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Where does your dryer vent exit your home? Walk around and find it. If it looks like this then you need to call us TODAY! 704-846-8368. #haveyoucleanedyourdryerventlately #dryers #laundryroom #dryerlint #dryervent #AlmetalDryerVent #firehazard

6 0 Oct 11, 2017

Visit our website today to check out the new blog posts and photo gallery! #laundryroom #clothesdryers #newdryer #AlmetalDryerVent #blogpost

6 0 Oct 6, 2017

So, I was driving through some lovely Queen City neighborhoods today and simply looking. What did I see? A ton of completely clogged dryer vents! And that’s just from driving by! Please folks, find where YOUR dryer vent exits YOUR home! YES, IM TALKING TO YOU!!! If you aren’t aware of the location, give Almetal Dryer Vent a call! We’ll figure it out!!! (704) 846-VENT (8368) #ventcleaning #dryervent #firehazard #almetaldryervent #clt

11 0 Oct 1, 2017

This vent cover was so clogged with a huge bird nest (uninhabited) when we cleaned out the vent it shot off! Created a big fire hazard as there was no air flow. Have you cleaned your dryer vent lately? #ventcleaning #dryervent #firehazard #almetaldryervent #clt

14 0 Sep 28, 2017

At Almetal Dryer Vent we pride ourselves on quality service at a great price! Here is an example of a vertical dryer vent. We put one of our proprietary Quick Connect Periscopes on and BOOOOOOM!!! 2 inches off the wall! Now she can close her bi-fold doors!!! or 704-846-VENT (8368)! Let us help you! #AlmetalDryerVent #dryervent #wednesdaywisdom

12 1 Sep 27, 2017

Have you cleaned YOUR dryer vent lately? #dryersafe #dryerlint #Ventcleaning #AlmetalDryerVent

6 0 Sep 22, 2017

It's happened to the best of us... That great clothes dryer you paid top dollar for has, over time, lost it's effectiveness and now takes way too long to dry your clothes. You feel like you've been "taken" by slick ads and promises of "drying miracles" and think to yourself, well, here we go again...time to buy a new dryer. Here's where you need to STOP! Before you make that dreaded trip to the "big box" store to encounter another huge expense, give us a call. Chances are, your dryer isn't the problem! It's the vent. All dryer manufacturers state in their owner's manuals that flexible hose should NOT be used. It restricts airflow and creates longer drying times and more pull on your dryer's heating element and YOUR utility bill. Whether it's a gas or electric dryer, our unique Quick Connect Periscope is designed to create the maximum air flow and most efficient drying time. So call us today to schedule your installation at 704-846-8368 or order your do it yourself kit today and receive free shipping! #dryers #clothes #dryervent #AlmetalDryerVent #tuesday

2 1 Sep 19, 2017

Have you cleaned your dryer vent lately? #AlmetalDryerVent #dryersafe #dryervent #dryers

9 0 Sep 7, 2017

Another day, another bird nest removed from a dryer vent. This is part of a bird nest from removed from a vent. It was almost 2' long in total and extremely compact! Had the dryer vent completely blocked! Now this homeowner can save money and time by drying their clothes without any air flow restrictions! Call us and let us help you too! #dryersafe #Ventcleaning #birdnests #firehazard #AlmetalDryerVent

10 0 Aug 31, 2017

Have you cleaned YOUR dryer vent lately? #cloggedvents #dryervent #AlmetalDryerVent

8 0 Aug 31, 2017

Repairing or replacing the dry wall in your laundry room behind your dryer due to mold, mildew, damage or just being worn out? Then that's the perfect time to give us a call! The Almetal Dryer Vent Corporation offers the Quick Connect Periscope that WILL eliminate that terrible flex hose and provide you with the most energy efficient way to vent your dryer. It’s a 2”x 6” design that allows your dryer to be 2 ½” off the wall. Call us today at 704-846-VENT (8368). HAVE YOU CLEANED YOUR DRYER VENT LATELY? #AlmetalDryerVent #DryerVent

8 0 Aug 29, 2017

Wondering if the Almetal Dryer Vent will work for your stack unit? Well here's a great example of how the vent can be adjusted to fit those unique niches that stack unit locations create. Visit our website today and order your kit and receive FREE SHIPPING! Or call us at 704-846-8368 to have your vent installed in the Charlotte Metro area today! #dryers #dryervent #AlmetalDryerVent #stackunits #clothes #dryersafe

14 0 Aug 15, 2017

You ever think about what's under your house? Check out this before and after of a dryer vent line. We replaced the sagging flex hose (filled with lint and water!) and replaced with galvanized rigid pipe that won't sag or collect lint! #dryervent #dryersafe #dryers #AlmetalDryerVent #NoFlexHose #monday #crawlspace

14 0 Jul 31, 2017

Before...and after! No more mess, no more wasted space behind your dryer and faster drying times! Call us at 704-846-8368 and let us install YOUR Almetal Dryer Vent today! Or visit our website and order your own do it yourself kit with free shipping! #dryers #dryervent #dryersafe #dryers #AlmetalDryerVent #NoFlexHose #freeshipping

30 0 Jul 27, 2017

Summertime means more laundry. Trips out of town or just pool days means more towels, shorts, swimsuits, kids changing clothes several times a day! That adds up on your power bill. If your dryer is vented with flex hose like this you're wasting money! Visit our website today and order your Quick Connect Periscope with FREE SHIPPING!! #AlmetalDryerVent #NoFlexHose #savemoney #saveenergy #laundry #dryervent #dryerlint

36 0 Jul 11, 2017

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words! Visit our website and check out the photo gallery. The pictures speak for themselves! Do you know what's lurking behind your dryer? Where your vent goes? Have you cleaned YOUR dryer vent lately?! #cleanyourvent #dryervent #AlmetalDryerVent #service #clothesdryersafe #freeshipping #firesafety #savemoney #saveenergy

19 0 Jun 27, 2017

Summer heat making your energy bills skyrocket? Well let's reduce your cost and save time too. Call us today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning and installation of our Quick Connect Periscope vent to cut YOUR drying time in half! #Dryervents #savemoney #loweryourpowerbill #savetime #NoFlexHose #AlmetalDryerVent #freeshipping #dryingtimesucks #dryervent #cleanyourvent

22 0 Jun 24, 2017

No space in your place? Then our vent is perfect for you! Note the minimal space it takes to back your dryer directly into our Quick Connect Periscope! Visit our website to schedule your installation if you're in the Charlotte Metro area or purchase one of our complete kits and receive FREE SHIPPING! #dryingtimecutinhalf #service #dryervent #dryingtimesucks #AlmetalDryerVent #NoFlexHose #freeshipping

14 0 Jun 20, 2017
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