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Cada día es especial. Cada cena, cada encuentro, cada momento... Cuida cada instante, mímalo, llénalo de belleza y siente el efecto mariposa 🦋 Mesa Caldas de mambo_unlimitedideas

0 1 Jan 22, 2018

The Tinbergen Building at Oxford University, designed by Sir Leslie Martin in 1965 and completed in 1970. The former home of the Dept of Zoology and named after Dutch biologist Nikolaas Tinbergen, joint winner of the 1973 Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries around social behaviour in animals. Sadly this brute has been empty since February 2017 after extensive amounts of (previously unknown) asbestos debris was found in radiator housings in the building, necessitating users being decamped whilst it was removed. Incredibly the University has since decided it would be easier/cheaper to demolish the building rather than clean it up. I find this extremely hard to believe but that is the story repeated online, if anyone has any more detailed inside knowledge I would be pleased to hear it (in confidence if necessary). These buildings looked to me to be in extremely good condition, have been well maintained and their timber-patterned concrete exteriors looked to be in great shape, a real shame to hear they are destined for demolition 😔 #brutal_architecture

31 1 Jan 22, 2018

the human scale* #pedroramirezvazquez

8 1 Jan 22, 2018


3 1 Jan 22, 2018

•Consultório de Nefrologia • 💉💊 Quem disse que consultório médico precisa ser all white?! Coladinho no consultório de dermatologia postado anteriormente, mesma planta, layout diferente. Com um toque de madeira conferindo conforto e modernidade no ambiente. 😉 clinicanefroderma . . . #projetoconsultório #consultóriodenefrologia #designdeinteriores #projetocomercial #projetodeinteriores #imperatriz-ma #consultóriomédico #projetomopi #execuçãodeprojeto #belém-pa #interiordesign #interiorproject #3D #projeto #decor #archdaily #archlovers #arquiteturadeinteriores

9 0 Jan 22, 2018

Local Plattenbau 10 Aussegnungshalle by Andreas Meck and Stephan Köppel in Riem. Submissions: dm, email or tag us plattenbau #derplattenbau

25 1 Jan 22, 2018

Casa da Arquitectura by Guilherme Machado Vaz link on bio The main objective of this project was re-establish the balance of forces between Nature and the human spirit. A balance achieved through a negotiation with both Nature, which claims a space that was once hers, in an endless struggle the human spirit, which manifested a hundred years ago and built the space and with the spirit that will necessary have to manifest today and establish a dialogue with the previous two. (PT)O objectivo principal deste projecto foi restabelecer o equilíbrio das forças entre a natureza e o espírito humano. Um equilíbrio que passou por uma negociação com ambos. Com a natureza, que reivindica, numa luta infindável, um espaço que outrora foi seu o espírito humano manifestado há cem anos atrás e que construiu esse espaço e aquele que obrigatoriamente terá de se manifestar hoje e dialogar com os anteriormente referidos. . #thedescriber #GuilhermeMachadoVaz #casadaarquitectura #Architecture #design #Portugal #Porto #Matosinhos #renovation #contemporary #space #vernacular #contemporaryarchitecture #landscape #house #landmarks #archdaily #escapes #travelgram #architecturelovers #travel #project #picoftheday  #ArchitectureIsAboutPeople guilhermemachadovaz casadaarquitectura

14 0 Jan 22, 2018

Ele lá em cima abençoando cada dia do nosso trabalho. Segue obra! choppempe boirio

7 2 Jan 22, 2018
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