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This one frame in the middle was glitching so i spent all morning fixing it and instagram makes it glitch again. Great. For niggajoji💞💞💞 . . . . #devo #multifandom #80s #70s #newwave #synthpop #artpunk #postpunk #artpop #industrial #electronicrock #edit #videoedit

1 0 Sep 24, 2017

Dearest ladygaga, thank you for always being so brave- even when it is excruciating- &sharing your story with the world. Revealing those raw, real struggles& emotions is not easy to do, and that is why you are so amazing. While you are basically a real-life Wonder Woman, it is important to remember that you are also a human being. You have your own thoughts, feelings, quirks, flaws, frustrations, insecurities, heartbreak, pain, drama, health issues, fears, etc. You aren't a perfect, remote-controlled glambot that just sings a few catchy songs in couture and then powers down until the next performance. You are REAL. You are HONEST. You are GENUINE. And because of that, you are INSPIRING. I know you feel isolated from the fame. I know you strive for perfection in every single detail. I know you will always put your loved ones before yourself, sometimes even to your own detriment; but I hope deep down you know that you are SO INCREDIBLY &TRULY LOVED, &I hope you take the time you need in order take care of yourself. Please rest. Rejuvenate. Meditate. &know that we support you every single step of the way. I actually couldn't help but laugh when you were concerned that your fans wouldn't like you when you decided to strip yourself down to a more natural, classic look,&create an album that expressed the truest, most sincere parts of yourself... that thought never even crossed my mind. 🙈😂😅 You are a creative chameleon,&your "Little Monsters," are thrilled to adapt and evolve with you as you continue to grow into the inimitable artist&person that you are. Don't you worry, we're here for you. 😈✊🏻🔥💋 I know you're one of a kind, but I wish the world had more people like you. Please keep fighting, keep performing, keep CREATING. And never forget that while you may you may suffer from unbearable traumas& struggles, you are a formidable FORCE in your own right,&that strength is what makes you incomparably inspiring. Thank you for everything. 🙌🏻 I can't wait to see you perform once you feel better!! 😍🎶❤️ Love, Kaleigh ❤️ #PawsUp #FiveFootTwo #LadyGaga #LittleMonster #TheFame #TheFameMonster #BornThisWay #ARTPOP #CheekToCheek #Joanne #Queen 🙌🏻🔥💋😈❤️

0 0 Sep 24, 2017

Day 100/101 My goodness. How lucky are we? We had an absolutely beautiful evening in Fallbrook, CA tonight Bryan & Shari's vineyard oasis. I grew up with Bryan – he was a couple years behind me in school and lived in the sane neighborhood as my family did. A few years ago I had the opportunity to write a personal song for his wife Shari. It was such a pleasure to share tonight with them and their community of friends and neighbors and coworkers and extended acquaintances. Thank you, you two, for creating the space for us to gather tonight. Originally, this was our last scheduled show of the tour. By with the addition of the October bonus round, we'll be soldiering on for another month. But not before a little time for R&R. See you on day 101 for the beginning of the end. . #TheSpaceBetween 🌹 #tour #houseconcerts #artpop #music #samelight

2 0 Sep 24, 2017

Прдумаешь, осень. Главное что бы на душе была весна! . .. . . . . . . . . . . #art #artwork #artoftheday #arts #artstagram #artshow #artlife #artgallery #artpop #instagramanet #instatag #illustration #illustrator #folowme #illustrate #drawing #drawings #love #picture #gay #pictures #gaylove #sketch #instagay #paper #pen #l4l #artsy #instaart #gallery

50 0 Sep 24, 2017
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