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You are not who you THINK you are!- - You are far beyond the parameters of your human constructs!- - You are like a computer and you have been programmed with different softwares and systems from outside sources.- - These programmes came from society, family, authority figures and the media.- - You have been fed a story about what you are and who you are supposed to be.- - And those who fed you that story were fed the same story in their time.- - The line goes way way back over centuries and more.- - It is no wonder it is so difficult to comprehend something that is so ingrained into a persons being that they would believe that they are who they THINK they are!.- - And that everyone else around us is buying into the same stories makes it so much easier to fall in line with the "story" status quo.- - It's all just a Story! an Idea! a Belief! - - Which are all constructs of the human mind!...- - Get out of your head.- - Don't think FEEL!!...- - You are the energy, the driving force that is riding this skin covered skeleton.- - You are the Infinite Soul and Spirit that is housed in this HUEman Vessel.- - In order to truly grasp this innate Truth one must denounce all old "ideas" and "beliefs" which were previously "thought" about oneself so that one can steadfastly step into the shoes of the new YOU!!...- - Destroying the old You is not easy.- - But it brings Birth to the New You, True To, Who You were Always Destined to BE!!...- - I love you!..- - SatNam 🙏🏼👳🏼‍♀️💚✨- - Divinely channelled by KartaDass Kaur (aka Me 😁) 2017- - #humanbeinglivingthehumanexperience #spiritual #wonderfull #wombman #rebirth #beliefs #ideas #stories #dontthinkfeel #instagood #love #live #life #wayshower #healer #spiritshift

11 0 Dec 16, 2017
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