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- "In the Land of Agave" available for purchase through spoke_art on their website from supersonicart 7th Annual Invitational. - I'm still drafting up some new designs expanding from the "Off the Grid" collection of portraits with landscapes. I plan on focusing my attention on creating a large body of work around the theme of capturing the essence of longing for travel. - Working a full-time job at the restaurant and keeping up with my art can be very demanding, even exhausting at times but it's a process I'm adjusting to and growing with. Sharing my learnings and thoughts here on instagram is new territory so I hope you don't mind my "essays" and introspective reflections. - I'm designing a lifestyle around my creativity and sharing my story through words and pictures. I still manage to squeeze in a trip here and there but I hope to one day truly be free to explore all the wonderful places this world has to offer. Experiences I hope capture through my paintings. -

144 3 Mar 23, 2018

‘I'm Benedetta, an #Italian living in New York. I'm currently doing an internship at #SepiaEye Gallery in Chelsea. I will be graduated in April from #Sotheby's Institute of Art and my goal is to become a #curator. Travels but especially #Africa and #India revealed the road to me. They taught me where I had to stop and observe, giving a new #meaning to time. My encounter with the #photographer Malik #Sidibé in #Bamako was fundamental. With him in his studio I tasted the freedom of #Mali in the 60s. This is where my #curiosity and #desire to become a photography curator began. Photography and art tell #stories, all stories. My desire is to meet and discover old and new artists and give voice to the reality that their images portray. Photographers and their work of art are witnesses around which to create #interaction, #debate and #communication. #Curators are the real #connection between art and the #public.’

6 1 Mar 23, 2018

After a full day of workshops my Friday is all about slowing down to wrap up some custom work. The best way to end the week is clearing the work station for a fresh start on Monday. Happy Friday everyone 😊

7 1 Mar 23, 2018

We rested amongst sunbaked sandstone where I painted an ancient monolith carved by wind and water. I rode my bike past towering cathedrals of rock, wandered amongst gnarled pinyon and juniper, dusty agave and prickly pear. Shared stories about creating art, of the fears and triumphs alike. Spoke about my work as a tool to inspire others to see the outdoors in a different light, to love and protect wild places and animals. // I feel immensely fortunate that my job consists of creating worlds of color with paint, brush, time, patience, and intention, and being able to share those stories is a gift. // Last week we dove into a very special project that I cannot wait to tell you all about! Stay tuned for more about an exciting collaboration between chacofootwear and myself! // Thanks for the photo max.lowe!! steptstudios // #ChacoNation #ChacoLife #rachelpohlart #creativehappylife #artiststudio #painteveryday #originalart #desertlife #sedona #girlswhopaint #acrylicpainting #reflections #travellingartist #contemporaryartist

784 15 Mar 23, 2018

This piece will be on display alongside my net one during the greenhouseensemble 's performances this weekend! Swipe right for more details. This is an amazing group, I can't wait to see their show!

7 1 Mar 23, 2018

Studio Play! preparing work for BFA application. #artiststudio #BFA #HunterCollege #Contemporaryartist #mixedmedia #colorlover #play #beetjuice

5 1 Mar 23, 2018

Printing is going well so I thought I could show you some progress from my eyes. Seemed easy enough, I would just strap my iPhone to my head with my kid’s play head light and press record. Not easy, not good, so funny! Need a GoPro! #homemade #gopro #idea #iphone #video #wip #artiststudio #fun #thingsdontalwaysgoasplanned #backtowork #printmaking #printingpress #manglepress #limitededition #reductionprint #woodcut #print #artist #printmaker #megaprintmakers #nzart #nzartist #urbanjungle

4 1 Mar 23, 2018

The hike along the cobble road was misty and cool. As my body warmed up from the movement, I reached into my pocket to pull out the note I had stolen from Vaughn's cottage. There had to be more to this letter, I thought. I flipped it over, tried to think about rearranging the letters, what puzzle was I missing, what is Fiona hiding? 45 mins I futzed around with it however, I could think of nothing. I saw the lamppost next to the local inn ahead. I placed the note back in my pocket and looked for the innkeeper. "Single please." I said. "Are you interested in making it a double, if I had some company available?" He proposed. I contemplated the offer and said " I'd like to think about it over a drink at the bar." He smiled, handed me an old engraved #6 key with a tiger's claw as a keychain. My eyes widened, but I again played it cool. "Thanks." I sat down at the bar counter. The place was empty aside from the barkeep and me. "Whiskey neat soda back" I stated. I pulled out the note in my pocket that was now damp from the walk. I held it up to the light and noticed an invisible ink had formed from the water showcasing what looked like illegible letters! The hairy bartender placed the drinks in front of me on the wood counter "$4". As I pulled out my wallet to pay the tab a gorgeous redhead with striking eyes put her arm around me and whispered in my ear..."would you like me to decode the letter to you in private?"

20 1 Mar 23, 2018

Another shot from yesterday’s visit! Glad to have a talented friend sarahjeanachor with amazing analog skill #analogphotography #analog #polaroidnegative #artiststudio #artistatwork #portrait #portraitphotography

16 0 Mar 23, 2018

been thinking a lot lately about pepón osorio and his use of ornaments 🛎⚱️📯

29 4 Mar 23, 2018
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