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0 1 Oct 21, 2017

There’s pain in knowing that a decision you made cost you a piece of someone’s love. Watching their feelings flow past like a river. Seeming natural. #greatfalls #nature #hiking #couplequotes #river #falls #forest #blackman #lifelessons #learning #goodmen R #hardtofind #goodwomen #raisethem

6 0 Oct 21, 2017

Most people that have been here already heard me speak on this subject but i have to keep spreading awareness for the new people on this page... I want you stop where ever you are, whether outside or inside and take a look around you. Why is it that almost everything is in a Square⬛ shape or rectangle which is just a long Square (BOX shapes)? Also circles🔵 and triangles🔺 If you're outside -Look at the buildings and the houses -Look at the windows -Look at the sidewalks and the streets -Look at the street signs (MOST of them) -Look at the bricks -Look at the benches -Look at the gates (go check it out) -Look at the shapes of the cars and the trucks -Look at the trains If you're inside -Look at the walls -Look at the doors -Look at the floors -Look at the ceiling -Look at the shape of the room you are in -Look at the chairs and the couches -Look at the tables -Look at the t.v. and the cable box -Look at the game systems -Look at your playstation control GoTdammiT -Look at the books and the paper -Look at your bed... on top of a BOX spring -Look at your phone and your pictures -Look at this post🤤 Once you realize this i want you to think about something... When we are born, most of us are born indoors (a building of some sort) inside of a BOX shaped room. Most of us live our entire lives in a BOX shaped building or house. When we die, most of us are buried in a BOX.🤔 When i asked a brother from The Nation of Islam could he explain this, he said this has something to do with "Moorish Science"🤔 I believe this has something to do with "Spiritual Suppression" Ever ask yourself WHY do we only have 2 options after death? The BOX or The Cremation Chamber🤔 Just a note... After a body is burned, they still put the remains INSIDE of a urn which will be kept somewhere more than likely indoors. So either way, YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE BOX⬛😲😓 Do you have an answer? #sonsofafrica #daughtersofafrica #wakeup #wakeupnow #blackpeoplerise #standup #standtogether #fightback #freeyourmind #loveeachother #loveyourself #kings #queens #allwegotisus #blackman #blackwoman #ebonymen #ebonywomen #blackisbeautiful #melanin #crips #bloods #all #gangs #gangsters #unite #africa #asone

5 0 Oct 21, 2017

Motive Saturdays Presents A Saturday with a twist #fashion&style Walays bar E15 1TQ ! 21+ NO ID NO ENTRY! #fashion #style #partystyle #nightlife #blackwomen #whitemen #whitewomen #blackman #ass #booty🍑 #tekno #afro #slayqueen #african #panafrican

3 0 Oct 21, 2017

3:48am and I can't sleep because my mind keep racing wanting to learn more about my business (Real estate investing) and helping people by motivating them to be great is my passion! Take a chance to better yourself and be great in what you do is my challenge to you and myself! God bless take action & get paid! Look out for more deals & opportunities coming your way!!! We buy #realestate Hi how are you? Thanks for stopping by! Are you a cash buyer? Are you looking to make passive income? Want to increase your credit score? Add tradelines for 30-50 point increase! (refereed by Nakia) Let's do some deal$ wholesale, fix & flip, commercial, non pn & pn, private money consultanting services as well we have 100% funding plus 85% ARV for your deals!!! tsmart2007 734-695-1733 My reason to work hard & smart in 2017!!! T.Smart Invesment Group. LLC T.Smart Holding Company LLC Fix & flipping in Michigan Note deals nationwide Wholesaling nationwide Commercial investing nationwide Private money consultant tsmart2007 734-695-1733 😄👍👊✊💪💯💯💯💯 You ARE a Winner, so... Follow your passion it knows where you should go. Help People. Explore, Play, Laugh, Move More, Stress Less. Set and CELEBRATE Milestones. You have to put something out there to get something back. Everything you want and need is up to you to make happen. GET OUT THERE and Make Your Own Path. Define what success looks like to you and GO AFTER IT. Nourish your mind and body, take time out often. Set goals, WRITE THEM DOWN and look at them EVERYDAY. Give yourself permission, trust your instincts. NEVER stop learning and experimenting. Embrace Your Online Business. IGNORE DOUBTERS EVEN IF THEY ARE IN YOUR OWN HEAD. THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. BE YOUR OWN HERO! DO IT NOW #ambitious #blackwomen #money #millionaire #blackman #realestateinvesting #success #entrepreneur #motivation #encouragement #believe

18 2 Oct 21, 2017

Big ups to the big homie d_._jackson for representing! Get you a Research hoodie or tshirt by DM your size! The deposit deadline for our New Years tour of Ghana West Africa is November 1. Please visit for more details! #brother #blackman #beardgang #naturalhair #locs #research #scholarship #books #intellectual #brainsandbrawn #coach #melanin

6 0 Oct 21, 2017
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