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Tried the questnutrition chocolate chip cookie today from my rippedkit I liked it! Not particularly filling. Warmed in the microwave improved it 100%! Macros are ok high fat wig 17g protein ok at 15g and carbs are 19g so low for a cookie. There are other protein cookies on the market I would go for before this one and much prefer the quest bars! Give me a s’mores, blueberry muffin, oatmeal chocolate chip bar any day 😍 #iifym #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifymgirls #instafitness #instafit #intermittentfasting #flexibledieter #flexibleeating #flexibledieting #fitfam #fitness #fitfamuk #foodisfuel #dailygrind #health #eattogrow #eatforbalance #balancednotclean #nutrition #girlswholift #girlsthatlift #gains #strengthtraining #strengthcoachcardiff #wpt #ufbg #ufbgcommunity #ufbggirls #quest

0 0 Feb 19, 2018

#Repost chr1styharrison with get_repost ・・・ The deprivation inflicted on us through diet-culture messaging is extremely harmful, but it's not the only culprit when it comes to causing people to eat less than their body needs or deny their desires for particular foods. . Poverty and food insecurity can also play big roles in the experience of deprivation, and we need to address these other causes when we talk about disordered eating. This is NOT just an issue that affects wealthy young white women, despite all the cultural stereotypes to the contrary. We need to work hard to make sure that a peaceful relationship with food is possible for everyone. And that means looking critically at who has access to food, and how we can increase that access, no matter someone's socioeconomic status or marginalized identity. This is a necessary step to making intuitive eating a possibility for *everyone.* . If you want to hear more about HAES, intuitive eating, and body liberation, head on over to wherever you get your podcasts and download the latest episode of Food Psych today! . And if you’re ready for a deeper dive into all things anti-diet, come check out my intuitive eating online course at ❤️ . #haes #intuitiveeating #edrecovery #antidietproject #antidiet #riotsnotdiets #effyourbeautystandards #losehatenotweight #lifebeyonddieting #thelifethief #balancednotclean #foodisfuel #prorecovery #bodyposi #bodypositive #bopo #foodpsychpod #foodpsych #feminism #healthateverysize #nourishnotpunish

0 0 Feb 19, 2018

It’s all about let overs! Lentil, potato, spinach and pea Dahl, with mint yogurt dip, chutney and a slice of garlic ciabatta. All for just 7SP 🙌🏼 #wwmealideas #wwfooddiary #healthycurry #flexeffect

13 2 Feb 19, 2018

I know I said no exciting post earlier but I lied🙊 When I got home these beauties were awaiting me on the doorstep😻 A massive thank you to dropset.barbie & prosupps for sending me their new Hyde Power Potion Energy Drinks🥤. - When they say they’ve formulated a different drink to any of those available on the market today they mean it! hydepowerpotion takes caffeine & nootropics to enhance memory, focus, mood, cognitive function and most importantly for us gym rats mind-muscle connection when feeling fatigued. - A Monster Energy Ultra has 140mg of caffeine while Hyde Power Potion has 350mg! Now you may be thinking ‘but surely that much caffeine in one sitting will cause a massive spike then a sudden crash when worn off’ you’d be wrong (sorry❤️) ProSupps has teamed up with TeaCrine (Theacrine a naturally occurring chemical that is similar to caffeine) to produce an energy drink that delivers a consistent stream of energy and a gradual come down. - Now we all know I have a passion for energy drinks but the bog-standard ones like Monster, Relentless, Rockstar do nothing for me these days as my caffeine tolerance is so high… I am happy to say that these work! I am in shock at how energised/pumped I felt after maybe 15-20minutes after finishing the can, it came on gradually around 2:30 and I kid you not I was still buzzed & felt at my peak at 4:30. Best of all I wasn’t even training, I was just sat at my desk revising because I had the mental focus to do so, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be having one of these before my exam tomorrow! These are currently only in the US but will soon be making their way into the UK market very soon, I highly recommend the purchase🙌🏻. - 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴 #teenbodybuilding #macros #forkyeah #balancednotclean #edrecovery #preworkout #junkfood #fatty #foodstagram #foodblogger #f52gram #fitness #fitfam #iifymgirls #postworkout #gains #foodreview #foodie #gains #foodporn #foodporn #bulking #foodgasm #eatfamous #healthyeating #iifym #eeeeeats #hydepowerpotion #prosupps #energydrink

27 0 Feb 19, 2018

Goood evening❤️❤️❤️ instead of showing #dinner which was similar to yesterday👊🏻❤️ I present my BIG RECOVERYWIN #breakfast yesterday🎉🎉🎉 which was #avocadotoast 🥑🥑🥑😍😍😍 with a perrrrfff avoooo😍😍😍 topped with #pomegranate 🍇🍇🍇😱😱😱which is a fear too🙈and a bowl of #soyyoghurt 🍶🍶🍶👌🏻 absolutely #plantpower 👊🏻💪🏻🍃 // well today went quite well eating wise, but gosh I’m almost in tears because of dinner I swear😢😭 like the rice was so so so so hard and I almost wanted to skip again and my parents noticed and yeah I feel like I disappoint them so much😢😓 whilst I’m fighting the hardest and don’t skip a thing👊🏻💪🏻... anyways, all help is welcome❤️❤️❤️ have a lovely evening💕💕💕

33 2 Feb 19, 2018

SEEING DOUBLE💁🏼💁🏼 I feel like I am... still recovering from a very long 23 hour day on 2 hours sleep yesterday 💤 . Let’s talk about fitness💭 What is it determined by? Knowledge? Looks? Instagram followers? ALL WRONG 💆🏼‍♀️ . Fitness is what YOU can do and what YOU achieve and even that in itself is different for every individual🎀 . Fitness can be anything from a sport like Cheerleading to a quick run for 25 mins once a week🏆 . Either way it has created something for people to connect, inspire and motivate each other no matter what their differences are. That’s one of the many things I love about it 💛 . BUT what to remember is that everyone learns and achieves differently so do not compare yourself to those who may have completely different goals or lifestyles. You do you 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 . Hope you all had a fab weekend and happy Monday 💁🏼💃🏼

116 11 Feb 19, 2018

Sometimes things are forgotten, even by someone who strives to be as organised as possible. 😅❤️ - A couple of months ago the one and only, amazing and gorgeous jerseygirl51582 and I did a gift and food swap. This lovely human being sent me so many lovely things including these scrumptious honies! 😍🙊 - The whipped honies had almost a buttery taste to them, which was amazing and the cacao in the chocolate one, amazing. 😍😋 Both eaten by the spoon, haha. 😅😂 The tulip one had a beautiful sweet, floral kind of flavour to it. 🌸😋 - What is your favourite sweetener (if not dates of course)? 🤔 I loooove honey but coconut syrup tastes like pure dark caramel to me so that got to be my favourite. 😋 Dominique was also so kind to send me a fricking gallon of maple syrup just because it's so luxurious here in Sweden! 🍁 One can't ask for a better friend?! 🙈💕

28 3 Feb 19, 2018

Shoe doesn’t love cake or cake balls?! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 . . Because it’s a gloomy, rainy day why don’t you whip these bad boys up before you curl up in the couch to binge watch some Netflix. . . 🎂Cake recipe: ✨mix 40 grams blended up oats with 1 and 1/4 cup water. Microwave for 3-4 mins. Be careful that it doesn’t bubble over. ✨stir in 1 scoop protein powder. I suggest you use nutrakey I used whey optima vanilla ice cream cookie! 😍 ✨Re-Microwave for 2 mins or until you get a cake like consistency. ✨allow your cake to cool down. I put it in the freezer for 10ish mins. ✨once cool, add in anything your heart desires. I added 5grams 100% natural unsweetened cocoa and 10grams peanut butter chips. Your choices are endless. Think blueberries and strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate chips, raspberries. ✨roll your cake into balls (like you would were making meatballs). ✨place into air fryer at 370 for 10 mins. . . . You can adjust any of the ingredients to fit your macros. For these 10 cake balls you’re looking at 335 cal 7F, 37C, and 32P. Share with your loved ones or be a savage like me, and devour them all 🤷🏻‍♀️ your choice! Just ENJOY! 😘

5 2 Feb 19, 2018

Ich brauche was Süßes 😍 130 Kalorien 📊

9 1 Feb 19, 2018

🎉🍕Pizza Party🍕🎉 . So big dinner with the family, brother and his girlfriend visiting from the mainland and they finally got me to watch the first episode of Stranger Things.. like ✌🏼 years late but I thought it was good😂 . As for the pizza, mine was mushroom spinach Alfredo with pepperoni and onion🐷 along with other various pizzas and that cheesy butter garlic bread🌚 pizza.. like I always say the best foods in the world start with P🤷🏼‍♂️🍕 I’m going to start a list, let me know if there’s anything I missed😂🙌🏼 . Popcorn🍿 Pints🍨 Pancakes🥞 Pizza🍕 Pasta🍝 Pastries🍩 Peanut butter🥜 Poke🐟 Poptarts Pie🥧 Potatoes macrodad 🥔 Pumpkin (for you basic bitches)🎃 Potato chips Pineapple🍍 Porterhouse🥩 Pork🥓 Pretzels🥨 Pastrami Prosciutto Pussy 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 #eatbig #fasting #intermittentfasting #cheatmeal #iifym #flexibledieting #flexibledieter #foodie #foodgasm #flexiblediet #foodporn #balancednotclean #healthyfood #healthyeating #cleaneating #eatclean #instafood #fitfood #healthy #macros #carbsafterdark #carbsarelife #macrofriendly #ilovecarbs #carbs #ifitfitsyourmacros #eattogrow #pizza #pizzaparty

410 39 Feb 19, 2018

My breakfast today was a slice of spinach feta quiche and a side of fruit 😋 I also had a nutella latté which was AMAZING ☕️ I spent the weekend in Memphis for a family wedding at it’s the most fun I’ve had in so long! A lot of stress about how much food I’ve been eating, but I definitely did a good job managing it - plus, it’s hard not to eat a ton around my Greek family lol 🇬🇷 Anyway, I’m hanging in there right now, and I have the week off school coming up so hopefully I’ll post some more 👍

25 2 Feb 19, 2018

🌵 Lunch yesterday was black bean pupusas over a bed of Tex Mex couscous (left over from the night before), lots of mixed chopped veggies, some fresh arugala, salsa, and tortilla chips. 🍛 My thoughts were in a weird place yesterday ...but when aren't they? 😅 Was feeling so hopeless about the world, the future, and my place among it all, but trying not to let my mind go there. Just focusing on what I can accomplish, even though these days it feels a lot like "dust in the wind." 🎶 However, currently saving the melancholy melodies and jamming out to some "happy classical music" with my kitties while I try to make the most of this snowy morning. Yes, more snow - even though it was around 70*F yesterday! ⛄🐱💕🌵 . #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #balancednotclean #vegetarian #vegan #lunchoftheday #healthy #rustic #salad #foodlovers

25 4 Feb 19, 2018

Snack attack 👏🏼 what isn’t better with a lil added PB? Mocha chocolate gomacro bar topped with PB, driscollsberry raspberries, and a sprinkle of myfavoriteindulgence classic almond granola😍 happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have the day off unlike me 🤦🏼‍♀️ and that it’s a wonderful one!

69 5 Feb 19, 2018

So... Hands up... who's tried our incredible range of chocolate bars...?! - We know we're biased... but they are seriously something else... absolutely immense!! - Thanks to our awesome ambassador cwtowers_13 for the photo!! - - - Regrann from cwtowers_13 - crumpetscoffee coffee morning chocolate bar 😍🍫 amazing the coffee taste is so strong & the chocolate is great aswell use code Towers10 for 10% off your order #coffee #coffeechocolate #chocolatebar #crumpetscoffee #chocaholic #bulking #if #iifym #iifymdiet #flexibledieting #macros #intermittentfasting #foodgram #lovefood #foodie #eeeats #getinmybelly #foodstagram #f52grams #ifitfitsyourmacros #flexbowl #foodporn #epicfood #junkfood #balancednotclean #fitfam #fitfamuk #fitspo #eatfortheinsta

136 1 Feb 19, 2018

❤️ Happy #truthbomb. My friend hkfitnesstraining posted about how silly scales are earlier and I was like, “preeeeeeach!” I used to have a rather posh scale named Bertha. It was part of my bridal registry 😂😂😂 We were friends until I realised she was a bully who talked a lot of rubbish. So, 18 mos ago, I put her in the garbage with the actual trash. I’m sure she’s comfortable there. #restinpeacebertha #byeeeeeee

9 2 Feb 19, 2018
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