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8 0 Dec 8, 2017

#pregnancyaffirmation #affirmationfriday It is completely normal to have fear and doubt during pregnancy. A great way to manage some of those fears and doubts that enter your pregnancy mental space is with the use of Positive Pregnancy Affirmations. With positive pregnancy affirmations you can create a truly amazing connection to and strong belief in your body, your baby and your partner. An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Affirmations can help to lessen fears and anxiety by shifting negative thoughts to positive ones. When you start to feel unsure, fearful, anxious, doubtful or just need a moment to find clarity - take a few calm breaths and say an affirmation out loud, repeating it up to 3 times. Allow the affirmation to soak into your entire being. Become the affirmation. You are an amazing woman, meant to be the mother of the child in your womb. Affirmations aren’t just for the mother-to-be, her partner may also experience moments of fear and doubt, in the same way the partner should use Positive Affirmations. As a key player in the support team it is important for mother-to-be’s partner to maintain a positive state of mind. Try incorporating positive pregnancy affirmations into your daily pregnancy routine. #mompartnerdoula #power #strength #love #pregnancy #builttobirth #birthrush #birthjunkie #birthwithoutfear #empoweredbirthproject #peace #birthmatters #doulasrock #informedbirth #doulalove #supportwomen #supportmidwives

23 3 Dec 2, 2017

Sometimes the most difficult part of any journey is believing that you're worthy of the destination. The one where you see that goal, that dream, or what it is that you have always longed for. You are brave enough to face the challenges and strong enough to see it through the end. Never be afraid to take that first step! With each new step, bringing you closer to it. Believe it! You can do it! Click the link in my bio for my free ebook which includes I Am Affirmations !

12 1 Dec 1, 2017

Yesterday's shoes. I was killing the game and then we had an earthquake. Lol ---- It's time. Visit bondfireradio or get on your #tuneinapp, tastykeish & iareconscious are gonna get your Friday started! 10-1130am EST with news, music, and conversation on tkintheam. #radio #podcast #morningshow #livestreaming #news #music #culture #conversation #affirmationFriday

57 5 Dec 1, 2017

It's time. Visit bondfireradio or get on your #tuneinapp, tastykeish & iareconscious are gonna get your Friday started! 10-1130am EST with news, music, and conversation on tkintheam. #radio #podcast #morningshow #livestreaming #news #music #culture #conversation #affirmationFriday

32 0 Dec 1, 2017

🎶These are a few of my favorite things🎶> > Row 1:> spencer_charles Working on his new project. The subtle lines within her shoulder blades 🤗🙏🏾> usnewsbeat Has a new podcast episode up and it should Not Be Missed. Creatively thorough journalism at its absolute finest.> sinnamonlove always being her Glorious Growing Self unabashedly and unapologetically.> > Row 2:> tkintheam Hosts bondfireradio. It's #AffirmationFriday. Wanna know what that is, tune in today & find out.> tastykeish modeling new specs.> neffiwalker "The Decor Goddess" stepping & repping all black everything.> > Row 3:> momojazz75 being that beautiful audiophile lacing the gram with official melodic joints.> thewallsgroup saaaangin' me to chuuuuuuurch. Big up to their Grammy nod. The clip was presented by thesangersmovement.> lara_mara_sheila, 2 words 'Universal Magic'> Row 4:> the_muse_paper working on her fitness goals.💪🏾👍🏾❤️> michaelaangelad sitting with THEE WOMAN Esi Bracey eebracey. If you do not know who she is, take a few scrolls to google her name. #megablackwomanmagic.> delphinediallo a creative in the muse seat musing at the beginning stages drawn by ryanbrookercraft.> > visit their IG's, enjoy and #support their projects. Follow, Share, Repeat #instagramfavorites

23 1 Dec 1, 2017

New month new goals! Let’s close out this year with a bang😘

21 2 Dec 1, 2017

Yep! #affirmationfriday

22 0 Nov 24, 2017

I am fearless in letting money go out; knowing God is my immediate and endless supply

152 1 Nov 16, 2017

I am completely relaxed and my mind and body is peaceful and calm

87 2 Nov 10, 2017

Ben Stewart, benzilla06 , ethnomusicologist and chatroom-mate joins us for a rousing #affirmationFriday! Tune in, turn up live 10-1130am EST on bondfireradio! and #tuneinapp #morningshow #radio #webradio #podcast #teambondfire #blackpods

16 0 Nov 10, 2017

Happy #affirmationFriday! I affirm great work collaborations between friends! It has been great co-producing #NYtoParadise a podcast about worldly entrepreneurs with crprllc! The latest episode is up now featuring publisher turned yogi, therealsakina! As well as episode 2 featuring djrampageglobal and wine connoisseur, cha_squared in episode 1! ----- And today, is another edition of tkintheam, my own show with co-host, iareconscious tackling news and hot topics daily! Listen live every MWF 10am EST on bondfireradio and #tunein app. #podcasts #blackpods #podsincolor #travel #work #entrepreneur #news #music #conversation #morningshow #collaboration #crprllc #tkintheam #teamBondfire

25 3 Nov 3, 2017

Good day to #powerthoughtsfriday! I love this card just think and feel how expansive it is? Louise Hay has a quote which is a perfect lead up to the new expansive journey here and says “affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. It takes some time to go from a seed to a full grown plant. And so it is with affirmations it takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration. So be patient.” Just a reminder that weekends are time for self reflection, recharge and pause. It is never too late to join the Get Crystal Clear Sunday’s. fromthegroundupvibealive

14 1 Nov 3, 2017

Affirmation Friday - Together we create MAGIC ! You bring your brilliance and I’ll bring mine. Diffuse Lime, so you can stop, drop and party, or use Melissa, to stay true to the path of joy. . . . #affirmationfriday #hammertime #fuelyourjoy #createmagic

9 0 Nov 3, 2017

I am boundless abundance in radiant expression.

65 1 Oct 31, 2017

#afFIRMationFRIDAY YOU can have firm skin and YOU can have firm skin....EVERYBODY can have firm skin!! #oprahmoment #callme

5 0 Oct 27, 2017
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