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0 0 Jul 24, 2017

When it's so hot that your strapless, sticky, weird 'bra' slides right off in the middle of the street and people stop to take photos of it because awesomeness. I hope your night ended better than your contraption, Ashley...I can only assume this belonged to someone named Ashley. Or Kaleigh. #austintx #austin #texas #hot #heat #heatwave #goodtimes #oopsididitagain #sweat #partyhard

1 0 Jul 24, 2017

#oasislaketravis #austintx

0 0 Jul 24, 2017

#atx #austintx #austintx #canoeing

1 0 Jul 24, 2017

We have a new Tiny Succulent in the works! Hint: everything is better in 3's ❤️❤️❤️

8 1 Jul 24, 2017

Our new koozies are hiding in plain sight #camo

4 1 Jul 24, 2017

Wait... old meme? #austintx #mondaymotivation #mondayblues

1 0 Jul 24, 2017

💃🏻 Introducing the El Baile Con La Muerte Necklace 💃🏻 . This solid brass collar with inlaid wooden panels dates back to the 60s and was found in India. This piece could stand alone with a simple black dress, it's so stunning! Head to the online shop at 🔸🔸 to claim this one-of-a-kind necklace.

10 2 Jul 24, 2017

When you're a tourist in your own city. Don't ask me why I'm wearing long sleeves and pants in summer in Texas.

11 1 Jul 24, 2017

sheridanreed recording some acoustic tracks on his EP. Go check out his new single "We Should Both Be Here" on #spotify! #singersongwriter #soulpop #austintx #sheridanreed #tayloracoustic #manleyreference #tonalrecordings #musicproducer #recordingstudio #mobilerecordingstudio #johnmayer #acoustic

15 0 Jul 24, 2017

Hey everyone! Remember last week when we teased a little giveaway that (kind of) had something to do with Pierce Brosnan? Well here it is... . For anyone who purchases their VIP ticket to Chef's Table Austin 2017 BEFORE August 1st, their name will be put into a drawing to win a FREE one-night stay at the Driskill Hotel in Austin! This beautiful, historic hotel is a must-see, and it gives you immediate access to downtown shopping and nightlife. . This voucher is valid through 12/31/2017 and redeemable for a one-night stay, on a date approved by the Driskill. More details will be given to the winner. . In the meantime... BUY YOUR VIP TICKETS for your chance to win this incredible staycation deal! We will announce the winner during the first week of August. . Get your tickets here: . Oh, and FYI - Pierce Brosnan was here in Austin last summer, filming a TV show at this very hotel. So for the future winner out there... know you'll be walking on the same hallowed ground as James Bond himself did! . #ChefsTableAustin2017 #W2T #watertothrive

2 1 Jul 24, 2017

We all like to look back & just see how much progress has been made, em I right?! • First picture was the day after I got cleared by my OB to begin intense physical exercise & Second picture is a few days ago. 🙈• I am such a different person when is comes to working out than I was pre-pregnancy. My focus to a session is about an hour-hour 15 MAX. I am always tired, so a majority of the time it's difficult for me to even get my butt up to go train other mamas. I'd love to say "diet is on point!", but I'm 8 months into this mom thing & a continuous regimen just never seems to pan out for 7 days straight. On either Sunday or Monday, my big guy & I attempt at collaborating a schedule so we can plan spending time as a family, as a couple, & figure out when each of us can make it to our workout sessions. 🙃 We do what works & to me, it's still working 💁🏾 My #1 priority is that little guy in the 2nd picture & I'm sure as he gets older I'll be able to do all things #mom & all things #fitmom

16 1 Jul 24, 2017
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