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“Whenever possible, choose peace.” 😌☮️💛 #goodvibes #happyplace #mothernature #bestfriendadventures #offroad #britishcolumbia

9 0 Jan 22, 2018

Finally getting back into the swing of things after the insanity of the holidays, so here's some of Kelly killing it on the 45. 🍑 #IndoorClimbing #RockClimbing #bouldering #ClimbTime #SendIt #JustGoUp #BestFriendAdventures

27 1 Jan 22, 2018

Had an amazing time with my bestie/ maid of honor in town👯‍♀️💍❤️ gravetruth #maidofhonor #bestfriend #bridalexpo #sushi #aquarium #bestfriendadventures

22 0 Jan 22, 2018

"A Cupcake is a Muffin who believed in miracles." Thanks to my bff who found this bit of wisdom on Instagram and for sampling the NEW Peanut Butter S'mores and Lemon Cream Pie cupcakes with me. We were so excited talking about the chocolate chips in the s'mores cake, the lemon curd in the lemon cream pie, and the graham cracker crust on the bottom of both of them, that I'm sure anyone eavesdropping on this conversation would've thought us crazy. I guess if it's crazy to be this into cupcakes, I'd rather not be sane. ) Here's to miracles and being overly excited by more new cupcakes this year! 😛♥🎉 . . . . . . #cupcakes #trophycupcakes #bestfriendadventures #smores #peanutbutter #lemoncreampie #yum #nofilter #latergram

13 1 Jan 22, 2018 IS ALL ABOUT ME ✌🏼✈️ #alaska #catchflightsnotfeelings #bestfriendadventures nena86consentida

16 1 Jan 22, 2018

Brilliant afternoon yesterday chocolate making with this beaut! Thanks spud123 for my birthday gift!! #chocolateworkshop #sweettreat #bestfriendadventures

13 2 Jan 21, 2018

Started the day off with an adventure! Hiked to a beautiful water... even jumped off the rocks into it. ☺️ #oahuhikes #bestfriendadventures #vacationtime corrynnicole mandrins

45 1 Jan 21, 2018

I ♡ ‘straya ... got lost, made our own pathway up, walked down a waterfall, ate chocolate ice creams after the ordeal 🐽 #sundaysweat #goodforthemind #bestfriendadventures

43 4 Jan 21, 2018

Crazy goddaughter.... at least she still loves her orange hat and kitchen stuff. #bestfriendadventures #goddaughter

7 0 Jan 20, 2018

I’ve always felt a strong connection to this woman right here! Almost 8 years of friendship, and I can confidently say she’s one of the longest relationships I’ve had. Growing up, my dad’s work had moved us from one place to another so I don’t really have childhood friends. I always felt a little left out, and lonely (yup, sad 😕). I envied anyone who knew people from when they were 5 or 6 or 7, and I always kinda craved for that type of bond. Of course, time passes and next thing you know you’re 10 years old and you’re moving again and then you’re 13 and you’re just trying to fit in. You get a little more self conscious and you just want to be one of the cool kids, you know? You kinda just go with the flow because you so badly want that connection. It’s not until later when you fly off to college, that you realize “dang, I still don’t have that bond with anyone”. And you’re kinda fed up and you kinda give up, when suddenly... in the midst of not trying to be cool or fitting in and just being your crazy, goofy, weird self, you meet a real friend. That’s who lianmartiin is in my life. Despite the trouble, the scars, the pain, the mistakes, the distance, the weirdness, the goofiness, etc. etc., she stuck by me and continues to do so! And although I’ll never have anyone I can call a childhood friend, I’ll always have a real friend to count on ♥️ #goodvibesonlymovement #gvom #thehappycoach #bff

79 10 Jan 20, 2018

Manzanita // September 2016 📸: moniquechevalierphotography There’s this feeling inside my bones. A craving for adventure, new faces and places. Wanderlust is real. It’s time to start a new chapter.

105 6 Jan 20, 2018

"I know it's just a number, but you're the 8th wonder" 👑 (Please ignore my stupid laughing face) 📸: mattiegeee #BestFriendAdventures #fob #Wilson #hiking #peterpan #dogsofinstagram #hikingpups

29 0 Jan 19, 2018
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