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American Golden Plovers #ontariobirds #presquileprovincialpark #americangoldenplover

85 1 Oct 20, 2017

A plover walking in the mangrove provides a global perspective Half-way through! From the high Arctic tundra on its way to Patagonia, this juvenile American golden plover (Pluvialis dominica) is making a stop near the equatorial line, discovering the tropical vegetation for the first time in its life. The elliptical migration path of this bird species is one of the longest known migration routes: over 40,000 km (25,000 mi), more than three times the diameter of the Earth. Clearly, this bird deserves its American surname, as it visits many of the shores of North, Central and South America. The bird has rather stately and dignified movements: not surprising from such an athlete that must in addition cross several thousands of kilometers in one stretch over open ocean. In fact, a comparison of dates and migratory patterns has lead ornithologists to the conclusion that American golden plovers were among the most likely shore birds to have attracted the attention of Christopher Columbus to the nearby Americas in early October 1492. Finally, this bird has also been cited among the possible agents of long distance dispersal needed to account for the disjunct distributions of some temperate plants found both in North and South America. Do you see these curious roots emerging from the silt, where the bird is walking? They are called pneumatophores or breather roots. These organs are aerial roots that allow the mangrove trees to breathe oxygen at low tide. Mangroves are found in the tropics all over the globe, in America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. This young plover can be grateful to these tropical plants, as mangroves play extremely important ecological roles: they ensure land stabilization in coastal areas with their underground root systems and provide habitats and food for wildlife, including for Arctic-born plovers transiting through the tropics.

484 62 Oct 18, 2017

This American Golden-Plover is standing on an Atlantic cedar stump in the Hackensack Meadowlands. These stumps have an interesting history... When the first Europeans arrived in the Hackensack Meadowlands in the 1600s, the area was predominantly a freshwater tidal river system. Around a third of the wetland landscape was made up of dense Atlantic white cedar swamps. However, almost from the very beginning, settlers attempted to "tame" the meadows: there was logging (cedar is decay resistant and therefore desirable), swamps were drained and the growing of crops was attempted, industries came and went (and polluted), ditches were dug for mosquito and flood control, and the Hackensack River was eventually dammed upriver at Oradell--stemming the flow of fresh water to the lower part of the river and leaving its waters brackish. Had any Atlantic white cedars survived thus far, they would have died out once the water composition changed. All that remains of the Meadowlands cedars are the stumps (many of them hundreds of years old) that can be seen in both Mill Creek Marsh and Kearny Marsh. The stumps in Mill Creek Marsh were buried under layers of fill before work began to create the park in the late 1990s. (Another theory of where the Atlantic cedars went is that they were burned in the late 1700s because they were popular hideouts for pirates that preyed on ships in Newark Bay or New York Harbor. Logging seems more likely to me...) American Golden-Plover, NJ Meadowlands, 09/17/2017. #AmericanGoldenPlover #pluvialisdominica #njbirders #njwildlife #jerseybirders #wildnewjersey #birdsofinstagram #feather_perfection #allmightybirds #kings_birds #pocket_birds #audubonsociety #birds_adored #Meadowlands

453 16 Oct 7, 2017

#americangoldenplover #birding

34 0 Oct 5, 2017

Finally, a chance to get a relatively decent photo of the American Golden Plover. Even though this bird is a regular visitor to our island, it can be a pain to locate them and an even bigger pain to photograph them. So this was a very special opportunity. American Golden Plovers (Amerikaanse Goudplevier, Lopi dorá (Pluvialis dominica) ) are only about 25 cm long but stand very erect and hence look larger then they are. They love mudflats of inner bays, salt pans or freshwater ponds. #curacao #rightnowincuracao #birdwatching #birdsofinstagram #bird #plover #americangoldenplover #goldenplover #lovebirds #birdsinthecaribbean #birdwatchers_daily #birdwatchers #outdoors #birding #birdphotography #patienceisavirtue #migratorybirds #migration #birdmigration #migration2017 #naturephoto #surprise

37 0 Oct 4, 2017

Juvenile American golden plover (Pluvialis dominica) at golden hour. #americangoldenplover #shorebirds #migration #ploverlover #goldenhour #oregoncoast #pnw

42 2 Oct 1, 2017

American Golden-Plover and a Dunlin from Presqu'île PP. I'm heading to Fort Myers, Florida next week where I hope to resume my #shorebirdworkout regime. 💪

562 16 Sep 27, 2017

American Golden-Plover * These beautiful plovers were put up into flight because a Cooper's Hawk was hunting the farm field they were peacefully foraging in. The hawk left with something (a Killdeer I think) but I admit I was glad it didn't grab a plover! These guys are long distance travelers, flying from the tundra in Alaska to South America. I'm very glad to have had the chance to see them when they stopped over for a few days of rest. Swipe for 2 more views. Males and females look different and they are in different stages of molt, transitioning from breeding to winter plumage. * #wnybirds #birdsofny #birdsofinstagram #birding #bird #birds #ornithology #birdphoto #birdphotos #birdstagram #birdlovers #birdwatching #birdphotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nature #naturephotography #naturephoto #audubon #birdextreme #your_best_birds #beautifulbirds #birdsoninstagram #buffalo #shorebirds #shorebird #plover #americangoldenplover

66 5 Sep 26, 2017

American Golden plover _nonbreeding #americangoldenplover #plovers #shorebirds #fallmigration #

85 5 Sep 25, 2017

Taken with my 📱- American Golden Plover at Manasota Beach. I think Irma had something to do with him being there. I read they are usually on the Atlantic shore. Wish I would have taken my camera.. #americangoldenplover #goldenplover #plover #shorebird #gulfshores #florida #floridabirds

40 6 Sep 22, 2017

#americangoldenplover at #coneyislandcreekpark . . #klemensgasser #klemensgasserstudio .just for my own records (that is what Instagram is for at the end) this was done today 9/20/17 and is midformat about 5' x 4'. Needles oil and latex on sized cancas. Just like Manet has been doing it

4 0 Sep 21, 2017
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