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This picture pretty much sums up my relationship with funkshen6. Attempts to eat healthy (Whole30 Vietnamese Beef Stew), Gym sessions (when I don't fall asleep too early), & lots of boba. ❤️ ••• #instalike #instalove #instagood #whole30 #beefstew #planetfitness #journeyofiv #milktea #matcha #cheesemilktea #aforeffort

0 0 Nov 20, 2017

It's finally here! Final week of the whole30 is happening 🎉 • Here are a couple of my favorite on the go snacks I've discovered that will definitely stay in my pantry after I'm done with these 30 days- because they're that good! • I've also had a bunch of questions about how I've been feeling- with only 5 days left, my energy levels are really high and I can tell I've toned up quite a bit. For me, the entire reason for these 30 days has been to focus on which food sensitivities I have. So, the most important days will be everything following Friday this week. Wish me luck!

0 1 Nov 20, 2017

When you've had a full day of mapping out individual and team roadmaps, team calls, live videos and you still feel like you are light as a feather walking along the beach ☀️The things that light your soul on fire are not an accident, follow them and there you will find your purpose 💖 My team and I are gearing up for an exciting week. Great deals, great prices, bonus products and more! Have been waiting to start incorporating a more natural approach to your lifestyle? Stay tuned, this is totally for you!

2 1 Nov 20, 2017

what do i do to set myself up for a successful monday & week? ⭐️🌿 well i have three mandatory things that i do every sunday - first off i write all my shiz down 🤓 this is KEY.. 1. i make a big weekly and small daily to-do lists that way i know exactly what i need to get done each day to stay on track for the week but i don’t get overwhelmed by the big list 2. i meal prep my basics for lunches and dinners.. for me that means roasting sweet potatoes, lightly steaming veggies, cooking up some lentils and beans and baking my crispy tofu (recipe coming ASAP) 3. i write down my workouts in my planner with my work, client and school schedule, this helps me prioritize my workouts the same way i prioritize my work.. this was GAME CHANGING for me! doing these simple things on sunday night help me stay on track when i’m flying through the week at top speed 🌪🏃🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ what do you do to prep for a successful week?

12 4 Nov 20, 2017

Tonight's dinner: broccoli stir fry with New York steak and jasmine rice. #paleo #nosugar #glutenfree #whole30 #veggies #protein

5 0 Nov 20, 2017

Are you ready for a busy week? If you ordered with us you can check ✅Meal Prep off of your list and we know that's a HUGE help! Our DELISH Winter Cobb Salad features tender butter lettuce, roasted red beets, grilled ham, boiled egg, pecans, pomegranate juice sweetened cranberries, and galeosdressing miso dijonnaise. 💣

7 1 Nov 20, 2017

Straight from our veggie patch 🥕🥕🌱🌱 • they were so sweet and delicious!!

5 1 Nov 20, 2017

Think clean. Think green. Think Thieves. • • • I can effectively clean my entire home with a single amazing cleaning product that is free of chemicals, dyes or synthetics. And with plant based ingredients like Jade Lemon and Bergamot 🌿? Sign me up all day erryday!🙋🏼 Thieves has essentially stolen my ❤️!

3 1 Nov 20, 2017

What a great food for infants #coconutbutter Aviva loves it. It’s #nutrientdense, easy to grab and go and such healthy fats for her rapidly growing brain. So glad this is a winner ✅ Love these squeeze packs. Thanks artisanaorganics #healthybabyfood #healthyfood

8 2 Nov 20, 2017

This is real comfort food for me. Hot dogs, potatoes and eggs. We ate it all the time when I was a kid, but now I add 🥦and grass fed hot dogs!

6 1 Nov 20, 2017

Casseroles are my jam for extra crazy weeks, or whenever I need to get real food on the table fasttttt! They’re perfect to make in advance and they make the best leftovers - this Layered Taco Casserole is one of my absolute faves! Link on my profile to get this recipe! #mealprep #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #whole30

65 4 Nov 20, 2017

Not sure is $10 is the price across the board for kite hill, but let me tell you it is fucking worth it.

12 3 Nov 20, 2017

• perfect fall organic farmers market produce...kale, asian pears, red & white pomegranates, persimmons, delicata squash & portobello msushrooms • • • #whole30 #whole30approved #whole30compliant #paleo #paleodiet #paleofood #eat #organic #food #realfood #yum #yummy #delicious #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #eathealthy #goodeats #eatclean

17 0 Nov 20, 2017

Last Week's Whole30 Highlight: Steak + Roasted Potato + Asparagus 🍽 Compliments of mikeydawe (and his sidekick shaneend) ps. It's nice to have friends who accommodate your dietary requests 🙃 Thursday night I reintroduced steak after 8+ weeks . . . . . . . #whole30 #wholefoods #whole30mom #nutrition #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #healthycooking #paleo #paleofood #paleoideas #cleaneating #cleanfood #realfood #weightloss #csnn #rhn #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #holistic #holisticfood #fitfam #fitfood

22 1 Nov 20, 2017

Hers and his. Is it just me or is something about this not quite right? 🤔😂 #frankincense

4 1 Nov 20, 2017

3,2,1... Thanksgiving!! And! The end of your #fallwhole30 #whole30 !! Day 28!! Pretty sure you're feeling strong, motivated, encouraged, and ready to finish this!! I know I'm ready to go back to Food Freedom and #paleo but, I always get super empowered the last 3 days!! Finish strong and have a great Monday!

9 0 Nov 20, 2017

Don’t ask me how I survived the two birthday outings this past weekend but I did!! 🙌🏾 Stepping into #whole30 day 20, like..... 😛🙌🏾 • #breakfast #lunch #dinner #eatsexy #jointheculture #fearlessculturebyj

14 1 Nov 20, 2017
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