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44 1 Nov 22, 2017

I'll take my Days out in the Dirt, and my Nights under the Stars... 🌘✌ ~ This Full Time Nomad Life is not for everyone, but its Just Right for me! 》 #HustleAndRoam • • • #LiveFree #HomeOnWheels #AdventureVibes #LifeOnTheRoad #LifeOffroad #AdventureMachine #Nomad #Traveler #GypsyLife #LiveWithPassion #OneLife #Adventurist #Wanderlust #LifeOfAdventure #WildAndFree #EnjoyTheStruggle #Explore #OutdoorWomen #RockBox #TepuiTents #HelloTrouble #Hustle #Dreamers #CepekN #YetiBuilt #BornToRoam #CampLife ~ #TheWildYolo

912 12 Nov 22, 2017

35 2 Nov 22, 2017

What's happening here?🤔😅 Follow astoundingtravelling

1035 4 Nov 22, 2017

My excuses to not get in this workout were endless... I woke up really late this morning. I have felt sick all day. It is day one of another round of whole30. I have no appetite & feel like I am going to puke. My workout space was reduced in half last week - it is not my stuff. I had to work much longer than a normal on-call day. I am sore from the last two days of workouts. I am exhausted and want to nap all afternoon. It will make me feel worse than I already do. . I honestly debated not pushing play on today’s workout. But ultimately, I am a better human when I sweat for thirty minutes. So guess what? I took more breaks, I modified when needed, and I skipped moves that felt too intense for being sick. . Even though I was working out with my man Shaun T, Autumn’s words came back to me - no one ever does a workout and regrets it, but if you do not workout then you will regret missing one.

39 1 Nov 22, 2017

El baúl de los recuerdos, Xela

76 1 Nov 22, 2017

Back when the sea was too icy for swimming 🌊

77 8 Nov 22, 2017

Самые светлые моменты уходят так быстро и безвозвратно. 💌 Def Lepard ~ Hysteria #mantra #mood #adventurevibes #tbt

78 0 Nov 21, 2017

Entrapped in your love. w/ Jaclyn and Jordan

55 3 Nov 21, 2017

53 2 Nov 21, 2017
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