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28 1 Dec 16, 2017

DAY #6: Against my better judgment, last night I did something I said that I wouldn't do. Who knows, it may come back to haunt me and it may not. But nevertheless, the lesson was learned. It's crazy how God plays tricks with people life and call it a test, I'll never understand it and maybe it's not for me to do so. But this game he's playing right now is so uncool. It's like you just have to sit there and deal with it. I want to resort back to who I use to be, It'll make this process so much easier to deal with,but I won't. I rather sit still and see the outcome of this Hurricane. Note: Whenever a Natural disaster strikes and destroy. Something new, more reinforced and more refined will be built. #3percentman #fuckfear #sorrynotsorry #Godcanbepettytoo #hurricane #beingtransparent

0 0 Dec 15, 2017

Good Morning! ———————————————— I’m usually the first one to wake up in the house and that’s not a problem at all. It gives me a little time to enjoy my coffee, write blogs, shop on Amazon and Groupon, watch a little news and catch up on work while it’s silent and peaceful. This morning is especially nice and comfortable, because the light from our Christmas tree is brightening the living room and it seems to be making me feel at ease. . . What’s brightening up your day? . . . #goodmorning #beingtransparent #businessmom #businessblogger #businesswoman #blogger #ShopAmazon #boss #entrepreneur #iwokeuplikethis #hellosunshine #happyholidays #hireava #websitedesigner #logodesinger #goaldigger #businessadvice #life #autismadvocate #autismmom

40 0 Dec 12, 2017

A beautiful lesson I learnt only this morning, after dreaming all night about tornadoes and then waking up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck with a wall of grief sitting in my chest from out of the blue. The old conditionings and habits would’ve been to get busy, to distract myself, to judge it, numb it with food or hide. Instead I chose to open up space in my heart for this grief, the grief of losing loved ones, the grief of saying goodbye to my old life, the grief of losing an identity I’d held onto for so long, the grief of saying goodbye and letting go of someone I love dearly, the grief of not having my life turn out the way I planned all these years, the grief of ego, the grief and fear of taking on a new role of service that is unknown to me, the feelings of isolation that can often accompany the path of the Witch, it was all there on awakening and to meet this grief with unconditional love, to give it the space to be heard and to allow complete permission for the tears to fall without judgement. I realised this is one of the most cleansing and loving things you can do for yourself. So today if you are feeling the need to cry, to grieve, to feel sad, meet that point of pain within you with love and acceptance, knowing it too shall pass. Tears is your souls way of cleansing away the old in order to make way for the new! Give yourself permission to cry and then have a good sleep. Love yourself through the process❤️😘🌹🐺🐺🌹🦉🌎😇💐🌳😊🙏🌸⭐️ All my love Ellen xoxo #permissiontocry #letyourtearsfall #beingtransparent #tearsoflove #healingtears #beingvulnerable #letitgo #openyourheart #itsoktohaveshitdays #yourhuman #bringlovetoyourwounds #lettinggooftheold #theroadlesstravelled #shamanicwitch #blackandwhitewolf #grief #loss #dreamingoftornadoes #pathoftheteacherandhealer #hearthealing #goddessandgodlove #unconditionallove #loveandloss #yournotalone #acceptingshadowswithlove

11 0 Dec 11, 2017

I decided to tell my story without a care for who would reject my journey. Life got REAL when I found out I was 🤰🏽with my son. But, what would he see when he got to know me? That was the question! More about this quest for self in the link 👉🏽in my bio. Photo Credit: JN Portraits jetro.nicolas . . . #unveiling #beingreal #thechicmaven #thechicmavenspeaks #Christian #entrepreneur #aMothersFear #love #selflove #doinglifeinstyle #beingtransparent #honesty #truth #whatdoeshesee

47 5 Dec 11, 2017

Confessions: I’ve been MIA from Insta for a few months, focusing on family and church, vacation and work. I haven’t let my weight loss regress, I actually earned my 50 lb charm while I’ve been away. However, with the holidays all around, I’ve been in a yo-yo phase. I’m great all week and then the parties ALL weekend long are my downfall, especially with a Monday weigh-in. Still going to meetings and weighing in, even if there’s a gain. Feeling a little anxious because this time last year, I dropped the ball completely for 4 months. Trying to get past the 50 lb mark and not let the holidays get the better of me. #BeingTransparent • • • • • • #WeightWatchers #Weightloss #Confessions #slow #confession #holiday #december

13 2 Dec 10, 2017

Cheers 👌🏼🎶🍹💜 #beingtransparent #painyoucantimagine ✨🍹😌✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 #lnicdontcarewhatyathink

17 0 Dec 4, 2017

Always remember how far you’ve come, be reminded that hard work pays off! Me and my hubby. #beingtransparent #ourweightlossjourney #inittowinit #weightwatchers #iTovi #oily65 #youngliving

9 0 Dec 3, 2017

This song give me chills...if this isn't my life!! Lost my dad at 13, mom at 27, my brother at 39 (my best friend) only met one grand parent, she pasted 2 months prior to my mom (all the rest had transitioned prior to my birth)..this song let me know I have a purpose. #beingtransparent

19 3 Dec 3, 2017

I'm starting to see ME again. It's been a long time.... 💕 #beingtransparent #loveyourself #confidence #YouAreEnough #theeyesarethewindowstothesoul #selfielove #selflove #MissAjisha #MrsAjishaNow #love

43 0 Dec 3, 2017

Sunday Morning @ 8am join us on, Let’s Get Personal #buildingothers #beingtransparent #insecurities #givingourlistenersavoice #weloveyou

20 5 Dec 2, 2017

👋🏼 it’s me, Christina. Lately I prefer to be behind my camera versus in front. Being transparent when I say I feel like the hits keep coming this year. You know the saying, “don’t kick a dog when it’s down?” I feel like I’ve been kicked several times after landing on the floor. I’ve haven’t taken care of myself, I feel gross/worn/tired. Mentally drained as well. I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, I’m sharing with everyone because a persons life may appear wonderful, but they could be facing a really hard battle. Bottom line? Be nice to people. Smile at that stranger. Help that older lady with her groceries. Do something for someone else just because, not for glory but for heart. xx

110 14 Nov 22, 2017

Hi guys! Most of you are friends and family but for those of you who don't know me, I'm Jessica! I'm just a girl who loves Jesus, photography, crocheting, knitting, and anything cooking! My husband (the cute guy👆🏻) and I have been married for TWO years! That's our Great Dane, Kuiu. We live at a fish hatchery where my husband works as the assistant manager and I stay home. I never thought I'd be living remote with hardly any people. Now having lived remote for two years and counting I've noticed most people don't know what it's like to live remote so I thought why not share what it's all about!?🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm new to this whole sharing thing so bare with me! ☺️✌🏼 #remotelife #hatcheryworld #hunting #lotsofpuppyphotos #marriedlife #jesuslover #beingtransparent #lovelife

42 4 Nov 22, 2017

Had a kind of shitty day today. Got sick from my caveman chili and not sure why (thinking maybe it’s the green pepper but possibly tomato?) —anyways; I finished my evening off with a French press and some nice catch up time with one of my best friends who was in town for the night. Hoping the rest of this week goes more smoothly, and that maybe it was a fluke and it wasn’t the chili? #keto #ketogirl #mondays #struggles #beingtransparent #selfcare

9 0 Nov 21, 2017

To be completely honest, I didn't read a complete book until I was 27 years old. Now at 34 I have my own library at home, life has changed tremendously! Stay tuned for my publication to be released. The past 7 years has been great! I can only move upwards as I've been doing so. #startwithgenesis #idid #beingtransparent #remaining💯 #u2can #Godisgood #itsaherothing #readabookormore #learnsomething #discoverliteratureforyourself #HERO

13 0 Nov 19, 2017

Hey! I've always been drawn to dōterra's Whisper and have been weighing heavily on it as it calms me. The patchouli smell is intoxicating, in a good way! Now it's all coming together because I've been feeling less than amazing on a deeper on the level that what's flowing through my veins is just not right. I've had three pregnancies in 4.5 years. That along with being 37.5 makes for important blood work to see what's going on below the surface. My yo-yo emotions & extra weight on my lower half were a good "clue" that I need some support. Support on a cellular & hormonal level. I grow a sweet moustache and it's November so some might think the 'stash is on trend...but not for a female! Lol 😂 it's a clue that things aren't optimal but rather out of line with optimal health. My next blood test will be my omega balance/ratio. That my peeps is a MASSIVE indicator for health/disease and I'm pumped to do it! It's been about 5 years since I've had my omegas tested. Thank you coppinhealth #doterra #doterraoils #doterrawhisperblend #hormones #omegalevels #bloodwork #canada #speakthetruth #beingtransparent #healthprotocols #gettingoptimal

18 0 Nov 17, 2017
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