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21 0 Jan 20, 2018

Darling, you are the one born with galaxies and supernovas like fireworks in your eyes. your fingers hold strength that mine will never know. your bones carry prophecies that mine does not dare dream of. i was only born  with flower petals staining my cheeks pink  and strange songs murmuring faintly in my heart. i was only born  with snatches of fool’s good trapped in my hair  and gossamer tangled somewhere between my lungs and my ribs. and darling, i do not mind if your light is brighter  your voice is louder  your steps are stronger i have always known, after all, that your fate soars much higher than mine ever will and it does not do to envy a demigod  or an angel  or a hero  or a friend. but darling, this i swear: when they come for you (and they will, my darling,  let’s not lie to ourselves to each other) i will grind my teeth into bloodlust fangs. i will file my nails into tigers’ claws. darling, this i swear: i will make poisons of the flowers in my cheeks and spiderwebs of the gossamer torn from my chest. i will teach my heart to beat to the rhythm of a battle drum. and this, this i swear: i will make them all face the thin-edged broken glass  s h a t t e r e d  p i e c e s of myself.

11 1 Jan 20, 2018
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