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they dont really get that much difference height but I still love this, cuties💞 . credits: asknewsquadlevi on tumblr💙

10 1 Feb 17, 2018

I hope that Jean has already confessed his feelings to her . credits: jae-gerbomb on tumblr❤

9 1 Feb 17, 2018

💞happy birthday ymir!!!💞 I feel very sad about her end................. At first I didnt like her personality very much but now I love how she is and how she behaves :( . credits: cinnabun.edits

12 1 Feb 17, 2018

love their style😎 . 👤credits: tecactus on tumblr👤

22 1 Feb 17, 2018

DONT REPOST - Sin Monthly #sinfulregrets Theme: Remake of an old Edit - yO KUDOS TO THOSE WHO REMEMBER THE OLD VERSION OF THIS GEM AHA I remember making the first version as if it was yesterday :’) I did add a few things like extra clips and the Ugandan Knuckles, and I’m sincerely sorry to those who cringed lMFAO But hey, I’m weird like that >:) - Song: Talk Dirty by Cody Carson (Cover) Anime: Shingeki No Kyojin

185 51 Feb 17, 2018

I've got probably less than a month to keep drawing how Armin will look or be like. But tbh he's most likely not going to look or be like that at all. 😂 WHERE ARE YOU ARMIN!?? . . . #myart #attackontitan #shingekinokyojin #arminarlert #sketch #sketchoftheday

122 4 Feb 17, 2018
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