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All pouty today 🤷🏼‍♀️ I put red lipstick on for once so felt a bit sassy 😂 - I really need to start posting photos in normal clothes because I legit don't just live in gymwear 😂 • • • • #selfie #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitfamuk #girlgains #potd #ootd #instagood #l4l #gymsharkwomen #selfie #fblogger #aboutalook #bbg #bbgcommunity #gymselfie #glutes #fitgirls #fitnessgirl #fitnesswomen

6 0 Sep 23, 2017

Black or Pink 💕🖤

2 1 Sep 23, 2017

Quick Saturday morning sweat! Sleeping in sounded like the more desirable option this morning, but it won't help move me towards my goals, so up and at 'em despite wanting to stay in bed! I have a group of women I'm coaching on reaching their health and fitness goals and we talked about pushing through the weekend and really sticking to our plans for fitness and nutrition, so I'm right there with them doing it too!!! They are killing it so far, so we're keeping that momentum going!! 🙌💪🙌 Success comes to those who do the things they know they NEED to, even though they might not always WANT to! Preworkout is kicking in...feeling awake and READY.TO.GO!!!!!💫✨💪✨💫

3 1 Sep 23, 2017

Feeling stronger than ever 💪🏼 #goingout

14 1 Sep 23, 2017

PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL SMOOTHIE BOWL (follow happywayrecipes ) . 2 Frozen Bananas 1 Scoop Happy Way Salted Caramel Protein Powder 1 Tabelspoon Peanut Butter 1 Tablespoon LSA Meal 1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder ¼ Cup Almond Milk Method: . Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend well until smooth. Pour into your Happy Way Coconut Bowl, top with desired toppings and enjoy! //

11 1 Sep 23, 2017

RG: excuses.dont.burn.calories | 🌴COCONUT BOWLS 🌴 - These would have to be the CUTEST coconut bowl & spoon sets I've ever seen happywayau!!! I brought two sets and they are so different from each other which I LOVE!! There are no same two coconuts and I love that they are as individual as we are 👌🏼 life would certainly be boring if we were all the same!!! I can't wait to whip up some super yummy happywayrecipes in these 😁❤️

36 2 Sep 23, 2017

A little Saturday morning run seems to be becoming our thing! It feels good to get back into running rather than just home workouts! Big difference in our post workout positions though!! 🤣 Lola just crashes on the sofa 🐶 - no need for stretching! Where as I did a few exercises for my arms and legs before a good stretch session! Happy Saturday everyone! #thebodycoach #thebodycoachtv #leanin15 #leanteam #bbg #bbg2 #bbguk #bbgfam #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbggirl #kaylaarmy #kaylasbbg #kaylasarmy #kaylasgirls #kaylaistines #thekaylamovement #sweatwithkayla #bbgcommunity #fitfam #sbr #sweatbelieveroar #sbruk

10 1 Sep 23, 2017

Hi, Yes. I Will take all off them #motivationalvisual Doubletap and Comment ❤️ Follow us motivationalvisual

126 2 Sep 23, 2017

I bet you all missed my shit gym selfies didn't you but FEAR NOT THEY ARE BACK 🎉 Trained legs this morning and almost threw up and I don't like feeling like that even tho to some people that's goals but that's a different rant for another day 🙄 Cos I've been ill and missed the gym this week I threw my two leg sessions into one and did aaaall the compounds (squats, sumo squats, hip thrusts and Romanian deadlifts) and fuck I will not be doing that again trying to go heavy on all of those in one session is too much for me 😷 in case anyone cares I usually do squats and hip thrusts on one leg day then sumos and glute bridges on another - and always RDLs cos I love them 😍 with other non-compound/isolation work obviously I don't just do 3 things on leg day l-m-a-o I wish #fit #fitness #igfit #igfitness #health #healthy #fitfam #ukfitfam #fitfamuk #gym #training #bbg #bbgcommunity #gfg #gracefitguide #strengthfeed #girlgains #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #fitbit #fitbituser #fitbituk #fitbitcharge2 #girlswholift #girlswholiftweights #girlsthatlift #strengthtraining #iifym

30 3 Sep 23, 2017

We are strong - but together we are unstoppable.

38 1 Sep 23, 2017

Because no banana bread is complete without the drizzle right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I made dani_nemeh bread but instead of nuts ontop I added coconut and some ghee😍Katie's thoughts •• I am Very grateful that I can enjoy baking now (and eating). I want others too see it's possible show you how nourishment comes in so many forms which can help take the focus away from the food and body image ( baking, resting, going out with family and friends, walking, playing a sport ,self care......) What will you do this weekend too feel nourished? I had homemade muffins for breakfast 🤤, took myself too yoga and spending time later with my 🐴 ❤️💕 #bananabread #baking #weekendfood #kaylasarmy #bbgcommunity #saturdayvibes #nourishyourbody

37 3 Sep 23, 2017

Triple whammy: HIIT on cross trainer + BBG week 18 abs + resistance band! And now off to stuff my face with pizza. Jolly good weekend!!🤗🎉

5 1 Sep 23, 2017

7 months since my last post, and I'm back in the game! This was the view on today's lunch time run. I started BBG again this week and it feels so great. I definitely did the right thing coming off social media for a few months, getting some perspective, trying to figure things out. Things are by no means figured out yet, the struggle is still real, but I seem to have found my energy and motivation and I'm going to channel it into workouts, study, and looking after me. Wish me luck guys, here we go again! #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbggirl #bbglondon #fitness #running #mind #health

13 1 Sep 23, 2017
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