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And .. here's a snippet from my performance of #Aadupambe (translates to Dance O' Snake) from last weekend . The inner meaning of this dance represents the concept of Kundalini energy, which is present in every one of us in a dormant state, at the base of the spine. Great Yogi's used Hatha Yoga, a physically demanding form of yoga to activate the Kundalini energy, and when energized, an expanded state of consciousness is attained! . This dance also bears reference to #lordshiva ,the great Yogi, who wears the snake around his neck like an ornament, representing his everlasting state of consciousness. His wife, #goddessparvati wears the snake on her wrist as a bangle, and #babykrishna was protected from a storm by Aadisesha, a thousand headed snake, who is also the bed of Lord #vishnu . #bharatanatyam #bharatanatyamperformance #bayareabharatanatyam #performance #dance #dancer #danceperformance #performingarts #aadupambe #natharmudi #shiva #parvati #vishnu #snakedance #indianclassicaldance #indianclassicaldancers #sanfrancisco #mbonguisquarefestival2017 Video: wassabhi

334 13 Nov 20, 2017

Celebration is doing what you Love, and Love is why we are here. This picture takes me back to one of my most cherished performances hitherto in Kishtwer which an 8 hours drive from Jammu city. The cultural event was organised by the Indian Army to show the people of Jammu the culture and traditions throughout India. It was beyond bliss to perform in that picturesque location, where every time I looked up at the sky while Dancing all my dreams came back to me. Staying in the army cantonment for a week and experiencing their life first hand was a memory that will stay with me forever. #classicaldancer #bharatanatyamperformance Season's greetings to everyone:)

158 3 Oct 22, 2017

Contrast is the intangible ingredient, the catalyst that makes life exciting #nauticalfeels #macrubywoo #sundayselfie #culturalnight #bharatanatyamperformance #indiandance #whatanexperience

24 1 Oct 16, 2016
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