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#DYK that the lovely red admiral #butterfly will sip nectar from common milkweed and asters, but what they really love is fermenting fruit? Got a plum or apple you forgot to eat that is starting to rot? Toss it in the garden and keep an eye on it to see what shows up. #ILNature #PrairieState #Pollinators


What you can see in this picture is not one flower, but an inflorescence, or a group of flowers. In asters, flowers are specialized into disc flowers (the center) and ray flowers (the "petals"). Zoomed in this close it is much easier to see the individual flowers. Flower pictured is a goldfield (Lasthenia sp.).


I keep telling myself "there is a flower farm at the end of all this work" much clearing to do , sooo many plants to dig out sooo many plants to dig in ,you can do it , you can do it hmmmm #loveofgardening #loveofpeonies #loveofflowers #delphiniums #larkspurs #davidaustinroses #echinacea #cosmos #tulips #asters #rudbekias #astilbe #filipendula #thalictrum #astrantia #clematis #thisiswhatiwillendeavourtogrow


When you think about #pollinators, you may not think about flies, but you should! Syrphid flies, also called flower flies, are the most diverse and common flower-visiting flies. They look like bees and wasps, but don’t sting. And by mimicking stinging insects, they protect themselves from birds that will think twice before dining on them. The larvae of many species of flower flies prey on aphids and other plant-sucking bugs, so it’s good to have them in your garden. Plant asters, sunflowers, yellow coneflower and phlox if you’d like them to pay a visit. #ILNature #PrairieState #NativeGardening

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