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3 1 Mar 17, 2018

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14 1 Mar 16, 2018

The Department of Public Parking at the Sharjah Municipality has confirmed that a number of parking areas have been modified and are subjected to pay parking fees seven days a week, including public holidays. The step comes in conjunction with a number of considerations that followed a study in this regard by the Municipality. It is also a response to a number of requests by the public of Sharjah. Ali Bogazin, Director of Public Parking Department, said that the signboards at those areas have been changed with details that they subject to the parking fees on all seven days of the week, and even during the public holidays. The Municipality conducted a questionnaire to the public, which showed that majority of them support the decision. They agreed that some parking areas should remain subject to fees all times. This decision will take effect from Mar.30. The areas include part of Al Majaz, Bird Market and Shuwaheen area. The Municipality focused on the tourist and markets areas, as these areas saw heavier traffic than other areas, especially during the weekends and the holidays, he added. #parking #happening #paidparking #shj #freeparking #law #municipality #breakingnews #friday #weekend #fines #money #police #almajaz #uae #government #royals #emirati #resident #thegulftoday shjmunicipality

19 0 Mar 16, 2018

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2 0 Mar 15, 2018

غداً في الساعة 7:30 مساءً تفتح أبواب مسرح المجاز لحفل السلطنة والبهجة مع أخطبوط العود الفنان عبادي الجوهر. احجزوا تذاكركم الآن من شباك التذاكر داخل مسرح المجاز أو من The regions popular artist abadialjohar is coming tomorrow to Al Majaz Amphitheatre, Doors open At 7:30 pm. Book your tickets now from the Box office or purchase them online at

61 11 Mar 15, 2018

هل قمت بحجز تذكرتك لحفل السلطنة والبهجة؟ قيثارة الأغنية الخليجية الفنانة نوال الكويتية قادمة إلى مسرح المجاز يوم 16 مارس. احجزوا تذاكركم الآن من شباك التذاكر داخل مسرح المجاز أو من Al Majaz Amphitheatre will host a special musical evening on Friday, March 16, featuring the legendary musical icon, nawalalq8iya - so prepare yourselves for an unforgettable evening! Book your tickets now from the box office or purchase them online at

156 27 Mar 14, 2018
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