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. Tomorrow we make the shift.🛑 . Mike and I will be fully committed for the next 3 weeks. We will be: . ✔️Following an easy to follow meal plan ✔️Doing 25-45 min at home workouts . ❗️THATS IT.💁🏻 . It's not hard to see results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You just have to have drive, discipline, and desire. . We will be hosting weekly calls to share how we are feeling and the results we are seeing! . LAST CALL FOR SHIFTERS.🚂 Are you ready to commit? Comment "I'm in" or message me📲 . . . . . . #fitfamlife #couplegoals #fitfamily #fitcouple #powercouple #fitmoms #fitmommy #momboss #boymomlife #targetmom #beachlover #mermaidhair #champagnelife #champagner #healthycuban #entrepreneur #mompreneur

4 0 Jul 24, 2017

Bathroom selfie after a lovely happy weekend at the beach with my son. But I fear I got too much sun :/ #beachlover #sunsafety #summer #livin and #lovin

2 0 Jul 24, 2017

今日ご紹介するは日本のパナリ島(下地島)のビーチだよ🏖🍍🌺 ・ ・ この海の色、ヤバァー😝💙 この澄んだブルーと砂浜の感じといい、最高ですっ!🐠🏝👙 ・ ・ ☆〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎ Photos by kaori_bani また素敵なお写真を紹介させてください✨ ありがとうございました😊🌺 ☆〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎〰︎ あなたが撮影したビーチフォトに #beachflap とビーチの名前を付けてて投稿してください♡ 過去pic🆗 このアカウントでご紹介します。 ・ ・ ・ #パナリ #下地島 #海 #砂浜 #ビーチ #beach #ocean #shore #shell #travel #travelgram #traveler #trip #genic_mag #genic_travel #genic_beach #tabijyo #tabijyo_beach #beachlover #タビジョ #旅 #旅行 #南国 #海外旅行 #旅muse #夏 #海のある生活

11 0 Jul 24, 2017

"A little magic can take you a long way." 🌸🌸🌸

5 1 Jul 24, 2017

Ahh I'm so excited!! Tomorrow I'll be starting a BRAND NEW program by a brand new trainer!!😬 It's no surprise I've struggled with my fitness over the last few years, even while being a coach. (It's not that the workouts and meal plans didn't work--they do!--it's just that I let myself slide and have to make cheats/rest days.) Nutrition is a struggle but what's even harder for me is the fact that I struggle with a negative mindset. I don't allow myself to believe in me. I always let the fear and doubt crowd my vision for myself, crushing my goals😔 This program is going to change that..I can FEEL it!! It will not only focus on a physical aspect but a mental aspect as well. I've seen the results and heard the testimonies from coaches who did the test group and this program WILL transform you. I have my week one m meals all planned out (this program even lays out a meal plan and grocery list for you😍, super simple to follow!!) I can't wait to see how I'll transform after these next 3 weeks..I'm nervous and anxious and I'm beyond ready!!❤️ [[I'll be sharing my journey daily so feel free to keep track and hold me accountable!! If at anytime you are watching me and want to do what I am please reach out to me and I'll help you get started😘]]

1 1 Jul 24, 2017

Dinner was delicious, healthy and simple. Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated. Still thinking about going vegan but want to transition into it slowly. I also don't want to waste the food I have. Crackslaw is made with lean ground beef and coleslaw diced up. I add in some soy sauce and hot sauce then it's done. Side salad 🥗 with baby spinach, tomato 🍅 Orange pepper, and avocado 🥑 topped with cilantro and Greek yogurt.

4 1 Jul 24, 2017

Beach Days ☀️

3 3 Jul 24, 2017


3 1 Jul 24, 2017

Paradise 👙🐚🌴

27 2 Jul 24, 2017
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