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Tomorrow is the big day - the live workout with super trainer Shaun T so I did a really good stretch workout today. I'm super achy from all of the new workouts this week so it was so nice to stretch out my muscles and get ready for what's in store for us all tomorrow 😀 . . . I'm looking for 5-10 ladies who want to make a change to their health and fitness. I will help you reach and smash your goals!! You'll get workouts, meal plans, 30 days of superfoods, ME as your coach and access to my Facebook fitness group to give you all of the motivation and support you need. . . . Comment below, DM me or email me (address is my bio ☝🏻️) . . . #fitness #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #fit #fitlife #cleaneating #fitmum #girlswholift #bodyafterbaby #weightlossinspiration #homeworkouts #transformyourbody #fitspo #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafterweightloss #fat2fit #fitnessjourney #instafitness #healthylifestyle #fitmom #babyweight #liveyourbestlife #loveyourself #weightlossjourney #sysofuk .

18 0 Oct 20, 2017

Still at it... I was starting to fall off,but I remembered how far I have come in the past year.... motivation is just a feeling. Being dedicated takes action. What drives you to keep going? Shoutout to gymgiants for the dope gear! Give them a follow! #dedication takes #action. Don’t forget it! #drive #gym #gymlife #strength #powerlifting #goals #babyweight #healthylifestyle #wellness #gymrat #motivation #gym💪 #gymmotivation #gymgiants

25 0 Oct 20, 2017

Today is just not my day feel like shit light weight today I guess #badday #check6Fitness #swole41 #babyweight

4 2 Oct 20, 2017

🌺 8kgs down & finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable with myself since having Amelia. Still got a bit to go before I reach my goal but I'm happy with the progress so far😊 #apicofmeforachange #weightloss #babyweight #gettingreadyforsummer #healthy #mumlife #newhair #tan

18 0 Oct 20, 2017

⚡Day 4 of my clean week! . ⚡As you can see there was too much bread. Dinner was supposed to be with brown rice but there was a gross mishap so we improvised. . ⚡No real lunch but three snacks between breakfast and lunch. . ⚡Breakfast: 1 jumbo egg scrambled with veggies a slice of cheese and 2 slices of high protein wheat bread. . ⚡Snack 1: nonfat Greek yogurt with a chopped apple, cinnamon, and homemade super food peanut butter cup. . ⚡Snack 2: lemon rosemary hummus with matzah. (Basically a large wheat cracker, I've had a bunch waiting to be used up since Passover). . ⚡Snack 3: my superfoods shake, made with coffee, ice, and a banana. . ⚡Dinner: 2 chicken drumsticks, veggies, and 2 more slices high protein wheat bread. . ⚡If your looking for some good healthy recipes join me for a week of fall and Halloween themed recipes next week! (Monday to Friday) . ⚡Who's ready to cook?

16 2 Oct 20, 2017

Today was an absolute whirlwind. 😴finally for Mars to take a solid nap this afternoon... only to be woken up by my hot mess of a dog leaping over the baby gate 😕 #rude 🇬🇧welcomed my founding U.K. coaches to this badass opportunity, and showed a few more what it’s all about with a behind the scenes look at what we do 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦 #youcandoittoo 👕changed Mars from one pair of pjs to another this afternoon, and I won’t tell you how late in the day because it’s borderline embarrassing 🤷‍♀️ ☕️ had some afternoon coffee in my #coolmom mug because I’m so excited about my So Fetch Mean Girls fit camp that I’m a lil obsessed 📚tried to read mars a book but he kind of fell over and just stayed there (pictured). It was weird. All in all, not a bad day. 🤞we have an amazing night filled with plenty of sleep and an even bettaaaa day tomorrow!

28 2 Oct 20, 2017

Work week catching up with the old man 😂😂 still got in some rushed #temposquats #babyweight

40 2 Oct 20, 2017

Most days my anxiety is quiet. You could look at me and not notice a thing wrong, even though my brain is overthinking, over analyzing, panicking over things totally unnecessary. Other days the anxiety turns into complete fear, terrified and convincing me I won't make it out alive. .. Anxiety sucks, but I'm happy I can mostly control it through healthy nutrition and exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to my mental health and happiness. I've been feeling a little off and funky lately, but that serves as a reminder to keep working daily on improving my habits. One day at a time.

36 4 Oct 20, 2017

WEEK 1 vs. WEEK 16 I remember sitting in my closet crying after I took this first photo. I seriously "How did I let myself get to this point?” “Is this what I really look like?” I was at ROCK BOTTOM. This photo was my wake up call to make a change because more than anything, and I wanted to feel good and I wanted to look good! There is a 44 pound difference in these photos, but what is even better than the weight loss is: ➡️I finally feel CONFIDENT again and my ENERGY is through the roof! 😎 ➡️I'm not living in sweat pants and my husbands tshirts because they are all that fit. I am actually able to wear clothes from BEFORE I was pregnant! 👖 ➡️I'm not hiding inside anymore because I'm too embarrassed to go out in public. Have you hit that point where you are desperate to feel good and look good? I'm looking for women serious about making a change and willing to do whatever it takes to loose the weight and get real, long lasting results. You will get: ✅1-on-1 coaching with me ✅An accountability group of other women doing this with you ✅30 minute home workouts to follow ✅A customizable meal plan ✅A month supply of superfoods ✅Fun & friendship 😁 INTERESTED? COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE 🦄EMOJI🌮 BELOW AND I WILL PERSONALLY REACH OUT TO YOU! 😁 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #babyweight #getfit #getfitordietrying #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #fitspo #fitspiration #postpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #postpartumweightloss #postpartumworkout #postpartumhealth #postpartumgoals #postpartumexercise   #fitlife #igfitmoms #fitnessmomma #strongmoms #anytimefitness #healthybod #nutrition #fitfam #motivate #fitnessmotivation #fitmoms #fitfoods #fitnessjourney #mombod

185 7 Oct 20, 2017

It's crazy that I'm starting this baby weight loss journey again! #throwbackthursday to the last time I did it. Excited to get started, and so glad I have the right tools to get me there! 🙌🏻 #momlife #postpartum #BabyWeight #newborn #transformation #vbac #csectionmama #csection #csectionmom #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney

31 0 Oct 20, 2017

We played hooky from “normal” stuff and played till the sun went down. If you could build the life you wanted, would you do the “norm” or do you actually want something totally different? Ponder that a while. Then ask me how to get started. Link in bio is always there for ya. 📷: Fiona, age 4 #dontsettle #yourenotthebossofme

16 1 Oct 20, 2017

Ice cream or wine? 🤔

25 2 Oct 20, 2017

Pork rind and tandoori crusted pork chop. Not the prettiest, but oh so tasty! 💥 Smother pork chop (or chicken or whatever meat you want) with a mix of mayo and Parmesan, dip in crushed up pork rinds and spices of choice. Fry in skillet or bake. Easy. ☄️ #keto #ketogenic #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #glutenfree #glutenfreemom #postpartum #babyweight #ketober

39 0 Oct 20, 2017
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