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“These are wounds, not scars. It will only be a scar when it stops bleeding, stops hurting. You can forget about scars. But you cannot forget about wounds. Everyone meets the injured with sympathy or disgust. Do you need a tissue? No, I need stitches” Amir Sulaiman This is one of those haunting images that set the foundation for the journey of my new work. Love lost is never easy but Buddhist principles will teach you that as long as there is attachment to things there will be suffering. You just let it go and love who you love unconditionally without expectation. Title “ these scars of my heart”

19 2 Dec 14, 2017


277 1 Dec 14, 2017

…This interesting doorway in Morro Bay, California not only has terrific colors but an interesting composition as well. I always have my camera ready for forms that relate to my art sense. #waynehuntart #abstractphoto #structure #artstructure #formalcomposition #artteacher #architecturaldetail #designteacher #architecturalcomposition

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