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80 Day Obsession Day 5 workout is done! Today was leg day and boy was it a freaking leg day!! • Just like that, I am 1 workout away from being finished with week 1 of this program. I was SO nervous to start and now I can wait until next week!! • You may be nervous to try something new, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it! Usually the things we are most scared or nervous to try end up being the best thing we have ever done! How will you know if you don’t try, right?!

10 1 Jan 19, 2018

Motherhood changed me completely! .. I was such a free soul, travel freak who would just think for that moment and can do anything for that wild idea to work. So busy in my profession and life never thought staying at home could also make u so busy😀 How shopping was fun and tempting. Andddd now😬 world turned upside down 🙃 Never thought about myself since 10 months. Never had a free hour at home 😀 Hardly get time to bath and look after myself. Shopping is always about kids section even online. Once i went to mall to buy something for myself and forgot what I wanted instead went to kids section shopped for swara and came back 🙈 Traveling has taken a backseat for sometime and free soul in me is busy being MOTHER 😊 . Has motherhood changed you? . #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger #thepinkjourney #motherhoodunplugged #beingmommy #freesoul #happymommy #indianmomblogger #busymomlife #momlifeisthebestlife

45 0 Jan 19, 2018

#babygirl #mybaby #girl #beingmommy is cool

10 1 Jan 19, 2018

I love #beingmommy #boymomlife #bffs

0 0 Jan 19, 2018

Guys, I wrote a guest post for Ali's blog. So excited to share a bit of our parenting style and our children's school life with you. The link is in aliwenzke page. While you are there, check out her other amazing blog posts and give her a follow. She's an expert on moving (she's the founder of The Art of Happy Moving) and overall a wonderful person and a dedicated bookstagrammer. Thanks so much, Ali, for having us ❤💕 💟 #Repost aliwenzke ・・・ I am so excited to share the guest post by e_mellyberry on my blog, The Art of Happy Moving ( Melly shares what it was like to go through the difficult decision to transfer her kids to another school at ages 10 and 14. For those of you who know Melly, you know she always has great advice for parents. * Thank you, Melly, for your heartfelt and helpful post. 😘💕 And thank you to your amazing kids for sharing their story. #artofhappymoving #happymoving #switchingschools #schooltransfer #transferstudent #newschool #kids #teenagers #blog #blogger #chicagobloggers #momlife #startingover #listentoyourkids

52 8 Jan 19, 2018

Doing some science today and making models of lungs. I had purchased The Human Body science kit years ago and pulled it out to see if there was anything else we could add to our lesson and came across this experiment. I almost died laughing. I think we’ll skip that learning opportunity.... • • • • • • • • #ohheymama #unitedinmotherhood #everydaymomets #themommydiary #mommyblogger #reallife #honestmom #momlife #parenting #parenthood #motherhood #beingmommy #thisismotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #alifelivedmessy #bloglife #instablog #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation #homeschoollife #homeschoolmom #science #experiments #teacherlife #scienceclass #handsonlearning #butnotthat

34 6 Jan 18, 2018

My snow angel! #beingmommy #toddlerlife #mommysgirl #altmom

13 0 Jan 18, 2018

When kids are asleep and you have some 'me' time 💅 🌹... simple nail art using a toothpick, top coat is still left 😄 #rose #nailart #prettynails #beingmommy #bluenails💙 #missclaire

17 0 Jan 18, 2018

“ At the rate I’m going I’m going to get burnt out and fed up or just die!” 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️I was the first one.... burnt out and fed up!!! We so often search OUTSIDE ourselves for happiness within our circumstances or in others actions/words We often look OUTSIDE ourselves for a quick break of edge ENERGY Our HAPPINESS 👏🏻in 👏🏻FACT has more to do with us and the ENERGY we create We all WANT energy but we teach for coffee or those sugar filled energy drinks We just need to keep going RIGHT?!? Without energy we don’t make better choices So I guess I learned today was that our choices shape our happiness and Our energy ⚡️ has ALoT to do with it When we don’t have energy >>> we don’t want to workout <<< but that helps our energy levels SOOOo we just gotta for 5 🖐🏻 minutes When we are unhappy we eat shit food and gain a bunch of weight >>> sooooo make your CHOICE to be happier because it all lays within YOU!!! Happy THURSDAY 🌸🦄🌈

5 1 Jan 18, 2018

la plus grande des douceur! #momlife #momandson #babyboy #mylove #babyselfie #beingmommy

34 3 Jan 18, 2018

Today’s entertainment is courtesy of Squidoe. I mean Zoe. #zee #beingmommy #simplejoys

8 0 Jan 18, 2018
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