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Lakme's first ever lip color in a mousse texture is super weightless and can be used as a cheek tint too. Available In 10 vibrant shades They last long and have a powdery matte finish. Price Rs.575/- ------> To apply it on your cheeks , gently rub it on to the apples. #ASIANBEAUTY 💘

0 0 Mar 20, 2018

Where is Spring? It's very cold, seems to be winter today. 3月下旬に入ってきたけど、今日は冬のようなお天気ですね⛄ このときみたいに早く春を味わいたいです✨ お日さまと桜があれば、心もピンクに色づきそう😊 春よ来い🌸 #春 #春よ来い #桜 #spring #cherryblossom #naturalbeauty #portrait #photography #model #asianbeauty #misssupranational #misssupranationaljapan #misssupranationaljapan2018 #msj #instagood #lifestyle #followme

9 0 Mar 20, 2018

Reviewed the Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence Limited Edition Set that I got from altheakorea last February and it’s now up on the blog! Link in the bio! 💕💕💕

7 2 Mar 20, 2018

Purple beauty.

19 1 Mar 20, 2018

Here's a purple wild flower to brighten up your day.

17 1 Mar 20, 2018

🌊Agua Acqua Aqua🌊 °°° Everybody knows that the general rule is to drink at least 1900mL of water per day (8 cups for you uneducated heathens). But what can you do when you don't? You lips start cracking, your hands start roughing up, and your face gets all nasty and dry. WELL THANK GOD WE GOT THIS FAM: lapcos_usa Daily Skin Mask Aqua °°° 💧Many of you know that Hyaluronic Acid combined with water & hydrating ingredients create an oasis effect for your skin. It plumps up, pushes out minor fine line wrinkles, and overall creates a healthy moist environment for your skin. Most masks just put water, which is perfect because that's what you need, but LAPCOS PUTS IN SEA WATER. Sea water got that gentle healing aid and works in harmony with the Hyaluronic Acid. °°° 💦BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. You know a mask can just be all about hydrating. It's gotta be nurturing, healthy, and effective for your skin. And Lapcos delivers on that by adding in Plankton for it's antibacterial properties, Jellyfish to firm, Algae as the antioxidant, etc etcte cte etc cte c. Honestly. there's so much. Moutan Peony for literally "Anti-"everything, Centella Asiatica for healing & strengthening, Brown Algae for hydration retention, Red Algae cause NUTRIENT RICH YAS, Glasswort for natural moisturization. You still need me to continue? °°° 💙I love Lapcos masks because they have this jelly like essence, but it's not necessarily a jelly mask. The masks seriously stays so moist, so wet, for so long so it's worth every penny. This Aqua masks particularly smells refreshing. Kind of like when you take the first sip of soda water. It's like "ahhhhh" but for your nose. Anywhooo, this mask is hydrating like no other. That's why at the end of my video, I'm stretching my face like a freak. Normally with hydrating masks, it still feels a bit tight if I stretch my face, but with Lapcos Aqua mask, it was pleasantly elastic! °°° 🌟If you guys haven't tried LAPCOS masks yet, y'all need to start trying them so git git it! °°° #yayayayoung #love #lapcos #aqua #dailyskinmask #sheetmask #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianbeauty #abcommunity #beauty #maskaddict #youtuber #korean #asian #DrinkYourWaterDohPlz

30 2 Mar 20, 2018

"All I want is peace... and perfect eyebrows." Ah, eyebrows - the one thing you can get into shape without exercising. Use our Bbia Last Eyebrow Pencil on your beautiful brows and tag us! We want to see!

12 1 Mar 20, 2018
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