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The Ring-necked Pheasant is not native to North America. It was introduced to the U.S. from Asia in the 1880s and quickly became one of the most popular upland game birds. Male Ring-necked Pheasants have copper and gold plumage, a red face and a green neck with a bold white ring, hence its name. #ringneckedpheasant #pheasant #middlecreekwildlife #birds #nature #birdingdaily #birding #instagrambirds


Even though we regularly visit our internal reality on a mental level, we may repeat it many times to return to our known illusions when it is time to change our attitudes and behaviors. Change requires leaving the comfort zone and that is frightening in itself. A desire to feel safe without taking any responsibility leads only more internal conflicts; because change does not promise any safety even if it creates excitement at its core. The way to feel free and alive again require to act spontaneously by taking care of our needs right now and here. Just like a bird that is changing position according to the headwind and then placing on the wave of the sea softly when the right moment comes... #change #changenow #nowandhere #mindfullife #mindfulness #mindfuliving #mindfulmovement #birdingdaily #birding #takingresponsibility #feeltheinspiration #feelthepower #awareness #leavethecomfortzone

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