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Still under influence of Leo Full Moon embodied perfectly by flamboyant Alexandrian witches ex-Catholic schoolgirl Maxine and co-founder of Alexandrian Wicca Alex. #witchqueen #fullmooninleo #maxinesanders #alexsanders #alexandrian #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #firechild #thelifeandmagicofmaxinesanders #thetriumphofthemoon #goddessrising


Now Watching: THE WALKING DEAD - Season 7 Episode 10: "New Best Friends" - While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, its inhabitants unlike any they have come across. #TheWalkingDead #TWD #TheWalkingDeadSeason7 #TheWalkingDeadSeason7Episode10 #TWDS7 #TWDS7E10 #AMC #UStvSeries


"Those who cannot live fully often become destroyers of life." #Lyran #SoNode Work. #Pisces #AnaïsNin ・・・RISE OF THE LIGHT-WORKER: Every #Lightworker Soul now present upon #Mother #Earth will be rising to a position of prominence to teach, guide, demonstrate, role model every aspect of experiencing Life in Mother Earth’s #5D,as these Souls will be choosing his/her new arrangements for our #5D Experience! ~>Occurring in 3segments from March 25 thru April 2, 2017, #MotherEarth will be finalizing her 5D Transition while every Soul upon her body finalizes his or her own Freewill Choices to develop&enhance our 5D Experience.The 9day Final Event of Mother Earth’s finalization process will be achieved in three segments, from Mar.25-27, #2017, Mar. 28-30, 2017, & #March 31- #April 2, 2017. The 1st segment will actually produce the last&final stage of Mother Earth’s entire 5D Transition, the alignment of her new Magnetic Pole Star of Vega with her new Geomagnetic Pole & shifting its physical location from the extreme northern region of Canada to Eastern Turkey. The 2nd segment will involve the recent alignment of her 7Chakras for 5D & will synchronize them all with her New Pole Star of Vega. In this way, Mother Earth will be transferring her dependence from OUR SOLAR SYSTEM’S SUN’S LIGHT, Love, and Harmony to the UNIVERSAL GRID OF ALL SUN-STARS thus, achieving the finality of her Integration into the Universe at last! The last&final segment in the Final Event of her 5D Transition will involve placing the electromagnetic properties of her internal body’s Seven Chakras “online” within the entire Fifth Dimension Universe! While MotherEarth finalizes her 5D Transition, every Soul aspiring 2B n become a Co-Creator & Co-Facilitator for assisting Mother Earth’s Re-Creation process for 5D, will be finalizing his or her chosen arrangements for the ALL 5D Experience! - Every Soul’s final Freewill Choices to finalize his or her participation within HER 5thD will be strictly made through her or his Soul’s Higher Self, as it always has been. -Alexandrian Kosmos. #Repost Thank YU, thenewearth

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