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Repost from positive_vibe_tribe - Be your beautiful authentic self 🦉 ——————————————————————————— Your birth date and name are no accident. Get a free numerology reading and learn more about how you can use numerology in your life to find out more about your path and journey. Click the link in the bio 👉🏼 . positive_vibe_tribe positive_vibe_tribe positive_vibe_tribe
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Success requires taking deliberate and consistent actions. * * Be intentional this week. Get clear on your goals by writing them out. * * Clarity helps you to prepare. When you are prepared, you become more confident. When you are confident, you take steps of faith. * * Wanting to be in a space with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals? Click the link in my bio to join my Facebook group, Goal Diggers!

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It's that time of year! YEP the time of year where you will be forced to be in a car with people for long periods of time lol. So what can you do to make those car rides a lil more fun? IMPROV!!!! Here is a family friendly game you can play with everyone. Enjoy! One-Word Story Everyone in the car helps tell a story— one word at a time. Take turns coming up with a unique title to kick off each round. Competitive group? Deem one player a judge that can kick players out when they take too long to come up with a word, or try adding something that doesn’t make sense/messes up the sentence structure, or do the whole thing in Pig Latin. (The Second City) . . . .

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One of the things that I love about mediumship is being able to learn about and share the stories of spirits. When my friend Benjamin Kimball approached me to do this interview, he simply stated that the energy of a male musician was around him and he wanted to celebrate his life and allow him to speak. It wasn't until the day of the interview that I learned it was Darby Crash the lead singer of The Germs. Even in the afterlife he still carries an unapologetic authenticity and encourages others to do the same. Thank you,Darby,for allowing me to channel you and share your messages. Also, thank you Benjamin for inviting me to do this mediumship interview and graciously putting in subtitles for your questions (poor Ben's audio cut out). I hope you enjoy it! Copy and paste the following link to watch the interview:

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My dear fellow crazies. It’s not easy to post this one, even for someone as openly vulnerable as me. Acknowledging my own pain breaks my heart a little each time it happens. I couldn’t bear posting this pic in colour. Black and white creates a distance. But life doesn’t come with a filter to mask its challenges - at least not in my world. The year is almost over and I have come to one conclusion: trauma is a real thing. It’s kicking and breathing and it demands to be noticed. I’m highly emotional at the moment and if you’d offer me some crack with the promise to never feel this pain again, I’d take it in a heartbeat. Luckily I’ve been blessed enough so the people who cross my path offer spiritual guidance instead and like a drowning shipwrecked little soul I’m clinging on to any sight of a dove - however distant or faint.🕊But it’s important to give my trauma-splinter space. I feel this crack in my heart, with a tonne of nasty hot lava underneath and once it opens I fall into a void where the whole universe is hurting. I’ve tried to seal the crack with many things from sex to weed, from self-help books to listening to such loud music, I literally went deaf on one ear for a bit. Sometimes physical pain disguises a deeper level of hurt. Heartbreak is another comfort zone. I lay the foundation for rejection in record time and it distracts me from the pulsing crack that wants to burst so desperately. The prospect of love is attractive, of sinking into someone’s arms and for all of it to be ok. But will it? I’ve experienced a bunch of shocking events even before the stabbing and I’ve always been so strong, so capable of getting everyone moving again. But yet I am stuck. I don’t know if it’s the winter blues my doc warns me about or if it’s me trying out faith but wanting a quicker fix? ...All I know is that I’m still here so I can tell THIS STORY. One of struggle and ups and downs. One that is authentic and truthful and gives you a sense of connection. I hope you guys, my crazies, my people, feel less alone. That’s the reason for posting this. Reach out and form connections, it really is all we are here for. To feel a sense of belonging and unity with one another. ❤️

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Note to self: I want to love you. I want to cherish you, to hold you. I want to fall in love with all that you are - your dreams, your scars. I want to love your body, to wrap my arms around you, to tell you of your beauty. I want to look you in the eyes and stand proud in your reflection. I want to know your innermost parts, the things you’re afraid to say out loud, your wildest wishes, the world as you know it and as you wish it to be. I want to know what you are, who you are. I want to explore you, to get to know you better. I want to ask you questions, to see the parts that are unseen. I want to love you. Deeper and deeper still. The never-ending journey.

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Me trying to eat more veggies like... chicken nuggets count as a vegetable right?! 😂 #chickennuggets #eatmoreveggies

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I never looked at it this way, honestly. I stuck w/introvert alone. When I read this, earlier this morning, it made so much sense. × There's a LOT in me. My recalibration and recharging are such necessary components of my existence. I'm no good to anyone w/out them. I think that's what these consecutive seasons of seclusion were designed for by God. I watch SO MANY people overdo life. I couldn't imagine NOT prioritizing my down time. It is a MUST for effectiveness and congruency. Let me share what being set apart through seclusion has given me. × The Lord used me over the weekend to help one woman get delivered from the spirit of delusion (who shall remain nameless to protect her identity). He sent HER to ME. Had no idea she was watching me, but she finally decided to come forth. The man in question, that I actually respect as a man w/God, did a horrible job of correcting the problem. That's not a dig, but let's be honest, when it comes to the needs of women, most men are OBLIVIOUS. God used me because I'm a woman and I speak the language of heart recovery. I WAS HER 17 yrs ago, although my situation was different, it was also the same. I can see that spirit in its BEST attempt to hide. It's a multi headed beast and I know every one of them. It usually runs from me, but that's how I know God TRULY has His hand on a certain individual, because He'll send them to me when He wants them to be set free. Many women perish behind it, but the ones who TRULY seek God make an escape. And NO, I'm not some exorcist. I have a spiritual gift of deliverance through my utilization of God's word w/compassion, careful application and HEARING what the Spirit of God is saying through my prophetic gift. I discern the need and apply the balm so God can heal the heart. I'm not the solution. I have the map leading them TO it. I don't judge. I listen. If I remain closed, I can't be used. I don't open my personal space, but I expose my honesty so women know they CAN trust the God in me because I'm NOT A FRAUD! I battle w/a lot w/in myself, but I am 100% fully confident in who I am in God because I fought for this confidence in Him.× (author of posting unknown)

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12.18 life is experience Whole vid@ Art is an expression of our love for the universe. Get involved with whatever makes your heart scream for more. #NuISMS #biggerthanwe #honesty #hope #faith #courage #integrity #willingness #humility #love  #compassion #justice #perseverance #spirituality #service #gratitude #empathy #vulnerability #art #community #truth #authenticity #friends #family #wordiamword #change #accountable #responsible #unconditionallove #heartfulness

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This winter is for self exploration. I have some big questions looming over my head - "What do I want to create? What is it that I want to say and how do I want to manifest my goals?" I am at the brink of needing to choose a career path and I'm looking to other peoples' stories as guides. I've heard so many stories of people following the path of "supposed to" but I want to follow the path of "this makes my heart sing." I see a common tendency to take the safe road for fear of failure. The safe road does nothing for me. It makes me feel bored, uninspired, and outside of myself. I need work that gets me excited and gets my blood flowing. What I do know is that my work must be compassionate, be empowering to others, and be authentic and healing at its core. I know I'm capable of manifesting some pretty powerful magic, I just want to choose that goal wisely. Anyone else working out some big life decisions these days?

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New puppy for sale 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ who want him? Pit mix wit lab lol 😝 😂😩 #beastmaster #nathaniel note: no animal was hurt in the making of this video!

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I have this saying “it’s uncomfortable to be uncomfortable” AND when you’re growing? It’s even more uncomfortable. BUT? That’s how you know you’re growing and evolving...Or should I say you are evolving past your old self and your old way of thinking and doing things. Your circle will change. Your friends will change, Your interests will change and therefore your conversations will change. Things will be different and you’ll really get to see who’s “for you”. The people you encounter will be different, the ideas you discuss will be different, how you express yourself will be different. When you are in this process it’s important to stay true to yourself. You don’t have to be rude in this growing process but “spend your time how you’d spend your money”. One thing about when you’re being your authentic you and living in your truest nature, you’re going to ruffle a lot of feathers. You’re growth is going to either intimidate or inspire others. People will perceive you as acting funny or “too good” when you’re simply just not in that “space” anymore. Long story short. Just always make sure you are being true to you and not kissing ass to make others feel comfortable! You matter! #superwomansoulfood #authenticity #beyourselfalways #beyourownkindofbeautiful #abundantmindset #stayhungry #staygenuine #strongwomenquotes #bravewomen #supportwomen #realrecognizereal #yinandyang #inspiringquotes #quotestoliveby #staymagical #energyhealing #energyboost #frequency #motivationalquotes #blackgirlmagic✨ #allwomen #womanentrepreneur #badassery #divinelove #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #goddesspower #soulfood

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Listening to Caroline McHugh's TEDtalk on the art of being yourself. Eastern practices speak of ego desolution, but how can we flourish and function in western capitalist society without one? Our western minds perceive the world and ourselves from an inferiority or superiority complex. But the key to being "free" in whatever form that takes in your life isn't solely from ego death but from AUTHENTICITY. As incarnate souls on this earthly plane we came with a set of gifts, our SOUL beings. We are too focused on external, achievement, validation, success. But why is our definition of success based of off cultural,familial or societal templates? Be eccentric, be weird, be whatever. The only perception that matters is the one you have of yourselves. Be your inner child, it is when you were a child that life was wonderful and authentic before our adult filter brains categorize everything into labels or structure. Life isn't structured and the point of being isn't achieving bit coming home to yourself. But that journey is individual so everyone's path will look different. So what is another key here that humanity needs ( aside from more authenticity) ACCEPTANCE ❤️❤️❤️ good day humans👽👽👽 Also, just cried my heart out looking in the mirror I finally am starting to deconstruct all the illusions I've created for myself about whom I thought I was. I'm happy in this picture because I recognize the person in the mirror as the little girl I once remember being. To some that's nothing, but to me it is the most amazing gift . I spent my childhood and youth becoming less and less not just physically but emotionally and intellectually and now at 24 I have to reparent and relive my youth and discover my true identity 😊 that's okay, it's better now then when I'm 40 Be happy lovelies and as always stay grateful 👌🙉💖🚀 #recovery #annorexiarecovery #recoverywarrior #healthyegoisthegoal #bodypositive #positivity #therapysucks #iwishicouldskipahead #gratitude #authenticity

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