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Hey guys!!! Welcome to my fun little account! Hope you guys enjoy and I will definitely be posting more!

11 1 Nov 21, 2017

We left a life that's ordinary from the star We looked for stranger Cause that's just who we are Found me the edge of something beautiful and loud like I'm picturing now #strangerthings #kygo #onerepublic #friendshipgoals #friends #weekend #camping #fire #night #train #light #inatapic #instamoment #goodtimegoodpeople #goodvibes #pedochos #pedochostime #justwhoweare #aboutme #sunset #sunlight

22 1 Nov 21, 2017

Hey! I thought it was about time I introduced myself. My name is Kaytie and I am a wife to the most amazing man Adam, mother to Milani, a follower of Jesus, a photographer, and dance teacher. I have always had a passion for photography and was beyond excited when I received my first camera at 10 years old. You could say I had a little bit of a gypsy life - growing up in six or so different towns and travelling Australia in a motorhome for nearly three years. I’m very happy to have now settled in Newcastle. I would love to answer any questions you might have about me or my business so please comment below! ⬇️ // 📷: the first photo is from a day out with my girl, the second photo is of me with my first toy camera at aged 3 and the third is from a photoshoot with indigothreadwares

11 2 Nov 21, 2017

Saudades, #gramado ♥️ 📸: caalessio . . #aboutme #RS #wanderlust #riograndedosul

20 1 Nov 21, 2017

“Permanentemente mutável Pacificamente amigável É o meu estado e como eu ajo Mesmo que você me agrida Eu sei que erra também quem revida E onde eu vou não existe a razão Fortes são aqueles Que transformam em luz o que é escuridão...” #sigoosom #music #tattoo #forfun #instanboy #iphonesia #aboutme #picoftheday

24 0 Nov 21, 2017

Soo true about me

4 1 Nov 21, 2017

Might do a face reveal at 100 followers #niche #nichememe #nichememes #nicheaccount #aboutme #blue #gray #wtfbled

13 0 Nov 21, 2017

A little bit about me! 🙂 My name is Lucy (middle name Alice-hence Love Alice Designs), and I am a full time working Mum who lives in the small village of Freckleton with my beautiful son and loving partner 👪 I absolutely love creating things and messing around with crafts, it's my favourite hobby!✂️ this is something I lost the feel for a couple of years back but I am now getting myself back into making a colourful mess and spreading glitter wherever I go🙄😁✨ It would mean a lot for you all to follow me on my journey to see where this sparkly adventure will take me and what creations I will come up with next! I look forward to sharing my ideas with you all 😘 Love Lucy X

23 2 Nov 21, 2017

Tersenyumlah, seberat apapun ujian yang Anda alami, hadapilah ujian tersebut dengan keikhlasan, dan yakinlah ujian tersebut akan membentuk Anda menjadi pribadi yang disegani dimasa yang akan datang. ~Rifzky Yuditama AS . . . *wajah yang tampak menanggung banyak beban 😂😂 . . #senyum #smile #itsme #aboutme #alone #alwaysalone #sendiri #sendirimenyepi

18 0 Nov 21, 2017

Not just think, I know... 🖤

7 1 Nov 21, 2017

One time I got to hold two chihuahuas at once and I almost cried #aboutme

26 1 Nov 21, 2017

Hello this is wild I'm new whATS UP LADS --- #niche #nichememes #nichememe #nichememeaccount #aboutme #abouttheadmin #new #newnicheaccount

13 6 Nov 21, 2017

Hey all! I haven’t really done an introduction since starting my blog, so here’s a little bit about me! ✨ My name is Tori and I was born and raised in Iowa, but have lived in Colorado for almost 10 years now (never leaving this place). 🏔 I met my husband when I was 18 years old and became his wife at 20. 💍 After a year of marriage, we experienced a miscarriage with our first baby at around 8 weeks, which made it difficult to enjoy the pregnancy to come. By God’s grace we were blessed with the birth of our baby girl, Riley Mae, a year later. 💖 I’m nearing 24 years old and am currently 17 weeks pregnant with our second child. 👶🏼 This summer I began my new job as a full time stay-at-home-mama and love being able to serve my family in this way. I am so happy to be doing life with my wonderful husband and partner for life. Our goal is to be a young & hot parenting duo, continuing to grow in Christ and in each other. Thanks for following the tidbits of our life! ♥️

43 6 Nov 21, 2017

my name is norah and i really love jacob! i’m thirteen almost fourteen in 47 days. um fun fact about me i hate chocolate. and i really love chinese food a lot. i adore jacob sartorius. i hope to see him in 2018. and yeah i want to be friends everyone so message me! jacobsartorius #jacobfan #jacobfans #jacobfanpage #jacobsartorius #fanpage #aboutme

3 2 Nov 21, 2017
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