul Gazer. • • • • Photo by: chantar P.S-don't mind the arm hairs it's all about the face! #trinidadianmodel #blackmodel #black #modelagency #malemodel #makemeelite #kimono #blueblack #eyes #blackskin #africa #modelo #blue #glowingskin #goldenboy #commercialmodel #printmodel #modelscout #scoutme

44 4 Jul 22, 2017
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