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How to ruin a 10/10 simmering image in a sentence.... I'm wearing a Hello Kitty sock. Yep, just one. 👐😁😂😻😍 lovespringfield Romper from jcpenney -------------- #beingtransparent #funlilfact #lifestooshort #tomatchsocks #newromper #romperseason #windydaypictures #legsfordays #stripes #auburnshavemorefun #concretesurroundings #instaoftheday #epicportraits

68 3 Mar 16, 2018

Gosh! My skin looks to be orange LOL When your BBcream is too dark for your skin tone... and when that color is the lightest color you can buy... I think its a sign that summer needs to arrive RIGHT now... I love to be pale... but not transparent lol What's wrong with my eyes LOL The color is so different today! #heterochromia #tiredofwinter #wantsummernow #makeup #girlstruggles #dryskin #fotd #snapchat #makeup #bbcream #whiteskin #beingtransparent #transparentskin

22 1 Mar 15, 2018

So - who is keen for some real behind the scenes truths? As all of my clients, friends and hopefully my followers will know - I am hugely careful and cautious when using other people’s images and shares from any source that does not have a direct link. I always credit and always tag when I share an “Inspo” pic. // One of the most common design elements us creatives produce these days is a mood board. And in actual fact, it’s not just graphic designers but photographers, stationery designers, wedding planners and more. And in general, these boards are known to be a source of inspiration and guidance in assisting us to design the visual that our client anticipates. It is not a direct reflection of a persons own work or a representation of work that the designer has “designed” so many of us tend to not credit the source(s) and assume that since it’s from Pinterest it will be OK. Well - I had another designer who requested me to remove her image from my mood board that I shared a few months ago as she thought it seemed that I was trying to represent it as my own. Respectfully, I credited the designer and still removed it. I have no fear in hiding this and I have no hesitance to ever own up to a mistake because in reality - copyright is just that. And while we are in business and still learning, if I can help someone to realise the complications of not crediting someone - then I’m happy to be totally transparent and honest! Even though I would NEVER try to or want to use someone else’s work as a representation of my own - if this is how the designer felt, then I don’t want to be portrayed as that - ever. I can understand her reasons wholeheartedly. And after this little episode (not to justify my own wrist slap) but to merely get a sense of just how many people do this, it was quite obvious that the majority of us don’t credit. Are you a culprit of this? I hope this post helps you to rethink your posting routine and always credit where possible - especially when sharing other logos/scripts in a mood board. Have you had a similar situation before? #raw #truths #designertruths #beingtransparent #honestypost #runningabusiness #moodboardbts #behindthescenes

55 5 Mar 13, 2018

I just checked my streak today and Although that number used to be 66 lbs lost, I’m still proud of myself for logging a straight year and holding myself accountable. I originally started using MyFitnessPal in 2012. However, last year, I decided to remove all of my friends in the app and just do it on my own. I struggled and struggled going to school, working, trying to maintain my household and manage to meal prep and workout. When I finished school at the end of September and weighed in October 1st, that number said 10 lbs lost 😒🙄... so I’m happy that I survived the holidays and my birthday, still managing to lose 17.8lbs since then. It’s crunch time and I’m doing my numbers! I’ve set a goal and I’m reaching it!!! 38.2 lbs to get back to where I was in 2015 and 45.2 to hit my ultimate goal.... #ZoWerkz #BackOnMyGrind #MyFitnessPal #MFP #Anniversary #ImMyOwnMotivation #DidItBefore #DoingItAgain #Focused #BeingTransparent #ItsNotAlwaysEasy #ButItsWorthIt

14 0 Mar 12, 2018

"Come teach me a kinder way to say my own name, Come knowing I, like everyone, have had my own blood on my hands, Come help me to a gentler truth." Andrea Gibson Photo by briana.rambo1 #art   #model #imperfectbody #modelswithmohawks #femmeswithmohawks #femmemodel #femmesofinstagram #gothmodel #whoisntpale #disabledmodel #fibromyalgia #representionmatters #poetry #andreagibson #goodlight  #honesty #mentalhealth #mentalillness #beingtransparent #tendingmyhearth #comeseemeinthegoodlight

227 16 Mar 10, 2018

And off She goes...😉 now you know she's gotta keep those meetings....interesting.."doing what works for her" #365tvc #friyay #memoirsof50 #beingtransparent #toinspireself #beingalittlesunshine🌞 #fighter #theymynewfavs😎 #happytreat

18 2 Mar 9, 2018

Today is all about the •Flat Lay• for #marchmeetthemaker ! • I have to say, I am a super fan of the flat lay, but I have not always been that great at it. Heck, I don’t think I am that great at it now, but progress is progress, amirite? • Sometimes doing a flat lay feels contrived and overwhelming and frustrating. That’s generally when you’ll see me throwing flowers and fabrics around studio in a small fit before packing it in for the day 😅 • And then other days, like today, the flat lay is my best friend. She helps me show you what I am working on in a beautiful and clean way. She expresses more in a photograph than I can in words and those are the days you can find me prancing around my studio acting like a giddy child. • What is your relationship with the flat lay? PS- I was totally standing on a table I had cleared off this morning to take photos while carefully trying to maintain my balance and questioning whether my feet should or should not appear in this image 😅

88 7 Mar 8, 2018

The video message you send to your coach's daughter after she text you that you will be interviewed on Facebook Live during tonight's first Team Power Girl Nutrition class. Such a great group of girls and the class was so helpful gave you all the info on what each product does. If you want access to that video and me 🤗 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡. h24family #beingtransparent #laughatyourself #nutrition #teampowergirls2018

11 1 Mar 6, 2018

Quickly approaching 32 but my skin is saying 22. I certainly wasn't blessed with great skin but I have been blessed with the best skincare. Just like anything, it takes work, time, and consistency. Often people give up because their results are not quick enough, or their skin goes through a funky season. It happens to everyone. So many factors affect your skin. When you go to the gym, results are not immediate, it takes weeks/months/years to reach those goals. Same goes for your skin! Find a consultant that can help you reach your goals, or I would be happy to help! #nofilter #marykay #numberoneskincare #skingoals #mymklife #beingtransparent #repair #noshameinmyaginggame

17 0 Mar 5, 2018

Don’t negate the process. We often times see the final product, and never know ones journey.The countless hours, sleepless nights, or obstacles. I’m thankful that God is continuously working in me. Know that my journey hasn’t been easy, and the young woman that you see before you isn’t perfect, but WORTHY of everything. #28thBirthday #itsmybirthday #BeingTransparent #Truth. Thank you to 📸 bigshotscott216 & tray_rose1993

89 9 Mar 5, 2018

•Stop the negative self talks, God did not make junk ... He gives you the power to overcome your most challenging obstacles (psalms 139:14, Philippians 4:13). •Stop taking your family for granted, they are the only ones you can truly count on. •Stop comparing yourself to others, no matter how successful you become in life, you will always feel that someone is "better" •Stop being so caught up in your job, social media, or this world in general that your mental, physical and spiritual health are deteriorating, you can leave this world TODAY and be replaced TOMORROW! Focus on your most prize possessions God, family and YOU! #notetoself #neededthisreminder #beingtransparent is #therapeutic #Change your #mindset #body #spirit All three go hand in hand! #gratefulforrevelations #tobecontinued #mondaymotivation #morningmeditation

21 2 Mar 5, 2018

I know we are just starting our #debtfreejourney but tonight as I do more research and add the numbers....I’m feeling discouraged. We want a house so badly. It looks like that is not in our near future if we do it the right way, the #daveramsey #financialpeace way. No where in our future at all if we don’t! I know there is virtually no other way though. #beingtransparent #debt #toomuchdebt #debtfreedom #debtfreecommunity #debtfreegoals #discouraged #discouragedbutnotdefeated

17 6 Mar 5, 2018

#Reminising On How Far I've Gotten In #Life #LivingMyBestLife It Only Get Better From Here! #FollowMe On #IMVU imvu #IrisVannetteBell Let' #Chat #Irealla #NaturalBeauty #RealOne #HeartOfGold #HoustonGirl #LitGirl

25 3 Mar 2, 2018

Sometimes it is, but at times it's not always easy being a loving person...because Loving is not just an emotion thing, it's being completely selfless! And man I struggle with it at times!..To put it in wrestling terms, if it was as simple as becoming a "Heel" in wrestling (which means villainous or a "bad guy", who is scripted by the promotion to being an antagonist.) and being utterly selfish to get to the top, I would do it! But life isn't wrestling, and that's not the kind of person I am or want to be, do I lose my way and mistakes at times, absolutely! I'm spite of the trials and storms that life brings I'm trying to be the absolute best I can be, in every area of my life..I pray and constantly tell God "Don't let me lose my way in you!" because it can get discouraging 😥 #deepthoughts #deepthought #midnightthoughts #thinking #reflecting #thinking #turmoil #heartofthematter #turmoil #deepthinking #mind #prayer #beingtransparent #transparentthoughts #wrestling #heelturn #storms #strength #lifegoals

14 3 Mar 1, 2018
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