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Stoked for the holiday season coming! I love Christmas time ❤️ trying to make new fitness goals to help myself stay on track during the upcoming smorgasbords! 🤤I'll be sure to post my new goals on insta soon! • #strongabs #corechallenge #strongisthenewsexy #strongyogi #yogastrong #absworkout #corepower #corestrength #myyogilife #yogaportugal #practiceandalliscoming #practiceeveryday #yogachallenge #shineeverydamnday #loveandalliscoming #igyogafamily #letsstartyoga #abasanas #getbendy #getstretchy #selftaughtyogi #selftaughtyogitribe #yogaathome #bbg #bbgcommunity

20 2 Nov 25, 2017

Full body #workout done, now meet me at the bar(re)! #bbg #equinox #strengthtraining #fabfitfun

63 8 Nov 25, 2017

Stoked for the holiday season coming! I love Christmas time ❤️ trying to make new fitness goals to help myself stay on track during the upcoming smorgasbords! 🤤I'll be sure to post my new goals on insta soon! • #strongabs #corechallenge #strongisthenewsexy #strongyogi #yogastrong #absworkout #corepower #corestrength #myyogilife #yogaportugal #practiceandalliscoming #practiceeveryday #yogachallenge #shineeverydamnday #loveandalliscoming #igyogafamily #letsstartyoga #abasanas #getbendy #getstretchy #selftaughtyogi #selftaughtyogitribe #yogaathome #bbg #bbgcommunity

14 1 Nov 25, 2017

Celebrating 25 the only way I know how... with veggies and sleep 😂 I’ve been super out of it all day because I feel hungover. I don’t drink, but i feel this way when I eat certain things — lactose, gluten, etc. I tried to be careful yesterday, but something totally knocked me out.🤔 Spent the morning in my new flannel PJs watching Real Housewives of Atlanta with my little fam, then went to lunch with Michael at Cava for a quick bite! 🤤 I’ve been opting for a lot more vegetarian or pescatarian meals lately so I was super excited to get down on this bowl of veggies with hummus, harissa, and lemon tahini! Came home and took a nap 💤 and now I’m off to pilates. ❤️ . . . #grainfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #toast #easymeals #easyrecipes #lawschool #student #studentlife #lunch #bbg #bbgcommunity #tiu #tiucheckin #organic #birthday #25 #vegan

174 7 Nov 25, 2017

PROGRESS IS PROGRESS. 💪🍑 I'm currently stuck with terrible rib pain from a cough (how does that even happen?😑) and have been put on rest by the doctor's order. I was a bit depressed about not going to the gym so I decided to do look at old pictures to compare my progress. In the first pic, I had lost a lot of weight but wasn't going to the gym yet, so I had pretty much no muscle. 😭 Second pic is now, 7 months later and I can say I have made some good glute progress (starting from a pretty flat booty) 🍑😁 My waist looks bigger but my core is just relaxed (I'm even 10 pounds lighter as I continued cutting before bulking). So yeah progress is progress! 😁😁😁

105 9 Nov 25, 2017

‼️Did you know that during the holidays an average person can gain approximately 5-10 pounds ?!😱 Did you also know that on thanksgiving ALONE, you consume more than 4,000 calories ‼️ — I am looking for 10 people who want to drop those pounds and kickstart their health in just ONE WEEK 💪🏽 That’s just in time for Christmas and the New Year ⛄️💥 — Drop your favorite Christmas emoji below if you are ready to shed that holiday weight and rock the new year with a new YOU❄️

83 2 Nov 25, 2017

When your brekkie looks like art. Loving this page lmhallman Rise and Shine Immunity Boosting Bowl of morning goodness 🌟 this bowl was made by blending 3 frozen banana with pineapple and frozen mango until smooth. Then adding in some superfood powders. The layers on top were achieved by mixing coconut cream with rawnice blue spirulina and new orange powder and poured into stripes. . #vegan_vultures #befitfoods #rawvegan #ahealthynut #beautifulcuisines #rawnice #coconutbowls #veganbowls #befitsmoothies #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #bbgfood #801010 #rawtill4 #rawtillwhenever #smoothie_planet #smoothiebowlrecipe #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowls #smoothies_n_co #letscookvegan #love_food #veganworldshare #veganrecipes #whatveganseat #worldwideveganfood #thrivemags

69 8 Nov 25, 2017

Time for the peppermint recipes to begin! Except I’ve already been sharing them with you😂 I’m posting the recipe for these Peppermint Truffles again because they’re just THAT good and they’re also paleo and vegan! PEPPERMINT TRUFFLES: 5 large medjool dates ( ndmedjooldates) 1/2 cup almond flour ( bobsredmill) 1/4 cup cacao powder ( thrivemkt) 1/4 cup nut butter ( I used eatnuttzo ) 1/4 cup packed black beans (rinse and pat them dry!) 1/2 tsp peppermint extract Steps: Blend dates in food processor until they form a ball (aka are blended up well). Throw in the rest of the ingredients and blend until well combined and they form a dough. Roll into balls (mine made 11) and ENJOY! #medjooldates

421 18 Nov 25, 2017

Day three done and dusted!! 👊 Great way to start the weekend ☀️

184 16 Nov 25, 2017

My favorite soup 🥣 in a cold winter day ❄️ 🍚 rice 🍗 chicken shredded (optional) 🥕🥔🥦 🌽🌶 vegetables olive oil,salt,pepper,garlic Voila!!! 🍲🍲🍲🤤🤤🤤

194 8 Nov 25, 2017

I survived a 90 min turkey burn soulcycle class! Had the best time riding next to tanlines_for_life. It was a tough class but SO MUCH FUN. Thanks to santrontfree you're the best. All the Beyonce & Rihanna songs got me through the 90 minutes. 🙌🏼 time to enjoy some dimsum!

720 21 Nov 25, 2017

Black Friday shopping is basically my nightmare so Scout and I spent today at the park for rei’s #optoutside 🍂 If you are shopping today, make sure you’re extra sweet to the salespeople who are helping you find the best deals ☺️ . . . . . . #bbggirl #bbgcommunity #bodypositive #fitwomen #newyorkcity #nycfitness #healthy #strongnotskinny #goals #wellness #healthandwellness #lifestylechange #balance #fitnessblogger #loveyourbody #girlboss #cleaneating #kaylaitsines #fitnessjourney #workout #fitnessinspiration #fitfam #dogsofinstagram #furbaby #dogsofnyc #dogsofnewyork #pupstagram #nyc #uppereastside

198 14 Nov 25, 2017

New squat challenge: find a little kid and see how many reps you can do😂

76 3 Nov 25, 2017

FREE GROUP: So........2 and a half years after I started Intermittent Fasting, it’s now announced on the news as “the new rage”. * 👉👉👉👉 Um, No. lol. Not new. And I kind of dislike that they say that because I dont want people to think its a "gimmick." When in fact, individuals have been fasting to heal their bodies for CENTURIES!!! * BUT I AM glad people are catching on!!! * The news did share how there’s increasing science proving Intermittent Fasting lowers cholesterol, helps to prevent Alzheimer’s, reduces belly fat, helped diabetes, fights cancer and leads to an overall healthier life. 🙌🙌🙌 * It’s honestly one of the easiest changes I have ever made to my lifestyle and is one healthy choice I make every day that comes naturally and easily. Oh and it's FREE! * Have you tried intermittent fasting? Have you heard of it and wondered what it is? * If you are interested in learning in depth info about how eating in an 8 hour window can change your health, join my free group. * Here is how to join: 1). Tag 2 friends below. 2). Request to join the group by clicking link in bio and selecting to join the FREE community. 3). Can NOT be a coach or already working with a coach.

107 7 Nov 25, 2017

It's the day after thanksgiving and that means lots of food babies and guilt! At least for me! 😬🦃 Since going to the gym gets a little tough during this time of the year and you still want to find a way to burn off that stuffing and mac n cheese, try out this quick body weight workout that will help you sweat at your convenience! No equipment needed 🔥 🔷Alternating knee in crunch (45sec x4) 🔹flex your core when doing this, you want this to burn! 🔷Super Plank (45sec x4) 🔹try not to shift your body when switching hands 🔷Quick feet with Burpee Push-Ups (1min x4) 🔹when doing the quick feet, flex your core and try to go as fast as you can. Immediately drop to a push-up or just burpee If you don't want to add the push-up after a few seconds of quick feet 🔷Split jumps (15x4) (and I mean 15 each leg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥) 🔹focus on control, these will burn your quads to the extreme. Use your arms to help you balance! ❤️Peace and Love - Ledi ❤️

74 2 Nov 25, 2017

You don’t have to get out in the mad traffic or long lines to get a great Black Friday deal! Start here and start improving your health, the ALL natural way. Be Fit and Sexy with the BEST Teatox on the market! You will feel so confident and sexy when you fit into the clothes that were tight before. If you are pregnant or a new mommy, you will want to jump on the Ultimate Blessed Mommy Bundle and start receiving the best health benefits for you and baby. What you will get is the BEST, HIGHEST QUALITY, PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEA ON THE MARKET. No plastics, no gluten, no toxic tea bags, no artificial color or flavor, just straight up premium loose leaf tea. Simple and organic straight from the earth. 🌏 🙌 #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2017 #BlackFridayDeals • • • Stay Sexy | Stay Healthy | Stay Fit

467 4 Nov 25, 2017

Yesterday was long and rough, and no a workout didn’t happen. But that’s ok, because today I did a solid upper body workout including the circuits from BBG week 19 arms! I was definitely feeling the burn 💪🏼 Alsooooo I’ve booked a bike in the 10:45am soul cycle class tomorrow, so I’ll see you there to_fitspo, meganharper04 & friends!! Can’t wait to meet you all ☺️ • • • #bbg #bbggirl #bbgcanada #bbgcommunity #bbgstrong #bbgsisters #bbgtoronto #bbgfitness #workout #upperbody #arms #back #shoulders #weighttraining #fitness #fitfam #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #healthylifestyle #bbg2017

137 10 Nov 25, 2017
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