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Haven’t tracked any macros 😭

23 3 Jan 24, 2018

First release of resort is now just days away. Think summery prints and soft floating silks. Think warm summer nights and après beach swims.

25 3 Jan 24, 2018

This band and I had a LOVE- HATE relationship today!! 🖕💖 . It rolled ALOT 😔🙈 and when autumncalabrese can just slip them on & continue with her booty pumpin workout and your struggling to get it in the Sweet spot pausing your workout and adjusting 9000 times- it's amazing how much Rage someone can build up. 🖕😒 . But I wasn't alone, a friend also struggled with her bands today too AND the modifier in the program was having issues with them also!! Bands rolling on you are apart of the Challenge it's something NEW. And you will only get better with practice and time. Just like your entire journey! 😉 . As hard as it was in the moment to give myself an attitude check (Autumn and the cast also helped with positive encouragement) it was needed and finishing strong yelling #PINAPPLES was soo worth it! 💪 #STRONGEREVERYDAY

8 3 Jan 24, 2018

So apparently I just keep traveling to wherever there are clouds and rain. Can someone please send some sun my way?! Pretty please?! midoribikinis #midoribikinis

396 7 Jan 24, 2018

Our 22 year-old patient chose 400cc for her breast augmentation. Check out her 4 months post op results by swiping right. 👉🏻

31 4 Jan 24, 2018

Me asusta y me encanta el mar, el océano esta lleno de misterios 🌊 🕶️ 🌊 🕶️ 🌊 🕶️ 🌊 #beach #beachlife #summer #sun #sea #photooftheday #sunset #travel #ocean #sand #love #beachday #beaches #instagood #nature #photography #beachbum #beachhouse #fun #sky #beachvibes #beachbar #beachrun #beauty #fashion #beachfun #beachbod #beachboy #bea #life

25 3 Jan 24, 2018

Less pear shaped, really embracing the Cali kitty life 🍐☀️ #catsofinstagram #lulu #calicat #calikitty #beachbod

32 1 Jan 24, 2018

First vegan meal of the day 🥒 I added tofurkey deli slice to bring this meal content up to 23g protein! 410 calories with <10g fat. An easy choice for anyone to make 🙏

18 4 Jan 24, 2018

So this is after 10 weeks of work with my amazing PT and friend feelgood_insideout a brilliant transformation, there is still a way to go but I've never felt fitter! #abs #stomach #fitness #10weeks #amazing #transforming #definition #happy #beachbod #gay #gayuk #instagay #gayguy #instagayguy #instagayuk #hairygay #hairy #scruff

37 2 Jan 24, 2018

😄😄😄😄 Super excited to see this beauty on Thursday! She's a pole athlete, a nationally qualified bikini competitor, an extremely successful entrepreneur and business coach AND traveller! She is packed with so much punch! And she's become a really great friend!! If you don't believe me, head over to her page to see more! And check out her YouTube channel for amazing vlogs!

75 6 Jan 24, 2018

23 years an omnivore I have I decided to switch to a vegan diet to start off 2018. With spring break around the corner the workouts are about to come in hard with a goal of losing 6% body fat in a month!! However, as knowledgeable as I am in nutrition comes the one problem I'm facing.. is it possible to look fit on a vegan diet? Only one way to find out. Follow me as I take up the challenge to make my body Beach ready in one month. fitness updates and vegan recipes prepared by me and my beautiful girlfriend Jessica will be posted on the way. Stay tuned eat & more plants!

17 3 Jan 24, 2018

I am so proud to be apart of an organization that empowers women and develops them to become the best versions of themselves💛 During my role as an ELC, I helped bring this opportunity to so many collegians in the fall and it has been the most rewarding experience watching them this spring take initiative and develop their own programming. These women see the benefit in being a sorority woman, having this support system in higher education, and pushing each other to always strive to improve✨ I wouldn’t change my Theta experience for the world and I am so grateful to be in a position where I can add value to the lives of so many collegian women. There is no greater joy than watching someone be inspired and energized by their own goals and seeing them take action. I am so proud!❤️ #hearherharvard #thetaforalifetime #theta1870 crimsontheta

179 2 Jan 24, 2018

Getting that #beachbod ready 🌱🌴☀️ ... ( LOL, #justkidding. I had #icecream from #Ikea for dessert 🍦😋) • • • #healthyeats #tuesdays #lunchdate #thrive #foodie

41 1 Jan 24, 2018
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