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When I'm 65 with my own grandkids, I hope to be as loving, beautiful, and compassionate as you. My grandmother never fails me and reminds me daily of how beautiful, sweet, strong, and smart I am. I could never thank her enough for the "I am proud of you," "I love you," and most importantly "No matter how much you love people, don't forget yourself first." Love you so much!! Happy birthday 65th birthday!!! I am so glad that I'll age just as beautiful as you!! #blackdontcrackbaby

34 1 May 25, 2017

Naturally natural !!!!!! #blackdontcrackbaby #mommyJay #yummyyummyinmytummy Just one day Keto and I have lost 30kg... Wow!! Lol hopyscopy keto is working .lol #moriningexaggeration Photocredit dpearl_83

51 4 May 25, 2017

BIRTHDAY GIRL😍😍😍❤❤ #blackdontcrackbaby

13 5 May 25, 2017

Interesting fact, since we were in Uni to date, people have been calling us Nigerians, Sudanese, Congolese, Zambians what nots and we're like....Oooooow Kay?! We're just simple girls who create our own fashion trends to fit our preference. Whatever we look like, we are are proudly Africans. ION: Colgate seriously needs to consider us for an ad. How white are our teeth though?! PS: New Post on our blog 😘 Link is right up 👆🏿in bio 👯

193 17 May 24, 2017

On this day last year, God gave me something I have always wanted ❤️... I still say Thank You 🙌🏼🙏🏼 .... on a lighter note, #blackdontcrackbaby #browning #barefaced How's your week going?🙂

246 9 May 23, 2017

Not because him have stars pon I'm body that nuh mean him a star boy😆😆😆😆it's just a tatoo bitch😄😄😄😄 #blackdontcrackbaby #cutie #ilovemyboyfriend

103 0 May 22, 2017

How could I not come and see this handsome man #reunion #blackdontcrackbaby. itsatsworld.

59 0 May 22, 2017

Healing doesn't mean the pain lever existed . It means the damage no longer controls our lives 👌 #imhealing #iaminlovewithmyself #iammymancrushmonday #iammyowninspiration #blackdontcrackbaby #positivesoul #callmefefetheking👑

49 0 May 22, 2017

Regrann from rent_em_spoons87 - Fuk it up SIS ♎️ myaplanet9 #mya #dmv #whoa #myassislikewhoa 😻 #blackdontcrackbaby #myaplanet9 myaplanet9 Visit👉 - #regrann #myaplanet9 myaplanet9 Visit👉 - #regrann

34 0 May 22, 2017

SWEAT FOR AFRICA is all about the energy of Africans. We put so much work in whatever we do; in our food preparation (banku, fufu, TZ etc), in our musics and in our jobs!. SWEAT FOR AFRICA is to encourage every youth of Africa to put in more ENERGY in everything we do. Pre-orders available. #africa #energy #togetherness #sweatforafrica #blackdontcrackbaby ❤️

281 2 May 21, 2017
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