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People wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them over the head with a spellbook ✌🏻

2 1 Dec 18, 2017

Message for December 18 2017 💙🗣 communication is on a high point today. Happy new moon in Sagittarius 🌑 this energy is in stark contrast to our Mercury retrograde. Many through out this time feel a need to turn inwards because they don’t want to blurt something out they regret- but Sagittarius is worldly and experienced and through out this whole retrograde many people have been biting their tongue. I don’t know about you but me- I’ve felt the same at the start of the retrograde, I still feel the same now and I’ll probably feel the same after! But imma let you finish retrograde 💫 before I lose my shit. If you feel like you are bursting at the seems practise some libra witch magick ♎️ we are known to be musical witches, meaning we put our hearts into what we speak on. Whether we are gifted singers, musical composers, writers, speakers or spell castors... makes no difference it’s all music magic. So turn your feelings into creative expressions instead. Me...I’m about to blow like fucking Vesuvius 🌋 so I’m channeling that energy while cleaning to some good music 🎵 these are all different crystals I use for the throat chakra. Lapis & amazonite are my favourites. Lapis for speaking with clarity, amazonite for speaking with confidence. Larimar is great for calming if your trying not to speak-I need this today 🙋🏽‍♀️ sodalite is great for speaking with wisdom so if you’re counselling someone and turquoise is great for creative speaking so when you are journaling etc 💎 if you would like to book a reading with me the link is in my bio for my online store. I am still offering complimentary reiki sessions for people interested. First session is free or 2 free sessions if you make a purchase from my store and all other sessions are donations based 🦄🔮👽

1 1 Dec 18, 2017

Cats be cats🐾

0 1 Dec 18, 2017

The art of changing consciousness at will. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #starhawk #magic #witch #witchesofinstagram #witches #witchcraft #feminism

2 0 Dec 18, 2017

Beauty Tip: Let the sunshine heal you. . Follow for more! ➡️ fxywlf 🌙 . Want to plan for Winter Solstice, but don’t know how? Get ISSUE 1 now, to magically (and practically) get ready for your Winter Solstice, FOR REAL!❄️💗❄️ (It’s basically the Witch’s Guide to the Winter Solstice) $7.77❄️✨🖤 📷: zinastaravatar

8 1 Dec 18, 2017

What does it mean to you to harm none? Is that an outdated concept, something that's good to keep in mind but can't always be accomplished? Recently I did some spell work that involved banishing someone that is harming a coworker who is grieving her mother. I did include "While harming none" in the sigil I crafted, but I had a good amount of anger in my heart and wouldn't have minded if he met with an accident. What are your thoughts? #harmnone #dowhatyewill #Witch #witchcraft #spellcraft #sigil #spellwork #christianwitch #christopagan

0 0 Dec 18, 2017

• 👀Tell me more about this "magic Fragrance" 😍 • Won't you join me for specific messages about Wicca and Witchcraft every night at the Witching hour at 12am starting tonight? This will just be a recording of me speaking life into several hundred individuals. There will be no video, just audio for exactly 1 minute • • • #autumnphoenix #god #goddess #witch #wicca #wiccan #hecate #witchy #instapic #maythecirclebeopenbutunbroken #witchesofinstagram #magick #witchcraft #life #truth #spiritual #covenofthephoenix #yule #intuition #witches #priestess #intuitive #pagan #occult #newage #instagram #instamessage #instamoment #instamood #blessedbe

8 0 Dec 18, 2017

✨LIVE AUCTION✨ 1 Orange River Quartz from Namibia, Africa! Super packed with hematite and some awesome phantoms 🔮 •Extra surprises always included! •Starting bid: $4 •Shipping is $3 in the US! Combine shipping is available. Please DM us for a shipping quote if you’re international ✈️ •Please tag the bidder before you! •Whole dollar increments please 💓 •Auction ends at 12 PM CST tomorrow (overnight!) •The last person to comment before we say “closed” is the winner! •We prefer Paypal, but if you do not have an account, we can set up a custom Etsy listing 🌞 •Please pay within 48 hours! Good luck and have fun! Thank you for your support 💙

4 1 Dec 18, 2017

You are the stargate. Travel within. Shine out. ♡ 🗻 ° ° #hoodoo #voodoo #conjure #rootwork #witch #astrology #witchcraft #occult #love #ancestors #magic #alchemy #occultist #mystic #bruja #brujeria #vodun

6 0 Dec 18, 2017

My decks I used for my new moon in Sagittarius spread. #witchesofinstagram #witch #witchcraft #tarotcards #thehermetictarot #oraclecards #thehalloweenoracle

3 0 Dec 18, 2017

✨🍃Let's do some magic 🍃✨ #spell #witchesofinstagram #witchesofig #witchcraft #witchcraftsupplies

2 0 Dec 18, 2017
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