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Hit a new personal record today on bench press. Hit 275 lbs. Might not be the best but im pretty happy with it considering its 100 lbs over my body weight. Just goes to show hard work and dedication pays off. #NAVAgatefitness #anytimefitness #therewillalwaysbehaters #betteringmyself #bodybuildingdotcom #fitness #poweredbytacos

23 0 Nov 21, 2017

Miss the boxing club. Love coaching and motivating students to better them selves. Students push me to work harder. Lead from the front. #coaching #boxing #gymlife #healthyliving #betteringmyself #onedayatatime #goals

12 0 Nov 21, 2017

Ab progression underway! Finally! I don’t know why it too me so long to be able to stick to my macros 100%, but after sticking to them 98% (gaddammit PB) last week, I can definitely see a difference, so have a whole new motivation to keep going 💪🏼 Well on track for these upcoming roles 🤘🏼🎥🎞

95 11 Nov 21, 2017

Started my new workout today!! And I'm starting daily inspirational quotes! #day1💪🏻 "Rome wasn't built in a day." -Unknown #betteringmyself

6 0 Nov 21, 2017

We wear all black because it’s a funeral for all the fat! Monday night beach workout is about to be in FULL effect. 💪🏽💕 __________________________________________________________ #fatfuneral #mondays #workout #spartan #spartanintraining #training #betteringmyself #improvement #traininsane #booty #beauty #brains #womenwholift #muscles #fit #transformation #werk #work #buildabooty #spartanthefuckup #love #loveyourself

12 0 Nov 21, 2017

Day 9 Post Baby I threw in some light booty work on the cables and my body didn't scream at me!! #feelsgood #bootyworkout #postpregnancy #fitmom #fitlifestyle #betteringmyself #strongisthenewskinny #gymaddict #girlswholift #myjourney

8 2 Nov 21, 2017

Excited for this one!! It’s sure nice to have some ME time, and on a Monday even!! I could get used to this... #ImEnough #Progress #MeTime #BetteringMyself #TheMoreYouKnow #JohnCMaxwell

2 0 Nov 21, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! So funny story: Today when I got back from running errands for work, there was the cute, fluffy cat hiding under a car so I coaxed it out. 🐱 He talked to me and rubbed his head on me for a few minutes - he was so sweet! And then he turned around and bit me! So now I might have rabies. 🤷‍♀️ Anywaysss so if you missed it, I put a super sweaty 💦 (low quality) video on my story so that I could show you that you don’t require cardio to get in a good workout. But then I decided I should elaborate just a little. I’ve recently changed my workout split which is now targeting multiple muscle groups in one day. 💪🏼 I was doing individual muscle groups for a long time, but I haven’t been seeing progress, and my main goal isn’t muscle gain any longer. Current split: 1.) Legs (Glute and Hamstring focused) 2.) Upper Body (Back and Bis focused) 3.) Legs (Quad and Calf focused) 4.) Upper Body (Chest and Tris focused) 5.) Legs (Heavy leg day) {So when I say “focused” I mean that I’m working my entire upper/lower body, but I’m specifically targeting those areas.} Keep in mind that I’m pretty much always busy, so I don’t NORMALLY go 5 days in a row. I usually take Mondays and Wednesday’s off for class. Also, this is what I’m doing for MY body and MY goals. But you’re more than welcome to message me and we can talk about what might work best for you. 😁 P.s. I’ll keep you guys updated on the rabies thing. 💩

21 1 Nov 21, 2017

Meal plan approved dinner includes a huge plate a spaghetti with a side salad. 😋😋 Eat smarter, not less. 💕💕

9 1 Nov 21, 2017

Alarm went off at 4:45am Quiet time began at 5:00am Kicked off a new workout program at 5:15am Feeling like I can conquer this day of Mommin’ by 6:00am👊🏼💗✌🏼 Waking up before the rest of my family is a choice I make but it’s one that has saved me in so many areas of my life. 🙌🏼 Some days are hard and I’ve learned quickly that I need this time every day and I count backwards...5...4...3...2...1...and get my booty out of bed! I am more than my excuses and my family deserves the BEST version of myself. 💕 Day 1/60 #momminainteasy #butitsworthit

42 2 Nov 21, 2017

Love my music, but time to stop overthinking and just do. 👊🏼💕✌🏼💚💪🏼

6 1 Nov 21, 2017
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