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Series: Rococo Phase IQ280, Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm f2.8 IMAGE © ALEXIA SINCLAIR, TITANIA, Kiss By the Moon ,2015 #phaseone #phaseonephoto #mediumformat #primaimaging #schneiderkreuznach #lenses #iq280 #alexiasinclair #rococo #fineart #fineartphotography #artphotography #marieantoinette #18thcentury More info about Phaseone Indonesia please Visit our Website or WA : 08158007338

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Lets talk about the Sun eclipse: The Sun-Gold-Male-Ego-Leo will be eclipsed by the Moon-Silver-Female-Unity-Aquarius. Here is my shamanic views and guidance for this Monday's Sun-Leo-Ego eclipse and the power of matriachy-Moon. This eclipse is mostly about ego. The Leo/Sun’s ego. And pride. What should we do in our practices? In what should we focus in our journey? Which rituals should we practice? What should we have in mind? Let me know your thoughts!

5 1 Aug 21, 2017
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