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« In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us. » - Lara Croft ・ ・ ・ #abandoned #urbanexploration #urban #abandonedplaces #graffiti #decay #ig_urbex #vscocam #urbex_supreme #tv_urbex #urbexworld #urbanart #urbex_rebels #vsco #instagood #urbex #urbanexplorer #explore #art #urbanexploring #urbandecay #photography #photooftheday #justgoshoot #architecture #exploreeverything #nikon

36 0 Jan 19, 2018

Remains of the giant BC Copper Company smelter in Canada's smallest city (625). Greenwood was established in the late 1890s and owes its existence to the mines that pockmarked the region. As pictured, the massive looming stack is 36m (121ft) high and connected by the ruin of a draft tunnel that came in from the furnaces at the smelter buildings (now gone). Greenwood’s history was not a typical boom and bust #mining town. The smelter was built by the British Columbia Copper Company, a New York-based organization that bought the Mother Lode mine in 1898, and was one of 3 in the Boundary Area. The Boundary Region was one of the biggest copper producing regions of the world. Greenwood, Phoenix, Deadwood, Boundary Falls, Eholt, Summit City, and Grand Forks all grew to house and service the men who worked in the copper mines, smelters and railways. The production of copper was seen as a long term investment, not a one or two year boom and bust that happened to so many of the gold and silver laden districts of the frontier west bringing Greenwood’s population to around 3000. February 18, 1901 marked the blowing in of the first furnace. The smelter operated very successfully until 1912 when shortages of ore began to affect production. The coming of World War I lead to high metal prices and the smelter took advantage of this. However, by the end of the war prices collapsed and the plant was shut for good. Many towns associated with the mines died too – Deadwood, Eholt and Phoenix being examples. natgeocreative natgeofineart #lostplaces #rurex #explorebc #lensculture #agameoftones #trailblazers_rurex #urbex #rustlord #explorecanada #britishcolumbia #country_features #jj_urbex #imagesofcanada #sharecangeo #renegade_rural #trb_rurex #abandoned #abandonedplaces #kings_abandoned #renegade_abandoned

18 0 Jan 19, 2018

I caved and made an urban exploration instagram since 99.9% of my pals aren’t about this life and I need more homies who are.. Kicking it off with some abandoned airplanes from back in September.

7 1 Jan 19, 2018

Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can’t cry it away, drink it away, cut it away, drug it away, starve it away. It’s just there and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it, and love it and move on and be better for it and run as fast as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge you built with your own desire to heal. The biggest thanks to mollllly_ for sticking by me the whole way, I am forever in your debt.

10 1 Jan 19, 2018

Something mildly unnerving about finding baby items in an abandoned house. #abandonedplaces #abandoned #abandonhouse #photography #photographer #rsa_preciousjunk #urbanexploring #urbanexploration #urbanexplorer #abandonedwisconsin #doll

5 0 Jan 19, 2018

(Reading aloud with a southern accent is recommended. Try it.) It was sophomore year when she met him. He was a second string quarterback, short and stocky. She didn’t know why she liked him. She kind of wished she didn’t. She just couldn’t help it. They dated off and on through the end of high school and then lost touch when she went off to find work in a bigger town. Five years later, she was working as a waitress at the Dixie Inn when he walked in. He had grown about 4 inches, slimmed up. He caught her eye and looked away at first. She walked over to take his order and he took her hand. He said he’d been looking high and low for her and now that he found her he didn’t want to let go. Eight years later they were married by common law. By then, they’d turned a trailer into a ranch by adding a sidecar room. They painted the house blue to match her eyes. A charming place, in the right light. That was then. Now, the place is a heap, just like their common law marriage. #shortstory #abandonedplaces #abandoned #blue #reallife #she #lightenup #storytime

5 0 Jan 19, 2018
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