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Girls, Find a guy who looks at you like this when he thinks nobody is looking #angelsanddemons #merrychristmas

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This 31st wid sam.spinz and Aishwarya #dmforenquiries #angelsanddemons #notademonactually

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FREE! There are descendants of angels among us. Ember is one of them. #kindle #kindledeals #epicfantacy #urbanfantasy #dystopian #dystopianbooks #whattoread #bestseller #paranormal #angelsanddemons #freebook

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**Available Today On Amazon!** A behind the scenes look at the hierarchy of angels from Cecelia Earl’s Kingdom Come series. A Kingdom Come Novella: Mila’s story. Book 1.5 After the Ashes. Warrior Angel Mila is determined to prove to Archangel Michael she’s the right angel to lead the saints into battle, but there’s more at stake than her will and pride. Guardian Angels are disappearing. Mila is prepared to fight any battle to find and rescue them. She’ll also do anything to win the coveted position as the leader of the squadron of saints–until that includes becoming a Guardian. She’s been a Warrior since Beginning Times. It’s all she knows how to do, all she wants to do. She doesn’t think she’s the right person for the job, but an important soul is Unguarded, and she can’t bring herself to tell Archangel Michael no. Besides, if her rival and competitor, Nicholas, can be both Guardian and Warrior, then so can she. Where Nicholas is strict and fierce, she’s fiery and impulsive. He’s a rigid Traditionalist, she’s quick and always ready to attack. Will her strength become her weakness when she continuously makes mistakes–and worse–falls for her rival? Who will earn the coveted position, especially once Nicholas’ charge lives… and hers dies? Early Praise for After the Ashes: “Another awesome addition to your series!” “So incredibly beautiful and descriptive….What an incredibly well written story! The descriptive narrative was just lovely to read. In parts I almost felt like I was reading poetry. I really enjoyed the POV 1 in Mila’s voice. As a reader I really felt like I could understand how she was feeling–the pressure, guilt, determination. Her range of emotions was broadcast so loud and clear, at moments I wanted to hop in the pages and yell at her, while at others, I wanted to pat her on the back and give her a high five…. Great book!” #newrelease #yalit #youngadultbooks #ireadya #bookstagram #booklover #booklovers #readersofinstagram #readers #booknerd #bookworm #angelfantasy #angelsanddemons #angels #heaven

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Янголи і демони. Друга книга Дена Брауна, яку я прочитала, але у серії Роберт Ленґдон вона перша (наскільки я розумію, зовсім неважливо, у якому порядку читати ці книги), і тепер неодмінно візьмуся й за Код да Вінчі, хоча свого часу й бачила екранізацію рази так зо два 😎 Порівняно із Інферно, якому я поставила 5/5, Янголи і демони сподобалися навіть більше, якщо в Інферно був екшн, то тут - такий взагалі собі екшн-екшн 😁, та й трошки більше, хоча й зовсім небагато, можна дізнатися про головного героя - професора Ленґдона. Від першої до останньої сторінки автор тримає у напрузі, постійно трапляється щось нове і цікаве. Ден Браун уміло грається з очікуваннями читачів, обираючи для своїх романів досить гострі теми і подає їх під досить незвичним кутом зору. Цього разу читач опиняється всередині одвічного протистояння - добра і зла, науки і релігії, знання та віри. То хто ж, янголи чи демони, візьме гору? Лише у цій битві, адже війна триває 😉 #відгук #прочитане #грудень #денбраун #Ксд #янголиідемони #bookstagram #booksilove #booksiread #angelsanddemons #booktubeUA #Ukrainian #edition #danBrown #booknerd #happiness #bookworm #yakaboobingowinter2018 #yakaboobingowinter2018_12

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Remember this? The product of a 2x4 challenge, I actually never got around to finishing it properly. Well, mainly, I need to mark figures in a way to allow for playing chess - even though they would be hard to distinguish either way - and go through setting up a game of tealight-shadows using the tealight holders already included... Well, one of these days... #boardgame #chess #meeples #stuckat99percent #unfinished #colorful #angelsanddemons #woodworking #workshop #woodshop #wood #remembertobeinspired #dominicswoodworks #beinspired

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