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Regrann from lil_mgtow - All it takes is 1 pussy to take any man down. The greatest men in human history had nothing to anticipate the power of pussy. Even Martin Luther King fell for the power of pussy. Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Jay Z, and now Kevin heart all fell for the power of pussy. All these men are game changers and arguably one of greatest men in this world and all of them are incredibly intelligent yet they all got married then got caught cheating. You can be a borderline genius or millionaire yet you still fall in love and fall for lust 😂. It's incredible the story's ive heard about guys that lose it all over some pussy. Guys go to jail or get divorce raped just because they love their wives more then they love themselves. Why would you get married and cheat like give me a break. You need to be man enough to make that simple decision. Either fuck who ever you want or cuddle up to the same pussy for the rest of your life don't think like a women try to have your cake and eat it to. Either fuck the same pussy every night or fuck any pussy you want. If that's a hard decision to make just step away from the pussy and re-think your life choices. Never forget all it takes is one false rape allegation, or a unplanned child to take you down. I plan on becoming a mgtow monk so I can eliminate any issues women try to inflict on to men. 👍 . - #meme #fnaf #dank #dankmemes #lmao #lol #memes #funny #ayylmao #kek #mlg #edgy #savage #pepe #bushdid911 #filthyfrank #nochill #hilarious #4chan #depressed #papafranku #lmfao #rofl #fuckingsavage #savageaf #deadaf #savagelife #mgtow #mgtow101

2 0 Sep 23, 2017

Don't do it mane

2 1 Sep 23, 2017
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