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The beautiful intent behind godly and biblical fasting is never to make a person starve. In reality, it is to put value on something far greater & more important than a full belly. Contentment and comfort that comes specifically from food often puts us body into rest/sleep mode and makes us lethargic in our movements. Very few of us in the world use food as fuel in the right way. That being said, something that is so often ignored is our inner man, our spirit man. Just like our physical body needs food just like our mind loves to be fed intellectually our heart longs to be loved and be loving the same way our spirit man needs to be fed spiritually and desires to be a part of our decisions, actions and lives. When it has been ignored & deprived of spiritual food, its ability to connect with God, to hear from Christ through the Holy Spirit, is decapacitated. Fasting helps us to break away from lethargy and non-beneficial comfort ➡️ to feeding our inner man with God’s word, truth and spirit. This is what will bring maturity and actual growth. It’s not the aging of skin and bones but rather soul and spirit development that will enable us to be godly solution-minded people. Fasting positions us to seek God with a focused intent that will release revelation and understanding of Heaven’s will, plan and answers for our lives. 💖 #corcenglish #amatthew633people #yearofthepioneer #yearofsupernaturalmiracles #fasting #biblicalfasting #focusonfaith #growthmindset #solutionfocused #seekingheaven #seekingGod #seekgodswill #setapart #becomingsetapart #360new

12 2 Feb 14, 2018

New Blog Post!🍇 ➡️ “My 10 Day Grape Fast” 🔹the importance of fasting 🔹why grapes? 🔹health and healing through detox 🔹my personal experience during this fast 🔹tips, tricks, & details on doing your own! . . Link in bio✨ . . . #regenerativedetoxification #grapefast #grapegate #fruitarian #backtothegarden #spiritualfood #hellvilletowellville #abunchofcellsandtwofluids #moveyourlymph #rawfood #rawvegan #rawveganlife #highvibrationalfoods #grapedance #drrobertmorse #fasting #biblicalfasting #fruitfasting #monofruit #grapefasting #detoxification #genesis129 #backtoeden

87 6 Jan 17, 2018

To get the nurishment I need I read the bibel, listen to preacher, use audio bibel or are just still and pray✝️🙏🏼 #pray #stillwithgod #bibel #prayercross #lovejesus #bibelisfood #fasting #biblicalfasting #danielsfast

31 1 Jan 9, 2018

I always look forward to this time of year because I believe strongly in the power of prayer and fasting. It is biblical. I know that true fasting is refraining from food in one form or another. I also believe that we can benefit from disconnecting in other areas to focus more on what God has for us. I challenge you to join me as well as many other people during this 21 day fast. Google it if you have any questions, Jentzen Franklin has a lot of good material and information on this. #21dayfast #fasting #biblicalfasting #jentzenfranklin

32 2 Jan 7, 2018

My life in a square. Flesh v. Spirit. I've been exploring the #enneagram for a few months. The tests say I'm a one (perfectionist) and while I can relate to that in many ways, there were still areas that didn't resonate. The tests that tell you wings say I'm a 7w8. That makes sense because 7s avoid pain, it's their main fear. Yep. So a common struggle for 7s is gluttony (in all kinds of areas). Yep. If a little is good, isn't a lot better? I started feeling led to learn about fasting a couple years ago. I found what I could on the internet and have tried a little here and there. There's a whole lot to say about not letting sin rule over you and how to do that but that's another post for another day. I'll let you know how the book turns out. Also, Sprouts cinnamon rolls are delicious.

43 2 Jan 5, 2018

These were so delish!!! I even fed them to my meat loving hubby and he said they were “bangin” (of course with a side of Chicken 🤣😭🤷🏼‍♀️) The month of January I am doing the Daniel Fast and eating primarily #Vegan. This was quick & easy for others looking for fun recipes. Make sure you swap out flour tortillas for corn!! #DanielFast #BiblicalFasting #CorporateFast myliftacademy Recipe 👉👉👉👉👉

35 4 Jan 3, 2018

Fasting is the discipline of abstaining from food and drink for a period of time...also practiced to demonstrate the sincerity of our prayers. Fasting is also called "afflicting one's soul." We humbly deny our flesh to glorify God, enhance our spirit and go deeper in prayer When you fast, it shall be done in secret and no one should know (with the exception of your spouse). Therefore, do not look weary when you are fasting so it appears to others that you are on a fast. Refer to Matt. 6:16-18 Fasting does the following: ✔breaks demonic strong-holds ✔increases spiritual clarity ✔leads to greater intimacy with our Heavenly Father ✔heightens your senses to the presence of the Holy Spirit #fastinsecret #biblicalfasting #prayer #scripture #jesusislord #tongueofthelearned #new #newbeginnings #liveforgodandnotforman #dc

13 0 Dec 3, 2017

This is quite a visual! Wow ❤️❤️ #bibletruthsfortoday #bibleverse #bibletruths #biblicalfasting #jesusisawesome

8 0 Aug 29, 2017

Lets see how this goes. I'm about 2 hours in but I'm not usually a breakfast eater anyway. I'm just gonna do one day at a time and see how I feel. Drop your favorite bible passages below to help me focus and hear what God wants me to hear during this journey. #fasting #biblicalfasting #day1

8 1 Aug 19, 2017

Our Nepal team has been praying & fasting today. So good! #biblicalfasting #nepal #lifeonmission #missiontrip

39 1 Jun 14, 2017

Another 38 days 😊 Biblical Purposes for Fasting To strengthen prayer To seek God's guidance To express grief To see deliverance or protection To express repentance and the return to God To humble oneself before God To express concern for the work of God To minister to the needs of others To overcome temptation and dedicate yourself to God To express love and worship to God #fasting #biblicalfasting #danielfast #spiritual #Godguidance #blessed #thankful #life #guidance #praise #worship #encouragement #cleanse #soul #detox #offforawhile #important aspect

116 0 May 6, 2017

(Isaiah 58) Fasting isn't merely giving up something. The purpose of fasting is to take our eyes off the things of this world and turn that attention to God. We should fast to gain deeper fellowship, a closer and more obedient walk, with God. Ash Wednesday is a humbling reminder that we came from nothing. And Who made that possible? Our great and mighty God Who loves us  too much to willingly let us die or stay slaves to our sin. Whether for Lent or not, if we're going to fast, let's do it right and for the right reasons. #Biblicalfasting #AshWednesday #Lent

0 0 Mar 1, 2017

Winter break is over & we're ready for a new bible study series!😊 Join us tonight at 6:30PM. #BiblicalFasting #Simplified17 #CarmelConnection

2 0 Feb 15, 2017

I'm back! Fast completed! What a rewarding experience. Very bittersweet for it to end. I didn't just do it for the spiritual growth, but also as a challenge for myself to see if I could even do it. One of my major takeaways is this bible passage. To do nothing in selfish ambitious or conceit, but to humble yourself as you value others above yourself - have the same mindset as Jesus. All too often we do things only for personal gains without regard of those around us. We need to value and lift those around us. So that we ALL succeed because we truly are better together than alone. Now....I need to get back into the gym! LoL 🕆 #fasting #spiritual #spiritualjourney #god #godfirst #religion #jesus #christ #bible #biblicalfasting #faith #ingodshands #believe #pray #prayer #metrochurch #movingpeopleforward #inspiration #motivation #encourage #wisdom #strength #spiritualgrowth #humility #bettertogether #philippians2

53 8 Feb 7, 2017

Winter break is over & we're ready for a new bible study series!😊 Join us tomorrow, February 7th for bible study at 12 noon and 6:30PM. Family dinner starts at 5:15PM.🍴 #BiblicalFasting #Simplified17 #CarmelConnection

1 0 Feb 7, 2017

Winter break is over! Join us tomorrow, February 7th for bible study! 12 noon and 630PM family dinner at 515PM #BiblicalFasting #Simplified17 #CarmelConnection

2 0 Feb 6, 2017
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