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Still from a video I took....during the transition of weights for dumbbell rows I noticed my legs and had a proud moment 🤗🤗🤗 After years of esteem issues, today I will proudly showcase any and every proud moment I notice! Because who will celebrate your body more than you??! Thick Thighs Crush Souls and Takes Over Planets! Mwahahahaha

67 1 Sep 22, 2017

#transformationwhateverdayitis 1 YEAR APART: After 8 years of battling weight loss, I finally won and entered my very first growth/bulk season. I trust the process no matter how uncomfortable I followed the plan and with the transition and I think I can say I cultivated some mass! 😂😜💪🏾 Always evolving! Building my body to become the T-Rex I was meant to be while training put it use to lift some weird sh*t! Hope I make my coaches proud!

81 5 Sep 20, 2017

Wk5D18 Squats 384x2 low bar 235x4x3 pause ssb Then 95x4x6 ssb good mornings 20x3x15 db Bulgarian split squats 60x3x15 single leg ext 3x10 ab wheels Pretty happy with today. Everything moved like it should of. Minor things to work on such as staying tighter on squats. But other then I feel on track w. Skwaat nastyz. #powerlifting #ironmongersgym #northcountysstrongestgym #sdpowerlifting #uspapower #198boiz #allliftsmatter #mevsme #rawgripchalk #coachedbySimmons_Strength #mongermayhem #8wksout #povertysquatboiz :: chriswiththegoodhair skabiscuit07

60 4 Sep 20, 2017

Wk5D17 Bench Starting off this week strong with 290 # 4x2 Pause Bench (1st&4th shown) 245 # 3x2 Speed Bench (Shown/3rd clip) Then PullOvers, Face Pulls, Dips, Cable TriExt & core work. Good day today. Thx skabiscuit07 for the team work & isaiahtyrese for the elite camera skillz. #powerlifting #ironmongersgym #northcountysstrongestgym #sdpowerlifting #uspapower #198boiz #allliftsmatter #mevsme #rawgripchalk #coachedbySimmons_Strength #mongermayhem #8wksout #povertybenchboiz

49 6 Sep 18, 2017

Wk4D16 So lately I've been sucking at keeping up the training log. But I swear I'm still lifting, lmao. Anyways... To wrap up my deload I did: 335x2x2 (Warm ups up to my first working set I was using a wide grip and I wasn't as tight as I should of been, also idk why but my stance was a lil wider as well. Then going into my 2nd work set I brought my grip in and everything felt A1. Lately I've been squatting with a wider grip BC of bicep pain.) 210 for 5x3 SSB paused 245 for 3x6 RDLs Then banded leg curls & leg extensions. I also crammed my secondary bench day in so I could get back on schedule. 225 for 2x3, 8 Close Grip ( Flat Bench BC of back being in pain and fatigued) 50 for 3x8 Paused DB Shoulder Press Then some zottman curls, ab wheel and even did some burpees. Can't wait for Monday. Game time! #8wksout #powerlifting #ironmongersgym #northcountysstrongestgym #sdpowerlifting #uspapower #198boiz #allliftsmatter #mevsme #rawgripchalk #coachedbySimmons_Strength #mongermayhem #povertybenchboiz #thirdworldsquats #deloadandreload doseofinspirati0n outlawtazzz alyftssalot

64 4 Sep 16, 2017

More shots from Beer Muscles! Had lots of Fun! Will definitely be back next year!!! 👍🏾💪🏾🍻🍺🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . 📸 shutterdestruction

87 1 Sep 12, 2017

Car repair, housework and meal prep! That's what our Sunday consisted of! I just want to point out how awesome it is to see my spawn pick up on my habits! While I was dealing with the car she meal prepped her own meals for school from scratch! I love to cook and finding healthy ideas of things I love helps me stay on track and I'm a proud mom I passed that to her! We still have two cookbooks to go through for special occasions.... cause bonding!

41 5 Sep 11, 2017

After yesterday's shit storm decided to go into introversion mode and do my type of deep thinking therapy! Heavy controlled lifting feat. Disturbed. Hit an unexpected 💥PR (50lbs) 💥shoulder press!! While cutting, too? Hell yea!!!!!!!

51 3 Sep 9, 2017

Nighttime thinking......sometimes I have to remind myself that not everybody was supportive of my journey last year....I succeeded anyway.....the same will happen this year....I guess these new naysayers will have to sit back and watch me crush my goals this year! My way!

41 2 Sep 7, 2017

Wk3D10 Squat Worked up to 375x2 on Squats Then did 225 for 5x3 SSB paused Happy with today. The gym enviroment was lit. I was lit off redline_energy & rawgripchalk #bloodofmyenemies #savagesmellingsalts ...Squats are starting to come back together. Just need to work on a few things such as bracing harder. Can't wait to see what these next weeks bring! Put me in the game coach!! simmons_strength #powerlifting #ironmongersgym #northcountysstrongestgym #sdpowerlifting #uspapower #198boiz #allliftsmatter #mevsme #rawgripchalk #coachedbySimmons_Strength #mongermayhem #10wksout #squat doseofinspirati0n limlimpower

75 9 Sep 6, 2017

Wasn't a waste of a third set in an old deadlift session but it sure became a push #allliftsmatter

6 0 Sep 5, 2017

Wk2D8 Deadlifts Nothing special today. 395 for 3x3 then 375 for 3x2 deficits off 2 mats. Deads been shit lately so we building back up. Today felt good so I'm looking forward to what I get to pull next week. Looks like things are turning around. Pretty stoked. #powerlifting #ironmongersgym #northcountysstrongestgym #sdpowerlifting #uspapower #198boiz #allliftsmatter #mevsme #rawgripchalk #coachedbySimmons_Strength #mongermayhem #10wksout #povertydeadliftboiz alyftssalot Also shout out 2 rawgripchalk with the #bloodofmyenemies chalk & nose tork. All the way 💯

63 6 Sep 2, 2017
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